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Jessica glanced around the cluttered trading district as they made their way through it at Ryley’s slower place. The hustle and bustle briefly made her wish that she had thought to request a security presence with them, as the two doctors didn’t make a particularly formidable team. She peered at the vendors and then looked back at Ryley.

“Anywhere in particular you want to check out first? Maybe that place over there has clothing,” she said with a slight shrug, indicating a sign in the distance.


“I don’t know.” Ryley said looking around and glancing at the younger Doctor. “I kinda fancy seeing what the Servants trained by the Master of Rabissh are like…” He craned his neck and glanced back in the direction of that particular sign they had passed.


“Lead the way,” Jessica gestured gamely ahead of them. A doctor first, she had no idea what they were doing here, but she supposed that was the adventure of being a part of Starfleet.

Ensign Lemann, Med

The area where the calls about the ‘Servants of the Master Rabissh, was one of the larger covered trading areas. What appeared to be tents from the outside, was a large multi-chambered two storied building. This was a slave labor store. At the first layer of the building before the tent morphed into a metallic store the duo was intercepted by a salewoman with an electronic pad.

“Welcome Gentlebeings, I’m Amathis, can I help you?”


Sam followed a couple of paces behind the others, one ear on their chatter but most of her attention taken by the familiar sights, sounds, and indeed smells of commerce in the morning.

She’d grown up in a similar environment, along side legitimate and not so legitimate business beings, and the feel of the trading district made her feel a little home sick if truth be told.

She took as much in as possible, half listening the the sales patter of a passing barker here, pretending to admire a rather garish bolt of electric blue cloth there, but really she was getting a feel for how the place and the people worked, whilst keeping an eye out for any of the tell tale signs of back alley business dealings and those perhaps looking to bend the rules to make a sale.

Sam Keene- engineering

Ryley was suddenly acutely award that he was the only one of the trio not in uniform. His dark grey jacket and trousers combo and light blue shirt seemed wrinkled compared to the starfleet uniforms. Regardless he gave the woman a charming smile. “Greetings. My friends and I are looking for the right place to spend.” He rubbed his beard ponderously. “Can you tell us about your wares?” He asked


Jess glanced at the young engineering officer who had tagged along with them, her eyes dancing at Ryley’s antics. She crossed her arms over her chest and waited to hear how this was all going to play out…

Ensign Lemann, Med

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