Ensign Lemann’s Quarters - Side Sim

Posted June 15, 2019, 6:28 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade M'Lene (Chief Science Officer) (Emily S.)

Posted by Ensign Jessica Lemann (Doctor) in Ensign Lemann’s Quarters - Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade M’Lene (Chief Science Officer) in Ensign Lemann’s Quarters - Side Sim

Posted by Ensign Jessica Lemann (Doctor) in Ensign Lemann’s Quarters - Side Sim
Jessica stretched blearily, having unexpectedly fallen asleep on the small couch in her quarters after trying to read the latest medical research. She hadn’t gotten much sleep several nights recently and it was beginning to take a bit of a toll on her. Rubbing her eyes and stumbling over to the replicator, she ordered a black coffee and drank half of it without moving from the unit.

Meandering back to the couch, she settled down and wrapped a fuzzy pink blanket around herself as she sipped the rest of her coffee. Now that she wasn’t going to be able to sleep for a while, she had some time to kill and medical journals didn’t quite seem to be the way she wanted to spend her evening. She contemplated calling one of her brothers, but she wasn’t in the mood to deal with the third degree that would occur about how she was setting in on board the Atlantis and who she was spending time with and how her superior was and so on and so forth. She was too likely to let something slip about Ethan and, well, that wasn’t a can of worms that she wanted to open yet, especially given his position on the ship. She hadn’t made any good friends on the ship yet… well, except for Ethan. As her mind wandered back to him, her features pinkened and a shiver ran through her body from the tips of her toes to the ends of her long blonde hair. Quickly dragging her mind back to her current predicament, her eyes brightened as an idea came to her and she tapped on the comm badge affixed to the robe that she had… repurposed… from Ethan’s quarters:

=/\= Lemann to M’Lene. I’m about to have some dessert and a drink… would you be interested in joining me? I can check on your healing and save you a trip to Sickbay. =/\=

Ensign Lemann, Med

As M’Lene sat in her quarters filing her claws she was a little surprised to hear from the young doctor but touched that Lemann had thought of her, with a grin she replied. =/\= M’Lene here, I would love to join you, thank you for your invitation…can I bring anything? =/\= she asked as she wandered into her room to get more appropriately dressed into something other than her pink unicorn pajamas.

=/\= Just yourself! =/\= came the cheerful reply.

Having popped on a pair of sleek black trousers and an emerald green top, M’Lene made her way to Lemann’s quarters with an air of excitement. She was used to other women in particular finding her a little too much to handle. Although she was outgoing and friendly, she had real trouble making friends. She decided to take a bottle of wine with her that she swung casually by her side with her good arm and eagerly pressed the door chime when she arrived.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

“Come in!” came a fast response from inside. Jessica hopped up to her feet to greet her guest with a happy smile. “Thank you so much for joining me,” she exclaimed and then reigned in her excitement a touch. “I’m going crazy trying to get to know people on this ship,” she elaborated with a friendly grin. Snatching up the medical tricorder resting on an end table by her couch, she gestured for M’Lene to come in and then snapped it open. “Business first,” she commented, quickly scanning the CSO’s injured arm and shoulder to check on the status of the healing. As she waited for a readout, she added, glancing at the wine in her good arm, “… and then we’ll drown any lingering pain with that bottle of wine.”

Ensign Lemann, Med

M’Lene smiled, glad to see that she wasn’t the only one excited at the thought of making friends. She dutifully and carefully held her arm out for scanning, wincing a little as it was still tender. The scans showed that everything was in the correct position following the somewhat brutal manipulation Dr Ryley had performed but there was still a fair amount of bruising and soft tissue damage which was causing M’Lene some pain and stiffness. She smiled as Jess scanned her arm. “You’re a very dedicated doctor aren’t you?” she asked as she observed the care the young doctor took. “And thank you for your help in sickbay, I wouldn’t like to admit it to anyone but I was really scared…” she added quietly, almost surprised at where the confession had come from. She was not normally one to show or even admit to weakness.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

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