Winter Getaway - Ian and Kelly

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“Wait wait… I came here to ski and sit by fireplaces, I am not going on some cockamamie crazy hooligan adventure. I want to drink cider and make love by fireplaces and not be made a spectacle.” Ian said, he was in some ways surprised Kelly was acting this way. She wanted the seclusion as well he thought.

Bordeaux, Yeoman

“And loose,” she shot him a death glance. “Are you daft? I mean I do not lose. Ever. I don’t care who I have to go up against. Hell, Dante and I were the first placed altered golf pair champs and we played against Perkins. Perkins,” she waved her hands around for emphasis. “Everyone is scared of that old windbag and we,” she stabbed a finger at her chest. “We took him on and a couple of dozen other admirals as cadets. Cadets!” Kelly’s voice took on a high pitched warble. “I did not care if I wasn’t going to get promoted. I don’t think Dante did either..until the fifteenth hole but he pulled through like a champ. Why? Because we are winners. I mean it didn’t cost us a rank…that time. So it took him another three years to get a ship. He and Nat survived it and....and got a lizard out of it along with our pride in tact,” she waved a hand in front of her like her former bosses career was little importance when it came to her winning streak. “I don’t lose and I especially don’t lose in a partner thing.”

“Oh sweetie… you loose every time we play hide the pickle… though you do always come first in that game but I like to think coming first is a coming in last in that game, if you can only last 3.5 minutes… that’s shameful lets be honest.” Ian said with a wink, but not letting her exuberance get the better of him. In many ways this fierceness is one of the many things he loved about her. That said, anytime he could try and get a rile out of her was well worth the chance.

Snapping out of her self imposed rabbit hole where she spent half a second wondering if that last golf win didn’t stall Dante’s career for a half a heartbeat, Kelly focused her full attention on Ian. “I took a nosedive in that hell hole obstacle course and Toqa and Vixis are saying they beat us?”

“Yes you did… it was spectacular… you really put the extra effort in that.” Ian said with a dulcet placating tone as he rolled his eyes. He had a feeling that fireplace was going to become more and more distance the more she spoke.

“Oh yes, they are. Mmm hmmm up and down the resort,” Opal encouraged Kelly who obviously did not need any more encouraging. He had found the weak link in the pair. The uptight blonde. “I think they took out an ad talking about it,” Opal nodded with almost an innocent expression. “Get me an ad. Get me an ad,” he said into his small microphone as Kelly processed what he said and not what he was doing.

“An ad Ian. They are publically saying they beat us and I have a tentacle mark to prove it,” she raised her thigh up to his chest and pulled back her pant leg to show him her thigh.

“You going to let her go around like that,” Opal craned his head over Kelly’s shoulder inspecting her thigh from behind her.

Captian Kelly Shultz

“She loose her pants on the bridge most weeks, this isn’t all that unusual to be honest.” Ian said as he nodded as she showed off the sucker mark. “And honey that isn’t where it got you, you know as well as I do that was last night after the third tequila shot. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila squirt…”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

“And this week is going to be all lemons if you don’t get your butt out of that seat and off this shuttle,” Kelly gave him a commanding stare. A second later she realized Ian was going to need more than an order or official pep talk to get him fully on board with her plan. He would come and he would help do anything but to get him to really help her, Kelly needed to employ different motivation techniques. “You know there will be luxury hotel rooms,” Kelly let her voice get soft and a bit sultry. She let the tension ebb away from her posture as she crossed the cockpit to stand in front of the pilot seat Ian was sitting in.

“I’m listening… but you haven’t sold me yet sweet cheeks.” Ian said, not budging as he sat with his arms crossed. This was what he wanted but he needed far more. She was going to need to do far more to sweeten the pot than just a hotel room.

“Luxury hotel rooms,” she repeated and then in a soft whisper next to his ear she continued trying to entice him. “Thousand count sheets, hot tubs, no access to harsh morning sunlight. Listen, if you were to help me defeat them, the reward would be…,” she let her voice trail off hoping he would ask her to fill in the end of her sentence.

“The rewards better be great, I didn’t come out here for games I came out here to be with my wife.” he said as he looked up at her. He didn’t say that often, but ever sense they both chickened out in the divorce neither had really talked much. He still remembered when the pair confessed that neither of them went all the way with the proceddings.

Last Year - Turquoise Mountain Resort

Ian had been on edge for the past few weeks since he had found out he somehow had married Kelly while on vacation. He was a wreck in many ways, he didn’t know what this meant for their careers and he knew though he wasn’t certain if he really wanted to go through with the proceedings.

Kelly had giving him the finished document, he hadn’t read it but sealed the attachments for transmission to his friend. Only he had been waiting, ignoring his friends calls even as he thought on the best way to go about these proceedings.

Kelly had just been divorced, week before they went on vacation and accidently tied the knot her ink had just been dried. The proceedings of being Yeoman to her and her husband would have been complicated. Hell just being her lover and Yeoman would be. Despite this Ian did love Kelly, and that love made him wonder if he was just tossing away something special he could have with her.

Ian came out of the living area and found Kelly sitting at the desk area, smiling he could see she was talking to someone but not quite who. “Babe? Who’s on the call?” he asked, wondering if it was her mom. Moving closer his stomach dropped as he could see a very familiar face. Paul, his friend from the ranch who went on to become a lawyer sat looking back at him.

“Ian, just the man we were talking about… I think Kelly may have more questions than I do but come call me when you are done… if you are still alive.” Paul said, it was brief and despite saying nothing said everything, she knew.

Kelly spun in the chair and spread her hands out in a what the hell pose which precisely matched the look on her face. Right now she needed some answers but it was a two-way conversation and not one needing a mediator. Or maybe a mediator was exactly what she did need. Seeing Ian’s face she was torn. Either Ian knew exactly what Paul had just told her or she had a hella lot of explaining to do. Depending on the side of the stadium you were sitting on, your Team Kelly flag would be waving loud and proud when she threw a fit about Ian not sending the documents in. If you were squarely on the Team Ian side, your immediate battle chant would be ‘Did Not Sign! Did not sign!’ Paul the referee in this weird analogy was ready to throw down the foul flag but on which player.

The tension was thick in the room yet it was the tension of the unknown. It was not the tension of anger or frustration. Kelly knew why she hadn’t signed the document. She didn’t know why Ian hadn’t sent it. While rare, documents did get lost being transmitted across the interstellar voids. Was this the case? If Ian had sent the divorce papers through and now he found out Kelly hadn’t signed them it would make the situation far more tricky than she wanted.

Spinning to face the console, Kelly put on her bast happy and relaxed smile. “Um, Paul we will have to get back to you on that,” Kelly’s voice took on the soft lilting rhythm of someone who had to end a call because they had no answer to the question you were posing. Anyone that knew Kelly knew this was her polite tone that she only used to buy time and sound congenial while doing it. Clicking off the comm she spun the chair back around to face Ian and spread her hands again.

“Whhhhat is he talking about?” Ian asked slowly, his eyes darting from around the room to see if he needed to take cover.

“Paul didn’t get the divorce papers,” she said in an accusing but questioning tone. It was clear she wasn’t anger but needed an answer immediately. Her next word changed the very atmosphere in the room. It moved from two lovers having a discussion to the feel of a tense diplomatic situation between two uneasy factions. “Why,” she said simply and waited. Ian’s response would dictate her own. She relaxed in the chair but her posture was exactly like that of her on the bridge. Slightly rigid and ready for the mood to shift. It was not the relaxed Kelly with a leg occasionally slung over the side of the chair.

“Yeah, he didn’t… well the second time at least. He said you didn’t sign the document the first time I transmitted… then… I thought about things. If you didn’t sign what did that mean? I only found out you didn’t sign cause I contacted him to not forward it myself, only to find out it was never going through in the first place. Look I’m happy… I think we both are so… I didn’t say anything. Why ruin what we have going on?” Ian stated as he took a deep breath. The truth was he wasn’t sure what he wanted, but he had never felt such guilt when he hit submit the first time. He did everything he could to get back the file, only to find it was never able to go through in the first place.

“What are we doing here pet? We have to make a real choice here, we can’t half ass it or pull the plug. We both… we both seem to want this.” he said as he walked over and took her hands and pulled her up, her stern demeanor wasn’t going to work as Ian had little fear when behind closed doors. “Do you truly want to divorce me? If so… I will do it but… I don’t know if I can say I truly want to divorce you.” he said as he leaned in kissing her deeply, his lips hungry and eager for hers before slowly separating as he let his forehead rest on hers.

“It’s stupid I know… just cause we sign doesn’t mean we break up. I just don’t know if I fully want those papers to go through myself, so tell me pet… do you really this chapter to start over and go back to just dating… which we technically did for all of two days but who is counting.”

Present Day

“Well, more attention than you can imagine,” Kelly bit her lip and waggled her eyes trying to be as obvious as she could ut without giving Opal anything official to use on the air.

“Oh… I can imagine quite a bit my love. Quiiiite a bit.” he said as he smirked as he got up from his chair.

“You’ll get it,” Kelly tried to hide the excitement in her voice. She knew Ian was always going to help but the tone in his voice now told her she had hooked him and they would crush the Klingon couple in any task Opal had for them.

Captain Kelly Shultz

“Fine… when this is done you come back home as Kelly Bordeaux… my terms… wife.” he said as he leaned in kissing her cheek as he exited the shuttle with a swagger that said a great deal. He knew she wouldn’t be expecting that request. She had been trying to hide in many ways what happened. She knew crew spoke but she always worried just like he did. Times though changed, and Ian didn’t want to keep hiding the fact he loved Kelly unconditionally, expect for at least the one condition to take his name.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

His wife. The sentence went through her like lightning. SHe wasn’t sure how that would work but it was also bull pucky on her part. People got married all the time. Ships ran perfectly well. When they didn’t Starfleet stepped in and people made choices. There was no reason to expect Ian and Kelly couldn’t figure it out. He was the chief diplomatic officer by god. If anyone was qualified to talk Kelly down he was the designated man with a plan. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I,” she said walking off the ship after him.

Captain Kelly Shutlz

“We might even find you a ring here, I mean I can’t have every alien male you find hitting on you.” Ian said with a wink as he looked back at her as he walked backwards taking the view that was his wife in.

Bordeaux, Yeoman



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