Holodeck - Time to Kick Back... (Open to all)

Posted June 10, 2019, 9:57 a.m. by Ensign Kier Steward (Science) (Tim Olivieri)

Posted by Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)

Posted by Ensign Kier Steward (Science) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)
The giant green Security Chief needed a break. He had not taken any time for himself for far too long, so he reserved a few hours in the holodeck for ‘individualized training’. Walking to the doors, he palmed the access and the doors slid open to the vacant room.

=/\= Computer, begin Mardusk program Kilo-Indigo-Charlie-Kilo-Indigo-Tango. =/\= he said and the black room with yellow grid lines vanished, replaced with an empty dive bar about the size of the ship’s lounge. Spray paint covered the walls in various styles and quality of graffiti; and there were stickers and posters adhered to almost every surface denoting band names, political statements, anti-authoritarian slogans, and a variety of vulgar and profane proverbs. Mardusk looked around at the stools, chairs, bottles of various sizes and shapes… some filled, some not. Walking to the end of the bar, he looked at the empty stage at the far end of the room. =/\= Populate stage. Earth band. Twentieth century. The Business. =/\= and a quartet of musicians appeared. The lead singer looked out and said “Oi, Gravel! Good on ya, lad.” and he looked around. “Where is everyone?” he asked in a strong Cockney accent. “They’re coming, Mick. Be here in a sec.” and he looked at the empty room. =/\= Computer. Populate room - era appropriate. =/\= and a multitude of human beings appeared and immediately began interacting.

The bartender, a large man, looked at Gravel and said “Been a while, G. Where ya been?” and set a large pitcher and a four shot glasses on the bar. “Just busy. Good to be back though.” Gravel said.

Dressed in a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and combat boots; Mardusk sported a t-shirt under the jacket that read “NOFX”. He lifted the pitcher. “Thanks, Mike.” and the bartender nodded. As the big green Orion lifted the pitcher, the sounds of the band tuning up began to fill the room.

Mardusk, CoS

Kier was still struggling with his intense social anxiety. It had been suggested to him that he might find his way to the holodeck. He could practice his interactions with holograms. Maybe even meet fellow crew members in a less threatening place and under more casual circumstances. Having heard of this particular dive bar simulation, Kier suited up. His attire was supremely 80’s. His hair modeled after another music group the computer identified as “flock of seagulls.” Kier knew nothing of the era but was led to believe from his cursory research that this was pretty much how everyone of that time period appeared.

Noting the oddity of his iridescent sport coat he kept poking at the shoulder pads that protruded from his form as he waited for the holodeck doors to open. Stepping inside he was at once overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sights and sounds. He looked awkward. But he persisted as he slowly moved inside, his arms unmoving at his side as his legs carried him through the crowd.

Ensign Steward, Science

The huge Orion Security Chief was seated at the bar. As Steward made his way through, the bartender said “Hey G. Friend of yours?” with a nod to the absolutely out of place looking Scientist. Turning his bald, green head in that direction, Mardusk scowled and said “Nope. I think he’s one of the Scientists, though. Hard to tell. Fleet personnel files don’t typically have shoulder pads like that in the picture.”

Mardusk, CoS


Kier awkwardly made his way to the bar. He didn’t know who in this crowd was a hologram or who might be a crew member. He was sweating profusely more out of anxiety though his period “appropriate” attire wasn’t helping matters. He glanced at the bottles behind the bar and quickly realized that he didn’t know what any of it was or what he should really be doing. He was out of his element on almost every level.

From his cursory research of the era, the same research that led to his attire and hair style, he knew that people of this era might also enjoy a beverage called a “wine cooler” which was, perhaps, what he would order when the bartender inquired. Records and other historical documents were plentiful, of course, though trying to gain any useful information from a last minute cram session was leading to an interesting mishmash of things. Of course, Kier was generally oblivious to this though it would be plainly obvious to anyone with even an elementary familiarity with the customs of the era.

Kier Steward, Scientist

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