Captain's ready room Why are there no weapons in the armory when we go on away missions

Posted Aug. 18, 2019, 12:34 a.m. by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by 2nd Lieutenant Dan Vladar (Marine) in Captain’s ready room Why are there no weapons in the armory when we go on away missions

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Posted by 2nd Lieutenant Dan Vladar (Marine) in Captain’s ready room Why are there no weapons in the armory when we go on away missions
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OCC: Attention Security and Marines. I have joked privately with a few of you about how we had some fun playing who can hide the weapons the best. In the main sim several of you were armed far more than needed and I really enjoyed reading the sections where the customs table looked like a weapons cache from a drug cartel raid. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to have a thread where the security officers recant a time where that zeal for weapons saved the day and that is why on the surface each team member has only a phaser visible but in their shoe, around their waist, up their sleeve, any place you can find a spot to hide a weapon it is their thread and why this saved the day. Anyone can join in with a story. Be as creative as you like and anyone can join. If you have questions reply to here and we can split the thread if needed to keep the story in one area.


Kelly sat at the table sipping her coffee waiting for her staff to arrive. While she could appreciate the enthusiastic zeal to which the away teams suited themselves up for away missions she did have a few questions. Hopefully, the officers attending would shed some light as to why everyone seemed to be preparing or a small invasion every time they left the ship.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Dan walked into the Captain’s office. “Captain Bordeaux. You have some armoury related questions?” His left instep seemed slightly heavier than his right.

-2nd Lt Dan Vladar

River entered next “Yes hopefully we can help” she said nodding her head in respect to the captain “Captain, Lieutenant” she said greeting the two other people in the room. She was interested to see why such a meeting had been called, after all she figured that captian already knew how important weapons for defence where.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

The door slid open and the Security Chief ducked his way into the room. “Skipper. Jar-heads.” he said with a nod of acknowledgement to the Marines. He produced a very large thermos and said “This is coffee. Strong stuff.” while setting it on the table. “Andorian friend of mine hooked me up. Thought I’d share.” nd he took a seat at the table, eliciting a protesting groan from the chair, which in turn elicited a glare from Mardusk.

Mardusk, CoS

Dan’s eye roll may have been audible. More of the Starfleet/Marine rivalry. Why they were ever stationed together was a mystery.

2nd Lt Dan Vladar

River also rolled her eyes “You know, one day you’ll need us ‘jarheads’.” she said coldly. “So maybe cut the names and show a little respect. I respect your officers and don’t call then names. so respect mine” she said her tone still cold but with an undercurrent of warning.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

From Dan’s personal experience, he had less prior contact with Starfleet but it was more confrontational, ‘Jarheads’ seemed almost affectionate compared to what some officers had prepared.

-2nd Lt Dan Vladar

Kelly looked at the room and took a long draw on her coffee. Part of her wondered what was exactly in the large Orion’s thermos. With her hand on the bible, she could not admit to never bringing a coffee plus to a staff meeting especially when dealing with certain admirals. Either way, Mardusk was one heck of an officer so she had no reason to doubt anything. “So the reason I brought you all here today is to discuss the armory situation,” Kelly said looking at her crew. “I am not saying we don’t need it but can anyone shed some light on why we need to have every concealed weapon in every hidden spot on every away mission. I mean I applaud your desire to be prepared but were all of you boy scouts,” she leaned forward on the table.

It was not that Kelly cared but more that she was curious. Security always had the best stories of why they did what they did. Heck all her best stories were from her years in the security department. She was just interested to hear theirs. “So are we putting up potatoes and counting off or does someone want to go first?”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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