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Ryley watched the proceedings and lifted the cane an inch or so off the ground to show the security officer it. “Does this count as a weapon that needs registered?” He asked.

“No edges, no points, I don’t think you’d go to jail for not registering it, but I’ll record it just in case.” The security officer took a picture of the item and nodded the doctor past the station.

“It’s a walking aid not a weapon but yeah best safe than sorry,” he muttered

After dealing with this issue he limped off to look at the rules the woman had indicated. This was very different from the last alien space station he had been on which was literally the polar opposite of the lawless Tortuga. The greying older man scratched his beard as he read the rules.


The list was a fairly lengthy list of criminal activity. Nothing appeared that the doctor wouldn’t recognize, with the description, what wasn’t listed was a bill of rights. So a person boarding would know basically what the couldn’t do, but they didn’t really know what privileges they possessed.

River followed the Ryley over to the rules. she wanted to double check them herself. “Well at least we’ve learnt one thing s far. they have a great deal of door and have set rules. It’s a nice change to some places. But then again i know all to well how quickly even the most orderly places can fall to disarray .” she said as she read the rules.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

“Oh yeah great place.” Ryley said as he thumbed a pamphlet. “Looks lovey and orderly, rules a mile long but no indication of privileges or rights. It’s a big list of do nots without any dos that doesn’t seem odd to you?” He asked.


River nodded “Unless they where under martial law, then no. However there are no signs of anything like that. And if there was why would they invite us here. Something else is going on beneath the surface. After all they looked armed for war” she said indicating to the guards.

“We have to keep a close eye on the captain and our ‘hosts’. Away from the ship she is a prized and easy target.” River added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

Ryley raised his eyebrows at River. “Well by all means keep your eyes on her kid, but don’t worry about the skipper. She’s not exactly backwards and coming forwards. She can look after herself.”

“I’ve been assigned to look over the gym so i won’t be near the captain. I just how the chief security officer is as competent as he portrays himself to be”she said glancing back at the others.

“Maybe but do they always have that many weapons,” Kelly asked Ryley. While Ryley held the rank of captian but was just the CMO, the man had been on the Atlantis through a million Captains and a plethora of officers. Kelly was all about protection but this was bordering on what the fudge responses.

“I don’t know, to be honest I don’t associate the idea of peace with a lot of weapon touting folks.” Ryley glanced at Kelly and shrugged.

“Have you seen those guys,” Kelly looked at Ryley. “Mardusk looks like he can break you in half. Nash looks like he can break your soul. Styxx here is the wild card that will strike like a viper and leave you saying, “I thought she was a nice woman,”. The weapons are just like the punctuation of the sentence don’t mess with us,” Kelly gave her security force that apparently was armed like a small army.

River looked at the Captain “More like a devil. Ma’am” she said a dark smile on her face “I’ve seen enough commanding officers die. I do not intend to add you that list. Beside something i up and i would rather be ready for anything then left in a bind. After all it’s like I’ve always said weapons i like condoms. I’d rather have one and not need it, then need it and not have one” she added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

After the phaser was registered, Mardusk said “But wait. There’s more. Sorry, Didn’t know what the weather would be like, so I packed heavy.” and he then set another phaser and a wicked-looking curved bladed knife in a sheath on the desk as well.

Mardusk, CoS

“More,” Kelly said maybe louder than she should have. Leaning over to M’Lene she whispered to the CSO. “I said visit right. You heard visit and not invade?” Kelly applauded the initiative of her COS and Marine and yet was slightly terrified. They seemed to not only have phasers in spades but knives hidden all over their bodies. “It’s like they are some crazy sentient porcupine that if you touch right pointy things will spring out everywhere.”

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M’Lene giggled and whispered back to Kelly. “I definitely heard visit but I’m not sure that there is a difference between the two for them?” she chuckled quietly as she flicked her claws out on one hand. “Do you think I need to register these?” she asked Kelly with a wry smile.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

“Nah use them as a secret weapon. Show up the men,” Kelly said.

M’Lene grinned and nodded, “yes ma’am!” she said quietly with a little salute and a chuckle.

“I heard that.” Mardusk growled as he finished laying the last of the weapons and, oddly, a ball point pen and a multi-tool, on the desk.

OOC: Theoretically their sensors would have picked those items up, so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

IC: “Mmmhmm, better safe than sorry.” The officer looked at Mardusk. “Given the size of you, you’d think that you wouldn’t need a half a dozen different weapons.” She continued to scan the items.



Captain Kelly Shutlz

Mardusk looked at her and said “You know what they say. Better safe than sorry.” and gave her a wink and a smile, white teeth flashing between dark green lips. He then looked around for Nash.

Mardusk, CoS

The security officer looked at the pen for a moment tilting her head. “What are you going to do write them to death.” despite this she took a scan of the pen as well.

As soon as the officer was finished, SEAI spoke up, “Will there be any issues pertaining to my inorganic status?”


“So,” Kelly said looking at the group. “Commander Penny said there was a military, engineering, arboretum, food services, trading and the diplomatic wing. SEAI, Ian and I will take the diplomatic wing. If you want to come with us fine. The rest of you spread out and don’t get arrested,” Kelly said heading onto the station.

Captain Kelly Shultz


“I have never been arrested Captain, I don’t really plan on it yet.” Jacen said, smirking as the trio left.

As the three went to the diplomatic facility Ian began to scan around. “Well, what do you suspect we are going to find? Do I need to remind polcies on diplomatic meetings?”

Bordeaux, Yeoman

The android shook her head. “Due to being built for infiltration, I have a good handle on all forms of diplomacy.” Her eyes flashed. “Even the more violent ones.”

SEAI (CNS at the time)

Ryley wandered off looking curiously around him.


OOC: As SEAI is still CNS here I will assume that M’Lene’s accident occurs after this mission!

IC: Having registered her phaser, M’Lene spotted her favourite doctor wandering around. She bounded up to him and grinned. “Interesting place this isn’t it?” she asked, trying to seem casual. She felt a little awkward around him which was unusual for her. She nervously cleared her throat and decided for once to drop the cattiness and jokes and just be honest.

She lowered her voice so only Ryley could hear. “Listen, I just wanted to say sorry…for the other day in sickbay…” she paused as she gave him an apologetic look. “I was rude and out of line…” she said as she sighed and leant against the wall. “…you’re not the first to get a taste of the feline feistiness but I apologise for being so difficult…I’d like us to be friends?” she added hopefully, not really sure how Ryley was going to react.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

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