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Posted July 18, 2019, 11:42 a.m. by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Main Sim - Trading District

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Main Sim - Trading District

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Business now apparently concluded Ryley warily took his leave of the room and headed back round into the street. He walked a few yards away before looking around. “Well that was as much fun as could be expected…let’s find a bar.” He said looking at Sam.


“Aye aye Doc” replied Sam, “Don’t have to give me that order me twice. Let’s go down this way, it looks promising on the bar front.”

She waved a hand down a narrow side alleyway in the direction that had given her a vibe of being home to exactly the sort of low end drinking establishment where they could meet a few locals in a more relaxed and lubricated setting.

Sam Keene - SPO

Ryley waved his cane in a lead the way gesture and went the general direction she had indicated. He limped along at a relatively relaxed pace. Finding the sort of fitting establishment didn’t take them overly long and once they had found one and a table Ryley sat and pulled his leg round into the seat, hooking his cane on the table.


Sam took the seat opposite Ryley, keeping her back to the wall and a position where she could keep an eye on as much of the room as possible, especially the exits.

She scanned the room, habitually taking a note of the various patrons, trying read the body language and general flow of the room, who were the big fish and the little fish, who deferred to whom, who looked at home and who looked out of place.

She was particularly interested in trying to find one of the local ‘fixers’ you’d usually find loitering around this sort of place, eager to hook up ‘out of town’ folks with the local traders, for a small percentage of course.

She extracted a few low denomination credit coins from various races and cultures from her pouch and idly toyed with them in her left hand, occasionally flipping one up slightly to draw attention from one of the servers before catching it in the same hand.

A waiter came up with a rather short list of drink and food possibilities. There were versions of Beer and Ale, and a number of harder liquors none of which were easily identifiable. There also was a number of food items, which varied from meat and fried and vegetable and raw. Fruits and Fish seemed rare.

There was also the issue of the prices attached to each item. The star-fleet officers had no local currency.


“Hi there!” She said lightly and ever so slightly too loudly.

“We’re a couple of folks passing through, maybe looking to make a little trade. We’re not from around here, would any of these serve to buy a couple of thirsty travellers a drink and a bite?”

She flicked each coin into the air in quick succession with her left thumb, each arcing across to land in her upright right palm with a gentle clink. She threw in a wink at Ryley for good measure.

Sam Keene - SPO

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Ryley watched Sam as much as watching the room, he was not stranger to places such as this and no stranger to being beaten up and mugged for what he carried either. The med kit and assembled hypos and such in his pockets weren’t the most interesting of things but still…he watched the coins move across her hand then turned to see the waiters reaction.


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