Nash's Quarters: A Dinner Date?

Posted June 15, 2019, 1:59 a.m. by Ensign Jessica Lemann (Doctor) (Sarah Hemenway)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash (Chief Tactical Officer) in Nash’s Quarters: A Dinner Date?
Later in the evening after Nash had been in sickbay, he made one last round of his quarters before Jessica was due to arrive. It was tidy, it almost always was, and he had increased the lighting to almost normal levels rather than the lower light he normally preferred to relax in.

Jessica intrigued him, especially as to why he was so taken with her. He had met other women, but his gruff and rough attitude had generally only interested them for one night, and to be honest that had suited Nash perfectly fine for the last few, short years.

Now, he found that with this one, his mind wandered to her often as he went about his day. She didn’t exactly want a date yet, it seemed, but they had only just met and, really they needed to figure each other out. If they could get past dinner long enough to have a conversation he thought to himself, and grinned wickedly. Conversation he had to admit wasn’t really on his mind, and he finished setting the places at the table, adjusted the wine in the wine cooler and then opened a beer for himself as he waited, setting the music to play something upbeat and fun as he walked to the window and looked out. She was due any time.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

Standing in front of the small mirror in her bathroom, Jessica critically inspected herself from head to toe. Her eyes traveled from her slightly made up face, mostly to emphasize her piercing green eyes and soft pink lips, down to the slinky green dress she wore, the same intense color as her eyes. She studied the dress for a few moments, unsure if it was an appropriate choice for having dinner in his quarters. Part of her was sorely tempted to put on her pajamas and to see how he reacted to that. Sighing, she adjusted one of the slender straps that held it up, her fingers stopping to rest on the curve of her neck, one of the places that Ethan had so favored the last time she had been in his quarters. She felt a flush start at her scalp and make its way down her face and chest until it felt like every nerve was on fire. Taking all of her effort, she moved her hands down to smooth the fabric that hugged her small frame, ending just above her knees. Heeled black pumps completed her outfit and lent her a few more inches of much needed height. She smoothed her long blonde hair back and up into a high ponytail, allowing the waves to tumble down her back while remaining off her face. Two dangling gold earrings sparkled from the ears bared by her secured back hair and a gold necklace rested snugly around her neck, crossing right over the delicate spot at the base of her throat that he had sampled plenty. It would do.

Moving surprisingly steadily through her quarters given her footwear, she tucked a pair of Starfleet Academy gym shorts and a soft tank into a small bag. It made her feel just a touch better to be prepared in case Ethan had plans that didn’t involve a simple dinner. She thought she had been awfully clear that she wasn’t sure about that “real” date she supposedly owed him… but his charm and the slightly faster heartbeat it caused made her given in to dinner. It was just dinner. She could handle that. Her unofficial rule for the past several years had been one night only but here was this gorgeous senior officer sweeping her off her feet like the princess Ryley kept claiming she was. She shook her head at the ridiculousness of it all and tucked the bag under her arm. She was as ready as she ever could be and in fact several minutes late at this point.

Without needing much thought, her feet traveled the reverse of the path she had taken the next morning after their night together. Maybe dinner had been a mistake… maybe she should have just had him join her for a hike or a workout in the gym or the holodeck. The slight flutter of nerves made her feel unsteady; the one thing she could always count on was her confidence and here this man was turning her weak kneed.

STOP IT, JESS her internal monologue screamed at her as she found herself in front of the door to Ethan’s quarters. Reaching for one last thing she had stashed in her small bag, she fastened one of her gleaming ensign pips onto her dress where one narrow strap met the tight bodice. She couldn’t help adding in a playful reminder again of the antics of their previous time together. Thankfully, the memories of those moments brought a natural, beaming smile to her face as she tapped the door chime, her bag tucked under one arm as the other one went saucily to her hip as her green eyes took on a wide-eyed glimmer. Really, would have he expected anything else?

Ensign Lemann, Med

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