Vladar Arrival Physical

Posted July 14, 2019, 2:30 p.m. by 2nd Lieutenant Dan Vladar (Marine) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Vladar Arrival Physical

Posted by 2nd Lieutenant Dan Vladar (Marine) in Vladar Arrival Physical

The scan would show:
Prosthetic/cybernetic right arm
Cybernetic eyes
Several bones and ribs replaced with metal rods and plates.
These were all roughly the same age and probably from the same trauma.
Dan was remarkably fit. The parts of him that weren’t combat damaged were in pristine condition.

“Just culture shock, that’s all.” Not that it would show up on a scan, but Dan was not one to share.

-2nd Lt Dan Vladar

Ryley didn’t pry further simply continued with the next stage of the standard scan. “I’m willing to bet you are about as sick of sickbays as you can get hu?” He asked. “The Cybernetics give you any issue?”


“Yeah. I’ve seen my share and then some. When the staff of a hospital you don’t work at knows you on a first name basis, there’s an issue.” He looked down at his arm. “Touch sensors in my hand aren’t always 100%. Sometimes a handshake is more of a vice grip. Eyes are fine.”

2nd Lt Dan Vladar

OOC: For imagery, his arm looks like that of Bucky Barnes, at a distance, covered up, it could pass for a real arm.

Ryley nodded and gave the arm a slightly more in depth scan. “Funny how they say it’s exactly the same as your original limb but never really is right?” He asked his free hand reaching down to rest on his leg.


Dan flexed his fingers. “Yeah. It’s not the same. To tell you the truth though, after four years like this, I’m starting to forget what having two natural arms was like.” He saw Ryley move his hand to his leg. “They get you too?”

-2nd Lt Dan Vladar

Ryley glanced up and watched him for a few seconds then looked back down. He removed his hand. “Yeah, they got me to.” He said without looking back up in a very matter of fact tone. He closed his tricorder.

“Well kid, you look good to go. Squared away.” He said and stood back to let the man down.


“Alright then. Doctor, I’ll try not to get myself blown up again.”

-2nd Lt Dan Vladar

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