Nash's Quarters: A Dinner Date?

Posted June 15, 2019, 1:32 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash (Chief Tactical Officer) (David Shotton)

Later in the evening after Nash had been in sickbay, he made one last round of his quarters before Jessica was due to arrive. It was tidy, it almost always was, and he had increased the lighting to almost normal levels rather than the lower light he normally preferred to relax in.

Jessica intrigued him, especially as to why he was so taken with her. He had met other women, but his gruff and rough attitude had generally only interested them for one night, and to be honest that had suited Nash perfectly fine for the last few, short years.

Now, he found that with this one, his mind wandered to her often as he went about his day. She didn’t exactly want a date yet, it seemed, but they had only just met and, really they needed to figure each other out. If they could get past dinner long enough to have a conversation he thought to himself, and grinned wickedly. Conversation he had to admit wasn’t really on his mind, and he finished setting the places at the table, adjusted the wine in the wine cooler and then opened a beer for himself as he waited, setting the music to play something upbeat and fun as he walked to the window and looked out. She was due any time.

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