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Posted July 20, 2019, 9:37 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade M'Lene (Chief Science Officer) (Emily S.)

M’Lene let out a satisfied yawn as she plodded into her quarters and slumped on the sofa. It had been a crazy few days and she had missed at least 10 of her regular naps. Not bothering to take her uniform off she settled into a position that could only be comfortable for a feline and nodded off. As she drifted off, her dreams took her this time to home as she recalled a picnic in the fields behind their house. Her mother had made her renowned Lak’to, a dish passed down through many years through their family.

A 13 year old M’Lene sat crossed legged, peering through a magnifying glass at the structure of a small plant she had found. As she examined the structure of delicate leaf, she felt something brush past her and a small paw crushed the plant she was studying. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” she grumbled as she looked up at the familiar form of her little sister standing proudly, brandishing a stick, pointed at a nearby tree. The mini feline looked mildly perturbed as she gave her boring big sister a scowl. T’Lama smoothed her fur and lifted her foot off the now decimated plant. “But I’m chasing Romulans!” she exclaimed, indicating to the tree once more then raised her stick again and began to prowl her imaginary enemy. M’Lene let out and exasperated sigh as she picked up her magnifying glass and stomped back to her parents.

As she plonked herself down she crossed her arms as she watched her 7 year old sister leap around in mock combat. “She squashed my plant again…” M’Lene protested to her parents. Her father chuckled and ruffled M’Lene’s fur which she quickly smoothed down in annoyance. He took a quick stretch and went over to his little girl to aid in her epic battle. Her mother pulled M’Lene in to sit on her lap and handed her a plate of food. “She’s only 7 sweetheart, she’s just playing,” M’Nera said softly as she kissed her on the cheek. “Anyway, you have to go and get ready for gymnastics soon, why don’t you do something else for a while?” she suggested. M’Lene had a quick few bites to eat and sighed as she stood and brushed the grass off her skirt. She wandered off a few feet and started practising her gymnastics instead.

A loud bleep from her comm channel rudely awoke M’Lene as her dream dissolved and she opened one eye in annoyance and peered at the incoming message. She had another yawn and stretch as she activated the link and her sister’s face appeared on the screen before her. M’Lene smiled as she rubbed her eyes. =/\= I was just dreaming about you, I believe you were fighting a Romulan legion that looked remarkably like a tree? =/\= she smirked.

T’Lama giggled and nodded. =/\= Well, that is a pretty fair bet, I did used to do that a lot… =/\= she replied as she thought back to those happy days of playing in the fields. Her sister had an unusual twinkle in her eye as she leaned further into the screen. =/\= Anyway, I have some news… =/\= she added, beaming with delight.

M’Lene narrowed her eyes as she tried to guess what it might be. =/\= New chap? =/\= she asked curiously as T’Lama shook her head. =/\= Oh God, you’re not pregnant are you? =/\= she pressed as T’Lama rolled her eyes and shook her head again. M’Lene thought for a moment then a lightbulb went off. =/\= New job? =/\= she asked as her final guess and shrugged her shoulders.

T’Lama nodded excitedly and gave her big sister a thumbs up. =/\= Yep, just got a new assignment order for what I hear is a very interesting ship… =/\= she confirmed with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

M’Lene perched on the edge of her seat eager to hear more details. =/\= Come on then, give me the details! =/\= she urged, keen to hear where her sister was going to end up next. T’Lama shook her head in defiance, still with a grin on her face. =/\= I’d love to but I’ve got a leaving party in 10 so I’ll have to fill you in later! =/\= she replied with a cheeky wink as she closed the comm channel.

M’Lene started to protest but the channel was already closed so she just rolled her eyes and tutted. Her little sister had always had a flair for the dramatic which unfortunately had followed her into adulthood. M’Lene closed the link and led back down on the sofa to catch another 40 winks as she began to ponder where her sister was headed next.

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