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As the pain started to ease off a bit she shook her head, “not that I know of doc, I don’t think I’ve ever had it…” she replied, trying to recall the last time she had injured herself. The pain had dulled from the medication and now she just felt clammy and exhausted. She smiled weakly at Ryley & Jess. “Thank you both…” she said softly. “You know you’re not so bad…” she added looking at Ryley as her eyes began to droop with fatigue.

Ryley scowled at her as he began the treatment on her arm. “If you’re going to name call I’ll leave you in a heap next time you collapse.” He said offhandedly as he worked.

Jessica returned to her position by M’Lene’s head now that she seemed fairly sedate and the risk of being swiped by those claws seemed to be vastly decreased. She returned her comforting hand to the science officer’s shoulder and gave her a comforting smile.

“Why don’t you take one of those naps you’re so fond of?” she said pleasantly, although the slight twinge of sarcasm might amuse Ryley just a bit. “We’ll get you all fixed up in no time.”

Indeed it did amuse him. The corner of Ryley’s mouth twitched.

M’Lene yawned, baring her formidable set of teeth as her eyes began to close. She smiled as she felt the gentle tingling from the stimulator and nodded wearily. “Maybe just a little…” She began and then promptly nodded off.

As M’Lene drifted off, the door hissed open, revealing to them the new XO. Having once been a CMO herself, SEAI tried to stay out of the medical crew’s hair when she could, knowing that an unneeded figure could upset the workflow of the room. However, she was not here for pleasantries. Reports of the CSO staggering towards sickbay had reached her, and being the ‘caring’ individual that she was, she made her way there to see what the damage was. Approaching the bed, SEAI turned to Ryley. “I do hope that this was not the result of another one of her ‘stunts’, is it?” SEAI never did quite understand organic’s obsession with adrenaline, putting themselves in danger just to get a high that would wear off in a bit.


From the biobed with a slight smile on her face, M’Lene began to purr loudly as she dozed. As she fell into a deeper sleep, she began to dream about her first date with Ryley. He pictured him in something smart but casual, perhaps with an open collar and she would put on her most sultry dress, the green one with the open back maybe. She would cook him dinner, something fancy, and then after dinner…

As she dreamt, she let out a little contented sigh and a warm smile spread across her face.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

Noting that her patient must be comfortable enough now given she had drifted off and seemed to be enjoying some pleasant dreams, Jessica was about to turn to assist Ryley when SEAl came in. Her eyes darkened angrily as she overheard the question and, stretching herself to her full 5‘2”, she moved to intercept the XO.

Ryley glanced up at the new arrival and his brow furrowed even deeper. He went back to his treatments letting the little fire cracker that Princess was turning out to be deal with whatever was happening.

“Dr. Ryley is busy treating this patient, Commander,” she said in a no nonsense tone. “If you have a concern about this officer, I’m sure that he would be happy to discuss the generalities with you in a private environment, not in the middle of Sickbay, after her treatment has been completed.” The absurdity of the situation enflamed her even more and she flushed with anger. Inquiring about someone’s condition was one thing, although teetering on the line of patient confidentiality, but doing it in such a rude manner in the middle of Sickbay during the treatment of the patient? That crossed her line of appropriateness as a doctor, no matter who the inquiring party might be.

Ens Lemann, Med

“Easy there Princess, lets leave the guard dog routine to those with a little more stature and bulk shall we?.” Ryley said glancing up, his treatment finished he handed Jess the device to put away and addressed the new XO. “Sorry Commander all I can report is that the officer presented with an injury which has now been repaired. Doctor patient confidentiality and all that…you know how it is back when you were out of the command colours. Besides, I don’t kiss and tell.” His eyes twinkled mischievously.


SEAI almost missed the days when she herself was a CMO. She was less shackled then than she was now. Being in command, she had to play nice, having to deal with the illogical and often annoying habits of those underneath her. However, she knew how to adapt, and although her emotion chip urged her to give a biting response, she only responded with, “I see. I only wish to enquire as having one of the department heads indisposed could prove to be detrimental should we have need of her services.” Lifting up the pads she had in one of her hands, she began to type, although the other two could not see what she was writing. “However, I shall inquire no further at the moment, as I do not wish to disrupt your workflow any more than needed.” While she could use her built in scanners and monitors to get the information that she was required, it was quite easy for her to deduce what had occurred from the way that they were treating her, and the way that she had been carrying herself in the halls. Perhaps she would speak to the Captain about installing a few more safety features into the gymnasium. While she did not understand the obsession with such antics, she was not about to ban something that brought joy to people, especially if the potential dangers could be mitigated. After all, a happier crew was more likely to produce better results when the time came to achieve them.

Pulling up Jessica’s profile, she glanced it over and noted that it was the girl’s first posting. Although she didn’t show it, SEAI found a bit of humour in the girl’s naiveté. Speaking like that to a superior officer could have drastic consequences, especially on a ship more strictly run, but the poor girl didn’t seem to understand that at the moment. Right now she would only file this incident away in her memory banks, but made sure to flag it in case a similar situation occurred again.


Ryley shrugged. “It’s off duty hours and the injury was an easy repair in the end. When she’s not high off her head you can ask her what happened herself.” He picked his cane up and leaning on it moved around the biobed and adjusted something on his tricorder. “Ignore my guard pup…she’s still finding her space legs. But by all means disrupt away, we aren’t very busy as you can see.”

He looked at her then as if sizing her up. “So is that really why you came in here or did you just miss the whole sickbay feel and wanted to come hang out?”


Jessica returned the proffered equipment to its correct location and moved back to keep an eye on M’Lene, conveniently positioning herself at the correct distance to listen in on the conversation between SEAl and Ryley. As she overheard Ryley’s comment about her, she glared at him briefly and then rolled her eyes and shrugged. If people were going to fault her for something, she was okay with it being taking care of her patients and protecting their needs above all else. She checked the vital signs readout once more on M’Lene’s biobed, still keeping an ear directed at the two senior officers.

Ensign Lemann, Med

M’Lene gently sighed as she slept and wriggled around trying to get comfortable. Instinctively knowing there was a warm body at the end of the bed she scooted up and rubbed her head against Jessica’s arm as she slept, hoping subconsciously for a stroke on the head. As she continued to dream she began to mumble out loud.

”…Ryley…you look so…handsome…where did you…get that suit…? Wine?..Don’t mind if I do…”

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

Jessica was trying so hard to maintain an air of professional detachment, but upon hearing M’Lene’s sedative induced ramblings, she couldn’t help but giggle slightly to herself. She gently rubbed behind the CSO’s ears with one hand as she reached for a nearby hypospray with another, wondering if it might be appropriate to sedate the officer just a touch more. She raised an eyebrow at Ryley, enquiring as to what he wanted her to do in the situation, a small smirk still playing around her lips.

Ensign Lemann, Med

It was into this group function that Nash entered the sickbay. Now off duty, he had made the choice to come here for one specific reason. It might have been to see his old buddy Ryley, or to investigate rumors of new medical staff on the ship. He came through the doors however with a clear purpose, stub of an unlit cigar clenched between his teeth in the corner of his mouth and a coin absently flicking from one finger to the next with an uncanny dexterity as he seemingly paid no attention to it, his finger work was exemplary.

He paused though, seeing the new XO, Ryley and Jessica in the room, as well as a Caitian crew member seemingly asleep and snoring? Purring maybe? On the Biobed. His eyes passed over SEAI briefly and he nodded, he didn’t know enough about the creature really to hold much of an opinion. It might have been the new XO but Nash was still unconvinced it was a ‘Superior Officer’, but then again Nash had little regard for rank or things in mechanical suits. Ryley was another story, the crotchety old fogey was more along Nash’s style although he wouldn’t admit it to the man. “What happened there, Doc?” Nash said as he approached them. “Aren’t cats always supposed to land on their feet or did you give her some of that stuff you reserve for personal use?”

Coming to a pause he eyed Jessica and grinned gently, hands on his hips in a casually careless pose as if he wasn’t out of place here at all. “Hi there Doctor Jessica, don’t let me distract you, I’m here to see your boss for a moment.”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

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