Winter Getaway - Ian and Kelly

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“Wait wait… I came here to ski and sit by fireplaces, I am not going on some cockamamie crazy hooligan adventure. I want to drink cider and make love by fireplaces and not be made a spectacle.” Ian said, he was in some ways surprised Kelly was acting this way. She wanted the seclusion as well he thought.

Bordeaux, Yeoman

“And loose,” she shot him a death glance. “Are you daft? I mean I do not lose. Ever. I don’t care who I have to go up against. Hell, Dante and I were the first placed altered golf pair champs and we played against Perkins. Perkins,” she waved her hands around for emphasis. “Everyone is scared of that old windbag and we,” she stabbed a finger at her chest. “We took him on and a couple of dozen other admirals as cadets. Cadets!” Kelly’s voice took on a high pitched warble. “I did not care if I wasn’t going to get promoted. I don’t think Dante did either..until the fifteenth hole but he pulled through like a champ. Why? Because we are winners. I mean it didn’t cost us a rank…that time. So it took him another three years to get a ship. He and Nat survived it and....and got a lizard out of it along with our pride in tact,” she waved a hand in front of her like her former bosses career was little importance when it came to her winning streak. “I don’t lose and I especially don’t lose in a partner thing.”

“Oh sweetie… you loose every time we play hide the pickle… though you do always come first in that game but I like to think coming first is a coming in last in that game, if you can only last 3.5 minutes… that’s shameful lets be honest.” Ian said with a wink, but not letting her exuberance get the better of him. In many ways this fierceness is one of the many things he loved about her. That said, anytime he could try and get a rile out of her was well worth the chance.

Snapping out of her self imposed rabbit hole where she spent half a second wondering if that last golf win didn’t stall Dante’s career for a half a heartbeat, Kelly focused her full attention on Ian. “I took a nosedive in that hell hole obstacle course and Toqa and Vixis are saying they beat us?”

“Yes you did… it was spectacular… you really put the extra effort in that.” Ian said with a dulcet placating tone as he rolled his eyes. He had a feeling that fireplace was going to become more and more distance the more she spoke.

“Oh yes, they are. Mmm hmmm up and down the resort,” Opal encouraged Kelly who obviously did not need any more encouraging. He had found the weak link in the pair. The uptight blonde. “I think they took out an ad talking about it,” Opal nodded with almost an innocent expression. “Get me an ad. Get me an ad,” he said into his small microphone as Kelly processed what he said and not what he was doing.

“An ad Ian. They are publically saying they beat us and I have a tentacle mark to prove it,” she raised her thigh up to his chest and pulled back her pant leg to show him her thigh.

“You going to let her go around like that,” Opal craned his head over Kelly’s shoulder inspecting her thigh from behind her.

Captian Kelly Shultz

“She loose her pants on the bridge most weeks, this isn’t all that unusual to be honest.” Ian said as he nodded as she showed off the sucker mark. “And honey that isn’t where it got you, you know as well as I do that was last night after the third tequila shot. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila squirt…”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat


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