Conference Room Keene and Drake build a playgound

Posted Aug. 15, 2019, 12:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Conference Room Keene and Drake build a playgound

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) in Conference Room Keene and Drake build a playgound

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Conference Room Keene and Drake build a playgound
Kelly sat at the side of the table sipping her coffee trying to hide the smirk on her face. This was probably the first staff meeting she was ready to attend in a long time. She had commed Drayke and Keene to the conference room about an hour ago. Drayke had told Kelly that he was n the middle of something but would be there at the top of the hour. With two minutes to ten on the clock, it would be any second before they arrived. Kelly couldn’t wait to brief them on the new project.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Come on Keene put your ass into it, haul that.” Jacen said as he worked with Keene as they moved a large piece of equipment across the room.

“That’s..... easy for you.... to say..... Sir” gasped Sam, taking a moments break to lean against the crate and try to mop the sweat out of her eyes.

“Ya’ll didn’t.... grow up in.... low grav.... an’ with respect Sir.... ya’ll have twice as much ass to put into it.... Sir.”

“Sir, may I remind you Captain Bordeaux wants you two in her office in 8 miniutes.” EMMA annouced as she watched the pair, normally she would have pointed out they could just use a mag lift but Jacen for some reason liked the more manual approach.

“I know Ems… I know… just… just stall… we got this, we’ll be there.” Jacen said as he glanced over at EMMA with that all to familiar smirk he had.

“You say that sir, but I somehow have doubts… seeing as you are taking twice as long to do this job when the mag lift would have had it done in a fraction of time.” EMMA replied with her own level of wit and retort.

“Don’t listen to her Sam, she just likes to spoil the fun. Besides it is a good work out, don’t want a pudgy officer right?” he replied with a hearty laugh as the placed the large and seemingly stupidly complex item down.

“I refer the senior officer to my previous remarks relating to his ass.” Replied Sam in the clipped, formal, precisely worded tone she reserved for command level staff.

“What… what did you need this for again Keene?” Jacen asked, she seemed to go through a lot of items but she was a good officer, he had little reason to doubt when she requested something.

Drayke, CE

Sam dropped her ass to the deck and leant back against the crate, her eyes closed. She tried to work out if there was a muscle anywhere on her
body that wasn’t burning like her limbs were dipped in molten lava.

“Surely ya’ll don’t want me to spoil the surprise before the grand unveilin’ do ya sir? Trust me, ya’ll will love it” She said, giving the hefty piece of equipment a solid thump.

“What do ya ‘Spose the Skipper wants any how?”

Sam Keene - SPO

“Gods I don’t know… a new port window that plays camptown races when she tries to whistle… which she so can’t do. I heard her once trying to convince Ian of a tune, she just kept going on and on asking him to guess while they were having dinner in 10 forward and he had no idea, neither did anyone who was in earshot. It was mostly sounds of wind and spittle as she got angry he didn’t guess it was that Karma Chameleon song for the late 20th century band… what was there name? Culture Group… something like that.” he said as he chuckled to himself a little, the Captain was unique. He could see what Ian liked about her, she had this charm all her own and she was push come to shove a great Captain, but she could be annoying as hell with some of her requests.

Drayke, CE

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