Holodeck - Time to Kick Back... (Open to all)

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Holodeck - Time to Kick Back… (Open to all)

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The giant green Security Chief needed a break. He had not taken any time for himself for far too long, so he reserved a few hours in the holodeck for ‘individualized training’. Walking to the doors, he palmed the access and the doors slid open to the vacant room.

=/\= Computer, begin Mardusk program Kilo-Indigo-Charlie-Kilo-Indigo-Tango. =/\= he said and the black room with yellow grid lines vanished, replaced with an empty dive bar about the size of the ship’s lounge. Spray paint covered the walls in various styles and quality of graffiti; and there were stickers and posters adhered to almost every surface denoting band names, political statements, anti-authoritarian slogans, and a variety of vulgar and profane proverbs. Mardusk looked around at the stools, chairs, bottles of various sizes and shapes… some filled, some not. Walking to the end of the bar, he looked at the empty stage at the far end of the room. =/\= Populate stage. Earth band. Twentieth century. The Business. =/\= and a quartet of musicians appeared. The lead singer looked out and said “Oi, Gravel! Good on ya, lad.” and he looked around. “Where is everyone?” he asked in a strong Cockney accent. “They’re coming, Mick. Be here in a sec.” and he looked at the empty room. =/\= Computer. Populate room - era appropriate. =/\= and a multitude of human beings appeared and immediately began interacting.

The bartender, a large man, looked at Gravel and said “Been a while, G. Where ya been?” and set a large pitcher and a four shot glasses on the bar. “Just busy. Good to be back though.” Gravel said.

Dressed in a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and combat boots; Mardusk sported a t-shirt under the jacket that read “NOFX”. He lifted the pitcher. “Thanks, Mike.” and the bartender nodded. As the big green Orion lifted the pitcher, the sounds of the band tuning up began to fill the room.

Mardusk, CoS

Kier was still struggling with his intense social anxiety. It had been suggested to him that he might find his way to the holodeck. He could practice his interactions with holograms. Maybe even meet fellow crew members in a less threatening place and under more casual circumstances. Having heard of this particular dive bar simulation, Kier suited up. His attire was supremely 80’s. His hair modeled after another music group the computer identified as “flock of seagulls.” Kier knew nothing of the era but was led to believe from his cursory research that this was pretty much how everyone of that time period appeared.

Noting the oddity of his iridescent sport coat he kept poking at the shoulder pads that protruded from his form as he waited for the holodeck doors to open. Stepping inside he was at once overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sights and sounds. He looked awkward. But he persisted as he slowly moved inside, his arms unmoving at his side as his legs carried him through the crowd.

Ensign Steward, Science

The huge Orion Security Chief was seated at the bar. As Steward made his way through, the bartender said “Hey G. Friend of yours?” with a nod to the absolutely out of place looking Scientist. Turning his bald, green head in that direction, Mardusk scowled and said “Nope. I think he’s one of the Scientists, though. Hard to tell. Fleet personnel files don’t typically have shoulder pads like that in the picture.”

Mardusk, CoS


Kier awkwardly made his way to the bar. He didn’t know who in this crowd was a hologram or who might be a crew member. He was sweating profusely more out of anxiety though his period “appropriate” attire wasn’t helping matters. He glanced at the bottles behind the bar and quickly realized that he didn’t know what any of it was or what he should really be doing. He was out of his element on almost every level.

From his cursory research of the era, the same research that led to his attire and hair style, he knew that people of this era might also enjoy a beverage called a “wine cooler” which was, perhaps, what he would order when the bartender inquired. Records and other historical documents were plentiful, of course, though trying to gain any useful information from a last minute cram session was leading to an interesting mishmash of things. Of course, Kier was generally oblivious to this though it would be plainly obvious to anyone with even an elementary familiarity with the customs of the era.

Kier Steward, Scientist

Big Mike the bartender moved to the new arrival and said “You sure you’re in the right bar, kid? I think Flock of Seagulls is playing at the 9:30 club tomorrow night.” as he wiped out a large, glass beer mug with what once was a clean towel. As he spoke, the band on stage began playing… loudly.


Holodeck Bartender

Sam threaded her way up to the bar and caught the barman’s eye to indicate she wanted a drink. She hadn’t particularly bothered to dress era appropriately but her habitual off duty attire of utility boots, black denim trousers, vest top, and her battered, slightly oversized leather jacket fit in pretty well here.

She settled in at the bar, taking in the vibe of the place. It actually seemed pretty similar to some Nausicaan bars she’d been in, although with less combat blades and stabbing obviously.

She quickly spotted the two rather out of place patrons, namely the hulking green giant, and lad with the shoulder pads so wide he’d probably glide if you tossed him off some high ground, and threw them both a half nod of recognition.

Sam Keene - Engineer and semi-pro barfly

Mardusk nodded in the direction of the new arrival and yelled over the din of punk rock blaring from the stage “Open seat here if you want. Big Mike hates walking, so you’ll get faster service if we stay close.” The smile on his face was genuine, and the big, bald, green head bobbed in time to the music.

Mardusk, CoS

Kier was about to respond to the barman when the music began playing. He jumped a bit, looking to the band. He turned back to face the fictional barkeep. “Is it always this…loud?” he asked. To Kier’s amazement, though he could feel the vibrations of his throat, his words were simply swallowed up by the sound of the band. Elevating his volume didn’t affect this. After a minute he gave up and simply stood by, looking around, it was unnerving to him that some of those around him were shipmates while the rest were holograms. It was like the living were hiding in plain sight.

This was one of the many reasons Kier wasn’t exactly a thrill at parties.

Ensign Steward, Scientist

Sam threaded her way to the bar next to the jolly green giant and cleared herself some standing room, helped by the occasional strategic use of her elbows. She fixed the barkeep with a steely eye and held up two fingers, pointed to herself and the lad with the impressive haircut, then pointed at the beer pump.

When the barkeep has gotten the message she nodded her thanks, adding a curious gesture where she tapped her left shoulder with two fingers of her right hand.

She then stood on her tip toes, placed one hand on Mardusks shoulder to balance and yelled into his ear,

“So, do you come here often?”

Sam Keene - engineer

Mardusk smiled as he lifted a pitcher of beer like a mug and took a long drink. “Every chance I get. My program.” and he set the pitcher down and turned his massive bulk around and leaned his back against the bar. He looked past Sam to the obviously lost Kier and yelled “He with you? He looks like he’s about to have a stroke.” over the music.

Mardusk, CoS

Sam shrugged, an odd looking gesture made with her hands rather than her shoulders as would be the norm.

“Never met him before, let’s hope he drinks that beer and maybe let’s some of that hair down eh?”

She yelled, straining to be heard. She felt oddly comfortable and even a little homesick in the loud and busy bar, far more what she had been used to growing up than the usually more sedate Star Fleet gatherings. She beckoned the lad over with a wave of her arm held up above the crowd, before turning back to the lean green machine.

“Still, you gotta give him 10 outta 10 for effort and plenty o’ respect for turnin’ up in that outfit” she near screamed into his ear, tapping her heart with two fingers as she spoke.

Sam Keene - Engineer

Mardusk looked at the young man and shook his head, a smile crossing his features. “I dunno. It’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity!” he shouted back. He then leaned forward again to see if the lost one was aware that he had been invited over.

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly walked into the bar and promptly stripped off her command shirt leaving her dressed in all black. She had just gotten off shift and decided that if she stopped back in her quarters she would not change into civvies and come back. She would probably end up in an over sized sweatshirt and pajamas pants so that was why she came this way. Tossing her command shirt into a corner of the room. She approached the bar wearing her preferred version of the standard uniform.

There were few women Captian’s and fewer still opted for the black shirt, knee boots with the standard duty shirt over the black t-shirt. Kelly never understood why some of her colleagues felt they could not look feminine and still retain respect from their crew. Besides she learned early on in a dark bar her current duty uniform minus the red shirt passed as civvies for the most part. Spying her security chief, Keene, and Stewart, Kelly made her way to the bar.

A smile crossed her face seeing Mike behind the bar. Last time she was here he has dressed her in the appropriate period wear. Given a few drinks, she might go replicate something.

“Hey guys. Everyone have that kind of day or was it just me,” she stood between but slightly behind mardusk and Keene at the bar.

Motioning to Stewart she let out a whistle. “Yo Stewart grab two stools and get over here,” she said before waiting to get her drink from the bar. As if on cue, Mike slide a cold beer to her.

“God that tastes good,” she said after a long draw on the bottle.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked at Kelly and said “Now if I’m wrong, and I’m not, the last time you came here Skipper, you were dressed in a wet suit and SCUBA gear. I’m guessing you are going for the correct terrain now, at least.”

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly gave him an eyebrow waggle a she took a draw on the beer.

Sam leant back against the bar, and saluted the arrival of the Skipper with her own beer.

“Now THAT sounds like a story!” She yelled, her own voice not travelling quite so well as that of Swamp Thing over there.

“Although maybes save it for somewhere a bit quieter eh?”

Sam Keene - SPO

“Nah I am used to these places,” she waved off Sam’s comment. “I thought I had reserved time in here for scuba diving. I have my own suit so I didn’t need to change....until I found I was not at the beach,” Kelly shook her head remembering the event.

Kier stood at the bar for a moment drumming his fingers. He was too uncomfortable to again approach the bartender. He snapped out of his contemplation at the call to bring stools which he did swiftly. “I don’t understand. The computer told me these were period clothes but I seem to be the only one dressed like this!” he attempted to yell above the sound, to no one in particular.

Kier Steward, Scientist

Mardusk laughed out loud. Thankfully at that moment, the last refrains form one of the songs came to an end and the band took a break. Mardusk looked at Steward and said “Well, they are right for the time period… but not the venue. This - ” and he waved an arm around in general ” - is CBGB, one of the preeminent punk rock clubs of it’s time. People dressed like this -” and he gestured to himself and then the crowd, “- listen to bands like the Sex Pistols. Black Flag. The Ramones. People dressed like that -” and he pointed at Steward, ‘- listen to things like… well, with the way your dressed I’d say you want to look up ‘Flock of Seagulls’.” and Big Mike behind the bar laughed and said “That’s exactly what I said!”

Mardusk, CoS

Sam slid the pint of beer she had ordered for him over to the new comer with the impressive barnet, and then saluted him him with her own large glass.

“Here’s to the Atlantis, and all who sail in her!” She drank deeply from the glass, briefly sporting an impressive foam moustache.

Sam Keene - SPO

Big Mike looked at Keene oddly and said “Um… yeah. Whatever.” and walked off. Mardusk grinned and said “Program doesn’t allow for the holograms to know they are a simulation. More realistic interactions that way.” and then looked at Keene. “Fine facial adornment you got there.”

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly laughed. These were the times she loved best. Off duty and seeing her crew off duty. Every one of them were top-notch officers in their departments. Here in the holodeck they were each so vastly different. “So,” Kelly looked at the group, “anyone want to share the first time they got into a bar fight,” she took a swig of her beer.

Captain Kelly Shultz

“Sure, I’ll go,” Sam took a swig of her own beer and leant back on the bar as she told her story.

“So I was making a cargo run with my Pops and Uncle, we’d made the drop and were having some food and a drink in the local bar. Next thing, these guys come storming in looking for us. They start hassling my Da, trying to push us around, saying the cargo was underweight and they wanted their money back.”

Sam paused for a moment to take another swing of her beer.

“Well, I wasn’t having them besmirch the good Keene family name, so I clocked the nearest thug in the kneecap with my toy spaceship.”

Sam Keene - SPO

Kelly half choked on her beer as she pieced the unspoken parts of Keene’s conversation together. “Your toy spaceship? Are you saying you kneecapped someone when your parents took you on a cargo run?” Samantha was a hella lot of fun and her background begged you to want to pull her aside and hear all about it. Kelly had few reservations about a kid in a bar. It was not uncommon but the mention of a toy spaceship put Keene probably in the age range of three to ten. Looking at her officer, Kelly de-aged the woman in her mind. She had to have been one hell of a cute kid and with her personality very lively. To see her suddenly turn ninja warrior was something no one at the table probably expected except for her Dad or uncle. The bubble of laughter could not be held back as Kelly began to form an image of the scene in her mind.

“Okay elucidate my dear Samantha. You can not leave a story like that just hanging,” Kelly shook her head with a smile as she took another long drink of beer.

Captain Kelly Shultz

Sam looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Hmm I’d have been what? Five? Hang on, the toy ship was a sixth Birthday present so I must have just turned six?”

Her expression formed a nostalgic grin as she recalled the chaos that had erupted.

“I loved that ship and it was a pretty sturdy thing, didn’t break until I tried to trip that Lurian with it. He went down but broke my lovely new toy, the lump. Still,” She grinned a little wider, “Da bought me an even bigger toy ship after all that, so it was worth it in the end”

She glanced around the group,

“Anyone else got a good one?”

Sam Keene - SPO

Mardusk smiled and took a long drink from the pitcher that sat in front of him. “Well, my first bar fight was not nearly as daring as kneecapping pirates with a toy spaceship. I was actually in the Academy when I got in my first real bar fight. Me and a few buddies had had a few in Tornado Alley, a bar just off campus down St. George Ave. We were sitting at the bar when these guys start mouthing off. So, I did what any fine upstanding Cadet would do in that circumstance. I stood up, told them to meet us outside, and then took off my pants.”

Mardusk, CoS

“Was your phaser that long,” Kelly made an over-exaggerated arm gesture with a silly grin. “Did you pull them into an alley, steal those training phasers that looked real and stung like crap, and open fired on them?” Kelly got a moment of did I cross the line with sharing too much look o her face but quickly recovered. No one got to be in the upper ranks of Star Fleet without a few skeletons in the closet and a couple of Admirals covering your buts for stupid things you did at nineteen. “Sorry continue,” she said tapping the bar for another drink. The booze wasn’t helping and Kelly was the definition of loose lips sink ships in the personal sharing of her life department. Maybe she would switch to water after this and food. “Hey Mike give me one of those big greasy things you call a cheeseburger,” she added to the request.

Captain Kelly Shultz

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