My Hitch is Up Captain

Posted Nov. 14, 2019, 1:35 a.m. by Ensign Dan Vladar (Security Officer) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in My Hitch is Up Captain

Posted by Ensign Dan Vladar (Security Officer) in My Hitch is Up Captain
Dan didn’t like doing this. But he crossed the bridge and approached the CO’s ready room and pressed the door chime. It’s for the best.

-Dan Vladar

“Come,” Kelly said swinging her feet off the edge of the desk. “Okay so me and you are gonna have so much fun soon,” Kelly was wrapping up her comm call and motioned Vlader in as she spoke. “I am gonna give you the biggest ball ever and we are gonna go lay out on the beach while I rub your belly so be a good boy okay and tell your Daddy that Mommy is so excited to see you okay Bruce.” Clicking off the call she looked up at Vlader. “Lt. what can I do for you? Something to drink,” she simultaneously motioned to the open seat as she made her way to the replicator.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“No. Thank you, sir.” It took long, deep breaths to draw the words out. “Captain. My time with the Marines is almost over. A week left. I have come to the decision that I am not going to re-enlist.”

“That said, I don’t know any other life. Sir, I’m…” he fell silent. “Captain, 2nd Lt Daniel Nathan Vladar officially submitting for transfer.” he held out a PaDD detailing a transfer request to the USS Atlantis, Security Department.

-Dan Vladar

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