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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Ashlynn Summers (Chief Medical Officer) in Boarding Physical - Sick Bay

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The morning after the arrival, the first thing he needed to do was to make a boarding physical. Kai still remember his first boarding physical aboard a ship as Cadet on the Endeavour and how he met one of his first friend, the CMO that was then in service.
The first time, was always a struggle as new ship, mean new specs and as always on the way of the sick bay he needed to ask to someone where to find such place onboard the huge ship.
“Oh you’re new?” Asked the Security Officer that he met for case “Yessir, I need to get a boarding physical.”
“You can always check a LCARS monitor, you remember?”
How embarrassing. But Kai in the old ship, the LCARS wasn’t a thing and needed to ask by voice for every time he needed to get somewhere new.

Dismissed by the Officer, he asked the computer to guide him through the ship and in the whole tour between the decks he saw a lot of stuff and a lot of military personnel asking himself why he was onboard on such ship.
Later on the orange door of the Sick Bay was right there between two corridors and a bunch of other Starfleet Officers - some of them were nurses taking a break. And as it was the first time he made a boarding physical, the anxious feeling of Kai that usually overcame him arrived punctual as always: he tried to calm down but somewhat he couldn’t.
“Okay, it is just a check, what could go wrong?” He thought while playing with his thumbs
“Let’s go”
And after that, the doors were open and the scene of the boarding physical repeated.
He searched for the Doc and weirdly he found him right in front of his eyes: a Captain, mid-aged but seemingly with a lot of experience. Wearing the usual blue uniform and some used and a bit rusty pips, but still shining. The most curious thing was actually that he was a captain and that he served as CMO.
“Hello, I’m Ensign Kingstone, I suppose you’re the CMO. I’m here for a boarding physical as I am the new Science Officer.” Introduced himself, leaning his hand.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Ryley for his part rolled his whole head around on his neck. He ignored Kai and the offered hand and looking at the Officer also in blue that he was speaking to previously he said “you see. This is exactly why I don’t normally wear this blasted thing. He was three seconds in the door and he knew exactly who I was and now he wants my attention.”

The woman, Lieutenant Bailey, smiled warmly at Kai and took the hand and shook it. “A pleasure to meet you. Don’t mind Doctor Ryley he can be a bit grim but he’s harmless enough.”

“Thank you for the advice.” Whispered to the woman, hoping for the doc to not hear “a pleasure to meet you too.”

“Hah” Ryley responded. “Speak for yourself.” He gave Kai a look up and down, icy blue eyes scanning the man before him for head to foot then sighed. “Come in then new science officer, let’s get this over with for us both,” and walked off across the bay with an indication he expected Kai to follow.

Once he got to the nearest empty bio-bed he leaned his cane against the wall and removing his tricorder from his pocket began to adjust it. He sat on a rolling stool seeming to wait for Kai to take a seat.


The first impression was all to know people well but apparently it didn’t worked for Mr. Ryley. Perhaps Kai remembered a grumpy Officer, Mr. Crankypants. He was funny, but also a jerk, and knowing how these people were Kai just nodded and followed the doctor to the Bio Bed.

Actually the cool eyes of the man made the nervous level pitch high and his heart rate rised. It was weird but also a curious situation - for a moment Kai stuck in place in front of the Bio Bed looking at it, like he never saw one. But Of course he saw it already.
Then without knowing how much time he was stuck in place standing like a dumb in the middle of the sick bay, Kai finally took courage and sat in the Bio Bed and still silent relaxed himself.
“Oh man, I preferred Crankypants. At least I would see him time to time.” Thought

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Ryley looked up from his fiddling with the tricorder and watched the scientist. As the man sat, he rolled his eyes. ”Oh relax kid. I’m not going to bite.” he said and pointed the device at Kai.

”So, anything to update your file since your last physical? Aches, pains, infections....the more embarrassing the better.” he said as he scanned.

Ooc: Jay can I have some scan results please? :)


OOC: a bit of fever so slightly high temperatures and some tiredness. Poor Kai, he took it while he was onboard the station awaiting been transferred here.

IC: “Guess I have… a bit of Fever. Yesterday I could not sleep that well, Doc.” He said to the mysteriously cold doc “While on the station I may have took it.”

Even tho, he was afraid to have took something else, maybe worser. Only the doc could know it. A Vulcan Fever? Improbable. Maybe a Pherengi one. Ahaha, but he never found a Pherengi onboard.
Whatever it was, mostly would have been something common and that calmed the Ensign just a bit.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Ashlynn came over “Did the symptoms just start in the last day or two?” She asked as she continued scanning the new Ensign.

OOC: I’ll step in and finish this up.

Summers (med)

OOC: Oh ok. Aight.

IC: Kai looked a second the new Doctor. A woman this time and seemingly a bit more friendly. Then thinking about when he started feeling those bad nausea and high temperatures he remembered
“It Started two days ago I guess.. when I was still on the station. Initially I did not even noticed but then in the evening I felt like burning.” He replied.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Ashlynn nodded “No worries. Do you know if anyone else on the station was ill?” She asked “Have you been around anyone ill?” She added on as she continued her scans of the ensign. (ooc: what does he have?)

Summers (med)

OOC: it is just a simple fever. Kai went through some cold and then a dude with fever attached it to him (he was a bit distracted by some Vulcan merchandise)

“I- I guess I saw an Officer who was pretty bad looking. Red eyes, red face and kept sneezing everywhere. I did not get near him… I guess, I don’t remember.” Of course Kai went near him, how he couldn’t? But he didn’t remembered that to look to some Vulcan handcrafted items on a near market, he was passing through the crowded people and met the infected man who maybe, infected him too with the pesky fever.
Kai sneezed too and then asked sorry. Oh man, how can I do the remaining checks in this status?

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Ashlynn smiled “Well Ensign. It appears that you have picked up a cold.” She said “You just need to take it easy for a couple days. I’m going to give you some decongestant and some cough syrup.” She said “It will help you sleep as well. Drink a lot of water, avoid caffiene and dairy products.” Ashlynn added “If you’re still not feeling good in three days come back and see me, and we’ll take another look if we have something else brewing.” She said as she motioned to Bailey to get the required medication and returned with it. Ashlynn handed them over to Kai and explained the directions “I would suggest that you stay in your quarters for at least twenty four hours to give the medicine time to work.” She said “Questions?”

Summers (med)

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