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The encounter suit covered alien spoke, “Space is not ours to dictate what you do and what you don’t. The races of this sector are like adolescents trying to run a government and you are the new toy.” The suit bobbed. “You will be used… ”

“The Lorn are not omnipotent, I can not tell you what precautions you will need to take.”


Since scanning the ship was not wise as SEAI pointed out, this meant maybe Kelly should take the southern neighborly approach. “So can you give us a dossier about what you know of the species we may encounter,” Kelly asked. “As my chief diplomat stated every member of my crew is highly trained in diplomatic formalities. While it doesn’t always mean we will be able to avoid a conflict it does help at times if we are in a situation.”

God please don’t let Mardusk and Nash be in some alien hooskal she added silently to herself. This place was not like a neat and tidy Starbase back home. Who knows what they could run into. While both men were top officers and able to handle any situation presented to them in a manner befitting a Starfleet officer, she didn’t put it past either man to deal with a slave trafficker by giving them the wallop of a lifetime like a pinata at a kid’s birthday party. It was that or just shoot them. Nash would probably just shoot them. Her men were good men with high morals and a deep sense of honor. They would behave themselves until they couldn’t. When that ‘couldn’t situation’ presented itself, there would be nothing that would stop Kelly from agreeing with their actions.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The Lorn paused… “That… is not an unreasonable request. I will have a data pod created with non-secure information.” not a moment passed before a small orb not more than two inches diameter appeared in a beam of light. “Take this… it will respond to your voice and two others that you have approved. The orb is not self ambulatory so you’ll have to carry it.” After a moment the light moved the orb before the Captain and it would drop it into her hand if she outstretched her palm. “It will self destruct if tampered with or if you move more than 2000 light years from this point in space.”

V’goth the Lorn Ambassador

“Thank you,” Kelly said as the orb dropped into her hand. It felt completely solid and was about the size of a softball. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get the hell out of dodge. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds, Kelly said to herself. The surface was completely smooth to her eye as if the object was a solid ball, however, things were not always as they seemed.

OOC: More the size of a tennis ball.

“Does this also come with maps of the region so that we can avoid your less friendly inhabitant?” She wasn’t sure if this information was included in the orb but it would be a pain in the arse if it wasn’t and they had to come back.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“It is voice activated. While it can present a map visually, for you to review, it does not download information. If you ask about a planet that you have detected, it will give you the information on that planet and that sector of space. So you don’t accidentally violate one of the more territorial races.” The Lorn Ambassador paused for a moment before continuing. “Our mapping and scanning abilities exceed yours and we aren’t giving you information you could not obtain on your own given sufficient time. You can look at it as a ‘cheat’ note function to tell you what you would know if you had been in the sector for several months as opposed to several hours. It is not to be shared with the other younger races, as it will provide information that they would be unable to obtain on their own.”

V’goth the Lorn Ambassador

“And we thank you for your time,” Kelly handed the orb to Ian. “Unless you have anything else to add we will be on our way. Thank you for your help,” she said nodding her head. The evil-looking urchin creature in the Lorn’s hand made her not want to shake the ambassador’s hand good bye even if it was offered.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

There was no offer of a hand. “You are polite but not quite as obsequious as the other races in this sector.” The sound of the translation matrix continued to make a slight tinkle of chimes. Nor was the Federation officers able to determine if the Lorn ambassador thought this was a good thing or a bad one.

The meeting was going ar better than she had expected until the closing. “Excuse me,” Kelly looked at the Lorn then at Ian. “Are you saying we need to be obedient…to the Lorn?” She wasn’t quite sure if this was a veiled threat or promise. The tinkling sound could be laughter.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

They all were pleased when they left the Ambassador’s quarters, out of the chemical gases and into the pre-diplomatic rooms. In fact the security guards almost looked surprised when they all came back unscathed. One of the guards chuckled, “All fingers and toes?” He questioned.

“OH,” The other guard commented. “They got a present, when did you ever see the Lorn give anyone anything, but a hard time.”

Ian shook his head briefly as she handed him the Orb. Why the devil are you giving me this woman? Did yo not hear self destruct he thought with a terse smile as he looked down at it and back at her. This is how you want a divorce isn’t it? Get me blown up in some awful space port.... I’m onto you Missy. he continued his thoughts as his eyes got wide. “I will… take very good care of this…” he said as he nodded politely at them all.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

Frank stood next to Kelly awaiting for further instructions.

Gallagher, Security

Kelly moved towards the door with her exit with her team. Tapping her comm badge she sent out a message. =/\= All away teams report status =/\= Kelly stated.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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=/\=Hey Skip,=/\= Sam said, keeping her tone light and breezy. =/\=Me and the Doc are just having a beer and a burger, looking to make some friends, maybe do a deal on that thing you wanted. I’ll give you a call if I need that new toy spaceship ‘k? Bye=/\=

“Where is Keene and Riley,” Kelly asked as they neared the door in a low voice. “I am pretty sure they are in trouble or at the very least heading to the hooskal,” she mumbled the last sentence under her breath.

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M’Lene gulped nervously as she heard the Captain’s voice through the comm channel. She took a deep breath and pressed her comm badge to reply. =/\= Lt (jg) M’Lene here ma’am, I’ve run into a little problem… =/\= she replied sheepishly. =/\= It seems a young boy has made off with my tricorder and phaser… =/\= she added quietly and braced herself for a dressing down.

Lt (jg) M’Lene (CSO)

Kelly stopped in her tracks hearing M’Lene’s reply. =/\=You lost the tricorder=/\= she said with a bit of tension to her voice. =/\=I am sending Vladar to assist you. Do what you can to recover it but don’t exacerbate the situation or cause a situation. Contact me with updates=/\= Kelly snapped off her comm badge.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux


“So any idea where we should check out next,” she asked the group as they stood back in the lobby.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Having waited outside as to not set off any detectors, SEAI spoke up, “While I do not have an opinion on where to search next, it is only prudent to remind you that the paperwork for any lost equipment in a first-contact situation is quite extensive if one is unable to recover it. As the last time you had a pile of paperwork you nearly threw it out the nearest airlock, I recommend diverting more resources to keep your mental health intact. Perhaps sending some more crew to scan for certain metals would assist in the search?”

SEAI (CNS at the time)

OOC: You still have a pretty heavily damaged ship and no way to get home.


“We should head to the Trading district to see what they are up to and what else we need to get our hands-on,” Kelly suggested leading the group out of the diplomatic wing.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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