Holodeck - Time to Kick Back... (Open to all)

Posted July 21, 2019, 4:38 p.m. by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

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“Hey guys. Everyone have that kind of day or was it just me,” she stood between but slightly behind mardusk and Keene at the bar.

Motioning to Stewart she let out a whistle. “Yo Stewart grab two stools and get over here,” she said before waiting to get her drink from the bar. As if on cue, Mike slide a cold beer to her.

“God that tastes good,” she said after a long draw on the bottle.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked at Kelly and said “Now if I’m wrong, and I’m not, the last time you came here Skipper, you were dressed in a wet suit and SCUBA gear. I’m guessing you are going for the correct terrain now, at least.”

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly gave him an eyebrow waggle a she took a draw on the beer.

Sam leant back against the bar, and saluted the arrival of the Skipper with her own beer.

“Now THAT sounds like a story!” She yelled, her own voice not travelling quite so well as that of Swamp Thing over there.

“Although maybes save it for somewhere a bit quieter eh?”

Sam Keene - SPO

“Nah I am used to these places,” she waved off Sam’s comment. “I thought I had reserved time in here for scuba diving. I have my own suit so I didn’t need to change....until I found I was not at the beach,” Kelly shook her head remembering the event.

Kier stood at the bar for a moment drumming his fingers. He was too uncomfortable to again approach the bartender. He snapped out of his contemplation at the call to bring stools which he did swiftly. “I don’t understand. The computer told me these were period clothes but I seem to be the only one dressed like this!” he attempted to yell above the sound, to no one in particular.

Kier Steward, Scientist

Mardusk laughed out loud. Thankfully at that moment, the last refrains form one of the songs came to an end and the band took a break. Mardusk looked at Steward and said “Well, they are right for the time period… but not the venue. This - ” and he waved an arm around in general ” - is CBGB, one of the preeminent punk rock clubs of it’s time. People dressed like this -” and he gestured to himself and then the crowd, “- listen to bands like the Sex Pistols. Black Flag. The Ramones. People dressed like that -” and he pointed at Steward, ‘- listen to things like… well, with the way your dressed I’d say you want to look up ‘Flock of Seagulls’.” and Big Mike behind the bar laughed and said “That’s exactly what I said!”

Mardusk, CoS

Sam slid the pint of beer she had ordered for him over to the new comer with the impressive barnet, and then saluted him him with her own large glass.

“Here’s to the Atlantis, and all who sail in her!” She drank deeply from the glass, briefly sporting an impressive foam moustache.

Sam Keene - SPO

Big Mike looked at Keene oddly and said “Um… yeah. Whatever.” and walked off. Mardusk grinned and said “Program doesn’t allow for the holograms to know they are a simulation. More realistic interactions that way.” and then looked at Keene. “Fine facial adornment you got there.”

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly laughed. These were the times she loved best. Off duty and seeing her crew off duty. Every one of them were top-notch officers in their departments. Here in the holodeck they were each so vastly different. “So,” Kelly looked at the group, “anyone want to share the first time they got into a bar fight,” she took a swig of her beer.

Captain Kelly Shultz

“Sure, I’ll go,” Sam took a swig of her own beer and leant back on the bar as she told her story.

“So I was making a cargo run with my Pops and Uncle, we’d made the drop and were having some food and a drink in the local bar. Next thing, these guys come storming in looking for us. They start hassling my Da, trying to push us around, saying the cargo was underweight and they wanted their money back.”

Sam paused for a moment to take another swing of her beer.

“Well, I wasn’t having them besmirch the good Keene family name, so I clocked the nearest thug in the kneecap with my toy spaceship.”

Sam Keene - SPO

Kelly half choked on her beer as she pieced the unspoken parts of Keene’s conversation together. “Your toy spaceship? Are you saying you kneecapped someone when your parents took you on a cargo run?” Samantha was a hella lot of fun and her background begged you to want to pull her aside and hear all about it. Kelly had few reservations about a kid in a bar. It was not uncommon but the mention of a toy spaceship put Keene probably in the age range of three to ten. Looking at her officer, Kelly de-aged the woman in her mind. She had to have been one hell of a cute kid and with her personality very lively. To see her suddenly turn ninja warrior was something no one at the table probably expected except for her Dad or uncle. The bubble of laughter could not be held back as Kelly began to form an image of the scene in her mind.

“Okay elucidate my dear Samantha. You can not leave a story like that just hanging,” Kelly shook her head with a smile as she took another long drink of beer.

Captain Kelly Shultz

Sam looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Hmm I’d have been what? Five? Hang on, the toy ship was a sixth Birthday present so I must have just turned six?”

Her expression formed a nostalgic grin as she recalled the chaos that had erupted.

“I loved that ship and it was a pretty sturdy thing, didn’t break until I tried to trip that Lurian with it. He went down but broke my lovely new toy, the lump. Still,” She grinned a little wider, “Da bought me an even bigger toy ship after all that, so it was worth it in the end”

She glanced around the group,

“Anyone else got a good one?”

Sam Keene - SPO

Mardusk smiled and took a long drink from the pitcher that sat in front of him. “Well, my first bar fight was not nearly as daring as kneecapping pirates with a toy spaceship. I was actually in the Academy when I got in my first real bar fight. Me and a few buddies had had a few in Tornado Alley, a bar just off campus down St. George Ave. We were sitting at the bar when these guys start mouthing off. So, I did what any fine upstanding Cadet would do in that circumstance. I stood up, told them to meet us outside, and then took off my pants.”

Mardusk, CoS

“Was your phaser that long,” Kelly made an over-exaggerated arm gesture with a silly grin. “Did you pull them into an alley, steal those training phasers that looked real and stung like crap, and open fired on them?” Kelly got a moment of did I cross the line with sharing too much look o her face but quickly recovered. No one got to be in the upper ranks of Star Fleet without a few skeletons in the closet and a couple of Admirals covering your buts for stupid things you did at nineteen. “Sorry continue,” she said tapping the bar for another drink. The booze wasn’t helping and Kelly was the definition of loose lips sink ships in the personal sharing of her life department. Maybe she would switch to water after this and food. “Hey Mike give me one of those big greasy things you call a cheeseburger,” she added to the request.

Captain Kelly Shultz

“Yeah because that’s not a heart attack waiting to happen” a gruff voice said behind the group.

Ryley stood as always in his jeans and a black shirt open over a red and black T-shirt that proclaimed I wanna be sedated across the chest. He leaned on his cane and looked around the bar then directly at Mardusk. “Nice place.” He said appreciatively.


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