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It had been a fairly benign beginning to the duty shift. The Atlantis was able to track two dozen ships docked about Base 5 and another 40 in the immediate vicinity. The majority of which were small or transport and only 10 or so being real ships of war, that warranted closer observation. The Blue and Metallic Silver Space Station hull seemed dark by Federation standards as it had only a fraction of the lighting common to the Alpha Quadrant ships.

Then the beginning of hell broke loose. A red light illuminated on the science officers console, “Umm, I think they just polarized their hull and started a magnetic shield just went up all over the base.”

The science officer looked down… “I haven’t seen this type of shielding before… The Base is cutting all docked ships loose… they are locking weapons on use… ”

Confused Junior Officer.


Jacen entered the bridge, he had left EMMA in charge of Engineering as he knew he needed to take over as 20 on the bridge. “Report!” Jacen said as he sat down in the command chair as he looked over at the officers on the bridge.

Drayke, CE/2O

“I can only hypothesize why, but the base has polarized their hull, started some weird magnetic barrier… I guess its a shield, just not a really good one, and started detaching from docked ships.” The ensign made a face. “She’s either preparing for combat or moving…” He looked dubiously at the nearly two kilometer long ship… “that would be something…”

“Scanning, I see heat plumes coming from the Star-Base’s fighter bays.”


“Sir,” the tactical officer on duty called out. “Running scans but I am not sure the Atlantis can handle being pulled and I am pretty sure that in the state we are in we aren’t going to be able to pursue. Should we call the away teams back?”

NE Bart Himpson

“I don’t see anything that resembles a warp drive…” The science officer said. “It would be sub-light travel.” Which theoretically could be faster than the Atlantis could go, but with warp speed, she could always warp ahead and circle about.


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