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The two men suffered from a close range heavy stun. They would be unconscious for 30 minutes to a hour unless outside stimulation was used.

Ryley left them where they were.

“Define okay,” Kelly looked at Ryley and shook her head.

Turning her attention back to Bishop she took a breath. “So you are telling me no one brought a tricorder but the one we lost,” she rubbed her forehead.

He looked at her and shrugged. To be fair, he thought, nobody in her party carried a scientific tricorder either. “I shoot things.” He gestured with his rifle.

”Medical tricorder?” The grey, bearded Doctor offered.

“I vote for the escape pod because space is cold and I forgot my thermal underwear,” she said dryly. “Bishop, take point and find me that escape pod. We need to get back to the Atlantis and deliver the orb of knowledge Ian had in his pocket,” she hooked a thumb at Bordeaux. “You do still have the orb right?”

Kelly Bordeaux

“What if I am just happy to see you?” Ian said with a wink before looking around at the rest of the people as eyes seem to turn on them. “I mean yes… yes ma’am I have the orb right here.” he said as he tried to play it off as he felt his face grow flush red. *Jacen is going to hear about this, Riley seems to get drunk and talk to that Irishman all the time and he is gonna ask me about my orb of knowledge I just know it.”

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

Ryley’s eyes did indeed turn on them at Ian’s comment. He raised one eyebrow but said nothing simply foled it away for commenter later with a whiskey and a certain chief engineer.

Bishop turned to the outside wall and moved at a pretty quick pace. Out and off was something he was a big fan off. The group reached the wall and he looked the length of the wall looking up and down. He shook his head as he looked at the Captain. “You’d think they’d label the damn things.”

Bishop Shirt

Quite and slowly, right behind them an Ensign was walking to their position. He didn’t knew that a firefight happened just before and he wasn’t sure why the big Station was under lockdown
“What the heck is happening here?” Mourned the Ensign. It was Kai obviously, boarded not a long time ago on the Atlantis and was on the station to give a look to the Arboretum and its plants. For case, or maybe because the fortune was on his side, Kai found the group that was in a hurry when suddenly a marine of it turned the head towards him and thinking of whatever, he was now pointing his rifle towards Kai.

“Ensign Oliver,” Kelly modded and then saw his eyes widden. Following his line of sight Kelly stifled a moan.

“Woah!” Was the only thing that Oliver could Exhale.

OOC: Hello! I’m Jay, hope I don’t bother you if I get into this thread. Captain Kelly herself invited me in to join.

OOC: Welcome. Right now they are looking for a way off the station since a few marines shot a few security guards.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Lt Rambo could we maybe not just go waving that thing about. Put it in your pocket or under your…just conceal it until we need it,” Kelly looked at the rest of her senior staff.

As everyone was looking each other and the Lieutenant lowered his gun, Kai was still wondering why the group was so silent and the ship in an immense chaos. He didn’t asked anything, nor made any weird face but replied “thanks” to the soldier and to the captain, that avoided his death.

This was not going to go down as the most effieicent first contact however if command found out they might make a foot note of what not to do. “Ensign Oliver fall in. You almost missed the bus home,” she said before following Bishop on the possible way to get off this place and back to her ship.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Yeah, maybe we don’t right up this contact word for word…” Bishop headed right when he hit the exterior wall. It shouldn’t matter too much since logic suggested the escape pods would be situated in regular intervals on the hull.

“Excuse me? What do you mean almost missed the bus home?!” He asked terrified “what is happening here? I was just looking at some plants!” He whispered. Now he was seriously scared and the most awkward stuff was that he did not knew anyone of that group. Except the captain, probably.
Shy as always he did not mourned again as he waited for the reply to come and thought “what firsts days of job that I have here! Incredible.”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist


“We need to get off the station. I met with the....the....the…” she looked at Ian for the name but then just continued. “Ambassador and they gave us a map to get home maybe. Right now we are trying to get back to the Altantis and then hopefully Federation space,” Kelly got her newest officer up to speed.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

After another twenty seconds of running a red portal with a hatch lock appeared on the outside wall. “I think this is it…” There were no windows and the markings were so foreign no one had any idea what it would say.

Bishop gm

“Who is he?” Asked the Ensign whispering to the group in general and referring to Bishop as the mysterious man.

“He is Bishop,” Kelly let her voice trail off for a second. This is exactly why she asked the guy his name. “Red shirt Come on Kelly his name is not Red Shirt, she talked to herself. Deciding there had to be more and in the heat of the situation, she had just forgotten she replied, “Bishop shirt,” and looked at her other senior officers to confirm. The man was on her crew but there were so many crew. As an XO she had felt bad when the unknown security officer fell in duty and she had no idea what his name was. Once there was a guy named Guy something or other and he didn’t make it either. She was not going to let Bishop Shirt go down that road. “He is on the security team,” she tried to make Bishop a more pertinent crew member. “He has point and is getting us out of here,” Kelly watched warily as Bishop toyed with a door.

OOC: I didn’t give him more of a name than Bishop, he’s kind of like Cher. He only has one name. So you didn’t get it wrong.

While he was awaiting the improbable reply, as they were all busy understanding where would have lead the hatch, Kai took a look a bit everywhere. How funny was the reaction of Kai when for case almost fell on his feet for a stupid little elevated plain and discovered a tricorder and a phaser behind a couple of barrels, and holding them was a little, stray kid “UGH- Come here! Ah ah! Gotcha, little monster (no offense).”

The rumble of the barrels falling and Kai fighting to get the Tricorder made the whole room tremble itself and surely his teammates were now paying attention to the goofy Ensign that victorious was now standing up, with a hand holding both tricorder and phaser, and the other, the kid who apparently stole both items
“Guys! I made it.” Shouted as he forgot that they were still trying to escape “oh wow, it has the screen cracked.” Added, embarrassed to have shouted that loud.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Bishop check out that hatch but be careful. “Kai,” Kelly’s eyes got large looking at what she thought he was holding. How he found what they had lost she would never know. Bring it,” she motioned for Kai to give the items he found. Hopefully, it was what they were seeking but one never knew.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

OOC: I’m sorry no one has found the tricorder and phaser. Capturing the thief has to be role played. Thanks. You can however join the party.

Kai walked near Captain Kelly, a bit struggling as the kid was pretty much shaking his whole body, trying to be gently as possible he handed both phasers and tricorder to the woman
“There” he gave both items “also thanks for the information. And nice to meet you, Bishop.” He smiled.
After that, Kai resumed searching and this time he was not lucky and found nothing that hadn’t those weird not readable signs.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Bishop poked at the controls at the door hatch. It was a random pattern, but eventually the portal opened like a pressure door on a submarine swinging out into the station. There was a second door that swung out into the pod. The pod itself was fairly large, it certainly could hold the combined landing parties. It probably was designed to hold forty or fifty people perhaps twice as many if they were willing to stand closely to each other.

“Marines, we are leaving.” Bishop scanned the pod. It lit warmly as the door opened revealing that is was unmanned. Designed to be used by the layman, the Pod controls were also fairly easy to understand despite the fact that no one could read the language.


OOC: oh sorry! Didn’t meant to change the plans.
OCC no problem. Luke rocks and we don’t want him to get evil until we are at home on the Atlantis. Thanks for being flexible Kai. ~ Kate
I’ma then resume here.

IC: “seems pretty funny, but I would have preferred that the controls were clear to read.”
Kai seemed pretty anxious. Even with the simple controls, he was afraid if something happened and they could not figure out the right button to avoid that danger.

What he did to merit all this? He was just there to look to some plants. And now he was about to board a flying can.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Bishop shrugged, leaving the controls and moving back towards the hatch. He scanned outwardly. Somehow the guards of the station hadn’t moved quick enough to locate them. Or perhaps weren’t trying that hard in the first place. It was obviously dangerous to try to capture the Federation officers. They had already phasered two and beat up two other security officers.

Kelly walked into the pod and ordered everyone to take a seat or whatever qualified for a safety harness apparatus as she began to press the series of buttons that would launch the probe. Where it was going or how to maneuver it was anyone’s guess. In her experience, the pods just simply launched you to a safe distance and then someone else picked you up. Maybe it was time to call home. Activating the sequence Kelly took her seat and hit her comm badge waiting for the pod to do it’s thing. =/\=Hey Dad can you pick me and my friends up from the mall =/\= she said in a slightly sarcastic tone. When she beamed over, Kelly had no idea they would actually need a ride home.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The hatches closed behind the pod. When it was launched it was no longer attached to the polarized hull and thus it was accessible to a transporter beam as Kelly Bordeaux had hoped, If and when the ATlantis decided to beam them up… they could return to the damaged star-ship and relative safety.


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