Deck 8 - Jeffries Tube

Posted Aug. 18, 2019, 9:59 a.m. by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Deck 8 - Jeffries Tube

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Deck 8 - Jeffries Tube

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer (Supplies and Procurement Officer)) in Deck 8 - Jeffries Tube
“C’mon you little .......” Sam held back the stream of Ferengi curse words that sprang to mind, biting her tongue as she tried to fiddle the last module into place.

“Got ya!” With a triumphant thump of the heel of her hand, she popped the hatch cover back into place. A quick diagnostic showed that the panel was now fully operational.

She moved on down to the next panel, her small compact frame perfectly at home, even with the damage caused by their passage through the ellipse she was able to negotiate the sometimes badly warped and cramped tube with little difficulty.

She popped the next inspection hatch and frowned at the state of things inside. She hunted through the bag she was dragging along with her, full of scavenged electronic items from the destroyed crew quarters. She pulled out a small personal replicator, designed for making hot beverages, and frowned, she’d already pretty much stripped the thing of useable parts already.

With a shrug, she tossed the box through a gapping hole in the floor of the tube, a loud clang sounding below as it crashed to the torn decking.

Same Keene - Engineering

Kelly walked down the hall talking out loud as she read the content of the PaDD’s message. “So deck five and seven needs to have the Deuterium storage tanks recalibrated. The CMO’s replicator needs to be checked out. Let’s get rid of the excuse that that is the reason he can’t replicate a uniform. Stellar cartography is complaining the main computer is still sluggish when coming online but the main engineering seems to be fully fuahhh the hell,” Kelly said a large chunk of metal whizzed by her head. Leaning over she looked at what appeared to be a small coffee machine lying murdered on the floor.

“Uhh hello,” Kelly said slowly moving towards the open hatch from which the device appeared. She had stretched her hand out ready to bat away anything that seemed ready to be shot putted out of the space again.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Who the heck is down there??” Sam’s voice floated out of the ceiling hatch, closely followed by her head, her look of confusion quickly turning to embarrassment when she realized she’d nearly knocked out the skipper with a coffee machine.

“Kelly and I am not sure I ordered the ship to be jettisoned of all lose objects,” she laughed looking up at Sam. “Though we did do that once on the USS Harrier. We threw out a whole bunch of stuff to create a debris field to make some pirates think we blew up and then attacked them on the flank. You weren’t recreating the yardsale as the maneuver has now been called were you?”

“Uh, sorry Sir....” Sam dropped head first out of the ceiling, catching the lip of the hatch as her hands passed it, and using her momentum she neatly pivoted 180 degrees and landed softly on the deck with the practised air of either a trained gymnast or someone who had spent a whole lot of time navigating crawl spaces.

“Or were a part of the circus,” she looked at Keene curiously.

“.... I didn’t think anyone else was down here, this deck got hit pretty hard and we’re still patching up a lot of the secondary systems with whatever we can scrounge up.” She held up her bag of miscellaneous junk for inspection.

Sam Keene - Engineering

“You are repairing things with parts cannibalized from that stuff? You are more resourceful than I thought,” Kelly was clearly impressed by the woman. “So how are the repairs coming. Will the Jeffreys tubes have coffee soon,” she held up the pot?

“Are you busy? Wanna get some lunch,” she asked the junior officer?

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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