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Freshly settled in his new quarters, Kier made quick work of reporting in to the CSO. The anxiety of being in a new place, he knew from experience, would lessen only when he took the steps to familiarize himself with the parts of the ship that he would be spending the most time in. It was, perhaps, at least partially the reasoning behind the check-in process for arriving on board a federation vessel.

And so he entered the lab where he was told he might find the Chief Science Officer. Unaware of the CSO’s specialty, Kier was aware that his newest superior officer may be in a field quite unlike his own. He was also aware that his broader training as a biologist may be put to work above his specialty of neurobiology, itself a subset of neuroscience and biology. Though, given the sort of missions Starfleet vessels found themselves on from time to time, the ability to study brain cells may well present itself.

In the meantime, he was mindful that he was walking through the labs of colleagues who might not appreciate some random ensign walking through their controlled space. When an area was empty, Kier moved to the next. Upon finding an occupied space, he cut right to the chase.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for the Chief Science Officer…” he said, quite anxious that he would evoke a negative reaction or be found to be disturbing some important work.

Ensign Steward, Science Officer

OOC: A hundred apologies, don’t know how I missed this! Sorry!

IC: NE Balder squeaked at the newcomer’s voice, it wasn’t often that they had visitors to the science lab. He quickly cleared his throat and smiled, extending his hand to welcome his new colleague. “Oh yes! So sorry, um, Lt (jg) M’Lene is um, well, truth be told she’s having a nap…” he said as he picked up a nearby ball of wool and tossed it into the CSO’s office. The two officers stood patiently whilst they heard a frantic scrabble in the office before a young Caitian woman appeared in the doorway holding the now disheveled ball of wool. “Balder? I thought we talked about this…” she started then noticed the new officer. She grinned and threw the wool over her shoulder as she took a quick stretch, bearing her considerable teeth. “Ah, you should have said we have company,” she added as she briskly walked across the lab to meet them and waved Balder to carry on with his duties.

She smiled and firmly shook Kier’s hand. “I’m going to take a guess you’re my new science officer?” she asked as she raised an eyebrow, “either that or you’ve lost your way to sickbay?” she chuckled as she led him across to her office.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)
OOC: No problem! I just returned from an LOA anyway. Perfect timing!

Kier’s handshake was generally limp and his palm was sweaty. “Yes…uhh…nice to meet…uhh…Ensign Steward reporting for duty” he managed, taken aback from the suddenness of it all. He found himself led to the office, his cheeks burning with the anxious energy that built up whenever an initial encounter didn’t quite go as planned. He offered the PADD that would reveal his life story so far and his meager accomplishments. Academically competent and socially…improving, was the recurring theme since his first days at the academy.

Ensign Kier Steward, Scientist

M’Lene chuckled as she took a seat and offered a chair up to Steward. “Relax Ensign, nothing to be worried about, I only bite if I’m really provoked,” she chuckled as she leant back in her chair. As she did so, she gestured to the science lab behind them. “This will be your safe space as much as it is mine, my officers know they can speak to me about anything,” she said as she wandered over to the replicator. “Can I get you something to drink?” She asked.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

“A safe space, indeed,” he muttered with a slight smile as he glanced to the lab. “What is your area of expertise, Lieutenant?” His gazewas drawn back to the CSO as she addressed him. “Nothing for me, thank you.” He sat back in the chair and looked around the office.

Ensign Steward, Scientist

M’Lene tapped a few buttons and ordered a coffee for herself. As she picked up the steaming cup she turned and grinned at him. “Astrophysics, well more specifically stellar astrophysics, in particular transient astronomics…” she said as she slurped her coffee. “And yourself?” She asked as she perched on the edge of her desk.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

OOC: Quick question - the thread says Ensign Woolley but your character is Ensign Steward - I’m guessing one is incorrect unless you have multiple personalities? :) there’s also a main sim thread for Steward :)


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