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Kelly stood in the docking rings waiting for the crew to assemble, as was custom when boarding Starbases. Seldom did one beam over to a Starbase due to security protocols.

Kelly took a sip of her coffee that seemed to almost be an official accessory to her uniform. There was next to no place Kelly did not travel without the hot beverage in her hand. It was in this sip however she realized that the docking ring was going to prove to be problematic for one main reason. There was no transporter officer to set her coffee aside until she returned. This meant she would have to improvise and problem solve. “Ian, do something with this for me,” Kelly said handing him the cup as she tugged at the sleeve of her shirt preparing to disembark the ship.

Captain Kelly Shultz

“No, I am here on official diplomatic duties, I am your yeoman while on ship but Starfleet protocol five, subsection C addendum A says that during diplomatic encounters the officer in charge of diplomacy so have no other duties while he is trying to commence with first contact or other sensitive meetings.” Ian said lying through his teeth, but doing so with a sense of charm and swagger that would make Kelly not question him as he looked at her sternly, as if daring her to counter what he just said and his knowledge of Starfleet regulations.

Bordeaux, Yeoma/Diplomat

“That’s fine. I am not suggesting you ignore protocol five point two six three-part B but what am I supposed to do with this,” she held up her cup feeling frustrated. “You’re the one that gets rid of the coffee in a hurry like when Admiral Perkins was coming down the hallway and I needed to not look hung over or…or, ” she held up a finger pointing at his chest, “when that diplomat went into anaphylactic shock because he was allergic to 2-furfurylthiol and was turning blue inhaling the coffee scent. Besides we are still on the ship and you aren’t being all protocol five point nine six four one two section D yet so get rid of this,” she held out the cup for a second before bringing it to her lips again to drain it all off. “Does it help if it’s empty?” Looking down the hallway Kelly needed this situation taken care of before the crew arrived, however, the last name of her entire crew seemed to be Punctual. They would be here any second and the last thing she wanted was friendly jabs about her uniform having a cup holder instead of a phaser holder on her belt.

Captain Kelly Shultz

M’Lene strolled in to what seemed to be a beverage debate of some sort but she thought it probably best not to comment. She seemed to be the first there which gave her a couple of minutes to get acquainted. “Captain Shultz? I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced with all the commotion that’s been going on here. I’m Lt (jg) M’Lene, your new CSO?” she said as she put her hand out.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

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Out of breath, Jessica nearly tumbled into the docking area. Her first opportunity to be on an away team, she hadn’t quite known how to prepare when Ryley had given the order. Thankfully, she had just stepped out of the shower and was about to get dressed for her shift in Sickbay, so it hadn’t taken her long to put on her uniform and braid her wet hair. A quick stop at Sickbay to collect supplies later and she saw that she was the first to arrive. Oh well, better to look excited, she thought to herself as she twirled a loose piece of hair in her finger. She looked down to check again that she had a medical tricorder as well as a small pack of medical supplies if needed and then finally looked around the room at the others there. A friendly smile came across her features as she introduced herself to those she didn’t know, “I’m Doctor Lemann.”

Ensign Lemann

A significant thud heralded the arrival of the massive Orion Security Chief as he rounded the corner and dropped a large, albeit not for him, knapsack on the deck. Looking at the assembled staff and then the Captain, he said “Everyone relax… I’m here.” as if they all had been waiting solely for his arrival and not anything else. Of course, those that knew him would know he was kidding. Those that didn’t… may have had another, slightly more negative, interpretation.

Mardusk, CoS

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