Holo-deck side sim: River's secret past time (Free for all)

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Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Holo-deck side sim: River’s secret past time (Free for all)

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River walled along the corridors of the Atlantis. she had manged to secure some off time and she looking forward to it. However she had, had some trouble deciding what to do on the holo-deck. But after thinking for a while, she had decided to do something she had kept secret for the longest time. She hadn’t done it for so long. the last time she ad done it was with lily. She had been avoiding t for the fear of the memories it could stir up However she had an itch and needed it scratched.

Once she got the too the holo-deck she loaded up a pre set programme. her original programme had been lost with a lot of things. The computer beeped to letting her know the programme was read. she took a deep breath and entered.

It was an empty music room. With instruments resting against the walls. In the centre stood a white grand piano. River sighed and walked up to it taking a seat and making sure her posture was right. she placed her hands on the keys and then stopped “Where do i even begin?” she asked herself. As she thought her fingers began to play with the keys and it was almost like a bomb went off in her brain. she remembered playing to others in the orphanage. she remembered playing t her CO, playing to Abigail Harkin on their second date and then she remembered Playing to Lily, her bright green eyes watching River’s every move listening to every note and smiling. As she remembered all the fun she had and the loss she had suffered her hands started playing on their own they played Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata.

The first movement was easy her muscle memory kicking in and her years of practise. River was engrossed in her music the sorrowful tones of the first movement setting something off inside her. The thoughts of lily lying motionless her green eyes closed forever, Abigail Harkin, the prettiest and smartest marine River knew, the women she loved, being a shell of herself after what was done to her and all those she had lost. A single tear slipped down her face. The sorrow she had felt being vented through the notes.

When she reached the second movement she started to feel happier, the subtle joyous notes helping her to remember all the good in her life the friends she had lost but now remembered more clearly then ever before. Sharing ice cream with lily and watching her play in the park, her and Harkin’s first kiss, the moonlight walks they would take together, the day she proposed. The jokes and pranks she and others had made. All the good she had felt. It fed into the second movement Making it take on a whole knew air of joy

When she got the the third movement it was almost like another person was sitting there. River came alive full of energy and her characteristic frown had turned into smile. Her cold eyes warmed and the of isolation dropped. All this transpired as her fingers danced over the keys.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

OOC: Oops sorry i got carried away. Here’s link to the full Music she is playing:


Ian stood silently as he looked at River sitting over the piano. He had been thinking of using the holodeck but found himself intrigued when he saw who was running the program. River had been with him in the recent golf spectacle, and the pair hadn’t quite gotten off on the right foot. This made Ian all the more curious as to what holoprogram someone with no funny bone in her would want to run.

He thought maybe some World War 2 enactment, kill all the Nazi’s. Or maybe a page from classic cinema and go into some bloody films like Tarintino or Rodriguez. He had to admit this was the very last thing he expected as he felt a bit taking aback. Walking over to her he crossed the distance from the arch and her with a bit of a loud step so he could make certain she was aware of him.

“I must say, that was amazing. Who knew under all that bravado beat a soulful spirit.” Ian said with a small smile as he shifted slightly about the piece she had just played then feeling like maybe he was intruding at the same time. Thinking that the moment might not be quite right for small quips Ian wondered if he should bow out from the room as to not force River from opening up if she didn’t feel like this.

“I’m sorry I… it wasn’t locked but I shouldn’t have barged in either, if you want I can leave.” Ian said as he felt like perhaps this was not a moment for him. He had to confess to himself he had a great many questions, the raw emotions made his interest pique as to what might but the story behind the piece for her but not everyone always wanted someone to come find them at their most vulnerable.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

River heard the foot steps and reacted on instinct she shot up a drew one of her throwing knives. She was about to throw when she saw it was Ian. Just what I need Mr Bordeuax she thought angrily. The she heard him speak a smart comment, of course he would make comment.

“It’s too late now. Your here. you’ve caught me” River said lowing her arm.”I’m sure you can’t wait to run out of here and yell all over the ship what you saw. River the serious marine plays the piano. I can relentlessly mock her about ti now. Is that not what you do? or is the messiah complex you seem to believe i have, making me jump to the wrong conclusions?” She asked hotly. It was clear she was very much caught off guard and when it came to the fight or flight nature of humans, she had jumped right to flight. Which wasn’t surprising, it was River after all.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

“Wasn’t planning to mock you, though that does give me some great ideas. Still all the same color me impressed all the same while.” Ian said as he came pondered a bit on what he just saw. “Though if I wanted to mock you, I could have done it long before. When did you learn to play?” Ian asked her, fascinated by this side. If he was honest it didn’t feel all that strange to see a new side. I mean why wouldn’t she be multifacted, Ian would have to be a fool to think there was only some mindless grunt under her rough exterior.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

River sighed and thought for a few moments. she was deciding how much to tell. “In the orphanage. my father was killed on the same mission my mother and her ship vanished. So i was thrown in an orphanage. The owners where a cruel pair of Ferengi. If you learnt a craft and made your self useful you’d get more food then the others. So i learnt the piano. I picked it because i got to sit down for long periods of time. We weren’t allowed much rest or sleep we had to increase the profit margin, or be beaten for it. However i had to learn the piano well and quick, or get cast aside. So i did and i got good” She said paling her hand on the piano.

“Then every function i was rolled out to play all night for hours and hours. I never enjoyed it. Until i got older” she said keeping to the basic information. she didn’t like people prying into her past. it had a tendency to awaken a few memories she would prefer to forget.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Ian walked past River and sat down at the piano as he looked it over, “That seems how it always goes. The past comes back and then you are left with just the memories.” Ian said softly as he began playing softly as he looked over at River.


IC: “This was something I used to play a lot, I grew up on a ranch. My cousin… she taught me how to play.” Ian said as he kept going, the somber tones echoing in the room. “She was my best friend in some ways, yes I had my family siblings, school friends… but she was always my partner in crime.” Ian said thinking about Crissy, he had a small smile on his face but seemed to have a sense of sadness as he did.

“Don’t be ashamed of the past… it brought you here.” he said as he paused for a moment and looked over at River.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

River looked at him “Yeah but my the path of my past is paved in misery and thousands of dead. I don’t have many good memories.” she said truthfully. she was surprised, was this really the same guy she met on the holodeck, the smart ass who mocked her several times? she pushed the question out of her mind for now.

“That song wasn’t that Mellon collie and sadness by, was it cracking turnips or something like that. A piece with an undercurrent of sadness.” she said simply “Interesting how you play such a piece when you talk of your friend” she added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“Well… she loved them. American bands of the late 20th century, but the song itself was always somber. The farm can can but dangerous, when she was younger she got bucked off the horse we rode. In some ways the life was easy but lot of dangers where we were at, granted while in Starfleet I have had a few friends get killed in the line but accidents when you are 14 were far more hard to forget. When she was bucked off it severed her spine, injuries like this could normally be fixed but the shattering made it hard to fix. She played these songs when she was the most down.”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

River nodded “I didn’t have time to adjust to my parents being gone. My babysitter too everything of value and threw me in the orphanage, the day after the report came in. i was so young i couldn’t process it.” she said truthfully.

“I know what it’s like to lose friends and loved ones. Not all of them died, the lucky ones did. The other are stuck in a living hell, not knowing who they are or who anyone else is. It’s easier dealing with dead friends. You can remember them how you want to. Not try to remember them and then see them as they are now” she added as she took a seat next to Ian.

“Music can help though. it’s a simple chance of escape.” she said after a short pause.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

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