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The base was well organized with a high volume of maps and security officers more than willing to give directions. But the relative lower tech was pronounced, instead of computer and automation directing visitors, people had to rely on maps, sign boards and their more knowledgeable fellow visitors. The diplomatic section was foreward on the cylindrical space station, if there could be a forward on an object that didn’t move and wasn’t oriented in relation to any other object.

Moreso than any other section, this area was clean, with wide halls and bright lights. The primary entrance was guarded by base personal and each of six doors were additionally guarded by two individuals of different races. There were 4 other doors that were not guarded. Each one of the guarded doors had the names of the previously identified ‘main races’.

“So which one do we take Mr. Bordeaux,” Kelly said and tried not to grin. Saying his surname now sounded odd yet mildly amorous. Like they were playing some formal game. “I mean unguarded doors tend to be the uninteresting ones. I can ask someone,” she hooked a thumb at one of the aliens in the room.

Captain Kelly Shultz

As they approached the gold gilded guards looked up questioning with their eyes.


Frank chimed in “preferably an unguarded one Captain. Sure it’s less interesting, but I think it’s better that way.”


“Come on Gallagher where’s your spirit of adventure,” she said in a soft tone. “Besides I was reviewing your security evals. You are deadly with just about any object in a fight and your accuracy is on the money. I have utter faith you can get us out of whatever we get ourselves into,” she said in a neutral tone.

The main security desk ‘blocks’ all the entrances. The armed guards protect specific doors. “Good Afternoon.” the security officer said in a far more pleasant manner tha the guard at the airlocks.

“Do you have an appointment with one of the Ambassadors?” The officer didn’t seem convinced as she looked at her computer screen to see if there was an appointment scheduled.


“The Lorn Ambassador. There was a situation earlier. Tell them I came to inquire about the events from earlier in the day,” Kelly spoke in a clear and confident tone as if they were back at Starfleet HQ and she was arriving for a scheduled meeting. Her message had legitimacy to it. If Commander Penny had rushed in to stop what Kelly assumed was about to be an intergalactic incident, the news would have also spread to other parties. Politics was like a hen party. People clucking about not knowing any information but ready to impart their views as facts unless someone was there to correct them.

If the person behind the desk denied her an audience with the Lorn Ambassador, Kelly already was working on plan B. She was used to being told the person was not available. Heck, ninety percent of Starfleet official business was done in waiting rooms before you met with the designated party. This was typical of all governmental affairs. Kelly refrained from looking around the room to see who else if anyone was sitting and waiting to be called behind one of the set of doors. One could learn a lot from bored, impatient people. If they would not let them in the front door, Kelly would get information from the back door. Ian could smooth talk his way out of anything or into anywhere. She was personable enough and Gallagher could play out the my boss is a pain in the arse roll if needed. Everyone loved to gripe about thier boss and disgruntled office staff had the losest lips.

Captain Kelly Shultz

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