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Dexterity and speed were increasingly present in Kai as he knew how to use the GPS system to find new place. After his medical check it was now time to find and meet his new DH - some said she was a good DH but also shy. Whatever he would have found surely made already his idea of what this ship had: a wide variety of characters. And most of them were still to discover.

On the way of his DH’s office on deck 4, the young Ensign was just turning the last corner when with some surprise he saw a dark figure running the aisle in his direction. He couldn’t see the face of the person, as it seemed covered by something - or maybe he was just blind enough to not see the lineage of the officer, but something was so evident and weird: he or she wasn’t wearing a uniform nor a civilian clothes
“What the heck?” He expressed with some concerns as the goofy figure came up, closer and even closer shouting something he couldn’t really hear well.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Sir? Sir!” Mumbled loud the dark figure. “You are the new Science Officer onboard?”
As he was asked this question now the face of the science crew member was now better looking and could be seen: it was a girl, maybe on her 30s, not so young but neither that old. Wearing the stiff blue uniform, but covered by a greenish, semi-transparent slimy thing. On a first sight it was surely a slime, but Kai could not imagine what kind of slime.

“What happened?” Asked the Ensign as he saw the slimy stuff growing as they were speaking out loud and a weird rock and roll music coming out from the lab.
“Uhm I am sure we need you! We are out of Officers! I am just an assistant and this situation surely slipped out of hand.”
As both of them got near the lab, Kai started seeing a bunch of slime everywhere on the bulky floor: eww he thought on a first moment but also, why there was such music in the lab?

He didn’t waited too long to find out the mess inside: computers screens, tools and seats were all covered in slime. An Ensign was even stuck in a large amount of it asking for help like in the alien movie, when the xenomorph took several crewmen to hatch some face-hugger and develop new aliens.
“Can I have an explanation for all of this?” Asked before slipping himself, stepping on a slimy pool
“Ouch.” Commented the girl “Well… Ensign Jensen and I were making some experiment… when we discovered that the sound reacted with the slime enlarging its dimension. But perhaps yesterday night we forgot to turn off the radio and today we entered the lab and it was all like this! Yikes.”

It was an absurd situation, and yet it was his first day of job- almost his first day. Unprepared and covered by the slime feet to head as he slipped down, now he needed to think fast on how to remove all that stuff from the room and clean a bit the situation he was stuck in.
One thing was certain for Oliver in that moment: the Rock ‘n Roll music needed to cease first, one for the sake of his ears and two for the slime to stop growing.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Wait,” a hand closed around Kai’s arm as a voice whispered in his ear. The grip was firm but definitely feminine lacking the strength of someone like an Orion security officer that could toss you like a rag doll if the situation called for it. “This stuff is not toxic. It is not going to hurt you but reacts to sound waves.” Alexandra looked around the room and wanted to let out a moan yet knew this was not the thing to do right now.

That hand was very unexpected, but surely warm and scary, if you consider that 30 seconds ago, except Jensen, the other girl and him no one was in the room.
“Oh wha- ouch!” He almost shouted as the slime moved and exploded again. The arm of the unknown person spooked him right away.

“Be very quiet,” she whispered to the room. She was going to try and find out what happened but first, she had to get everyone up to speed. “We were on Gapania Six last week and noticed this slime mold. It reacted to noise so I was fascinated. “I brought a small sample on board to study it. A colleague of mine on Outpost 42 was the first to discover the substance. From his research, we found out it explodes when you make any noise above a whisper,” she said softly. “Twenty decibels is the cap. Nothing over a whisper,” she looked at everyone in the lab trying to asses what to do next.

“What happened,” she looked at Jensen and then turned to the new guy.

“Alexandra Robins,” she stuck out her hand. ‘’You’re the new guy. Heck of a way to join huh,” Alexandra laughed.

He didn’t spoke, nor looked directly to Alexandra. Now, to be honest her affirmation made almost him laugh: like, how many people could ever tell such fun story on their first day of job? And perhaps in space?
But then as she presented he leant his hand and said the same formal stuff that he always said to the new person he met “I’m Ensign Kai Oliver Kingstone, nice to meet you”

Turning back to Jensen she repeated her question. “We had a small mishap. So we tried to beam it off the ship but the sound from the chime sound when the transporter activates was above 20 decibels. It made it explode. We tried a few more attempts but now we have that,” she gestured.

Oh God Chris is going to kill me, Alexandra thought looking around.

Alexandra Robins science

It was then that the computer emitted a chime as the com system came on. =/\= Lexi please tell you are not going to be late again, Ruth won’t stop being fussy and I am never going to get this report done. Pass that ooze to some nobody underling and finish up! If you hurry I can get all of us for the Grinch with Ruth, I think she will love it! =/\= came Chris’s voice at a level very much above 20 decibels.

Christopher Robins, Stellar Cartography

Oh pluck a duck, Alex moaned in her head and closed her eyes. The warm, sticky goo was about to coat her and she did not want it anywhere the sun didn’t shine. Bracing herself she felt like it was a ticking time bomb.

In that moment, the heart beats of maybe everyone in the room stopped for a second. My god what a tension they had to face when that chirp resounded everywhere in the room. Its echoes could be heard even in the corridor and Kai in the absolute silent environment that came after the chirp thought “didn’t remembered the chirp of the badge being that loud-“
And time 5 seconds and the slime all together exploded and the mess became way larger.
Poor Ensign Jensen, that in the process became almost a projectile, being shot over the head of the head of their mates, luckily landing on the soft slimy bed.

“Oh god, oh god! What we do now? Jensen you ok?” Asked the Assistant girl whispering. Jensen nodded as he passed out a second after.
It was time to react, but they could do nothing with such large amount of mass and no tool. And for that purpose, Kai asked to Alexandra, that had maybe more experience with the slime “what’s the plan now?”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Alexandra opened her mouth to speak and quickly closed it. She had a bigger problem than exploding slime for a second. “Lt Robins we are all fine down here. How are you?” It was then she realized she had to act normal and stop the conversation. As loud as she dared Lexi replied to her husband. =/\= Chris I did it for nine months in my own. I’m at work deal with Ruth yourself. When I am off duty I will come you. Talk to you later=/\= she snapped off the comm. Chris might be grumpy but he would be far more upset seeing his astrobiology lab looking like a revamped version on the B movie the Blob.

=/\= Nine months alone?=/\=.

The slime began to quiver. Small bubbles could be seen before it popped again like a bubbling mud geyser. Lexi squinted.

=/\=Chris stop talking=/\= she said in a rushed whisper. Luckily Chris didn’t yell but his command tone was loud enough to create explosions that looked like grapes popping off every sure face of slime in the room.

=/\=If you had simply picked up a com and called me I could have been there the entire time. =/\=

=\/= fine talking point for later. Go take care of Ruth =/\= Lexi almost begged.
The slime continued to pop off in small and medium size explosions until everyone in the room was up to their ankles.

=/\= That’s how this works, you call someone they come to help. It’s a new novel approach to parenting.=/\= Chris snarled back at her as he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Listening to the conversation of both made almost Kai laughing but he needed to keep inside himself all the laughs or the laughs would transform into more slime to clean. Which was not a good a idea. After removing some of the slime off his arms and freeing himself by that greenish mass, he was now able to move again and gave a quick check to Ensign Jensen with a silent step.

“Okay, so I’m bingo. Anyone have an idea and I am entertaining out of the box things to get this back in the box,” Lexi couldn’t help but snicker and clamp a hand over her mouth. The universe was deadly but death by slime mold wasn’t what anyone first thought as a normal way to go.

She was now also stuck so any thing she could do would have to be arms only or gesture related.

Lt. Alexandra Robins. Science jo

Robins, Stellar Cartography

He needed to get near Alex to talk. From Jensen’s place he wasn’t sure that the JO could hear what he was saying and perhaps he did came toward the woman avoiding to slip like before.
“I am not sure if we can transport it! It is too much and also the sound would make explode it again. ” he whispered “we need to clean it ourselves with our hand (Of course with maximum attention) or find try to deactivate the chirp of the computer to make it possible beam it off the ship. Problem is that we need to remove that Panel. A false move and we may contaminate with the goo this deck’s circuits.” he indicated with his finger a maintenance grid panel on his right.
The options weren’t that much, and to be honest, who wanted to clean the goo with their bare hands.
“Of course if you have better ideas I am all ear!”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Oh good god do not get Jacen’s pipes, circuits, and conduits involved. That man is more important than anyone on the ship. Tick him off and you will be eating gruel out of your personal replicator,” Lexi exclaimed. Her mind drifted to an image of standing sheepishly in front of Jacen with a bowl of gray porridge as he sat back swirling a forkful of steak and lobster saying something like ‘well if you were not poking things into places you should not go you might have this,’ as he popped in his forkful.

“Do not move that panel. I am going to call in the only help that will help us,” Lexi said. Slowly moving her hand to her comm badge she sent an order to connect a sub space call to Outpost 42.

=/\=Duncan, its Alex Garfield. Well Robins now I got married but I had a question for you=/\= Alexandra’s voice was low and a bit desperate.

=/\= Lexi? =/\= A clipped English voice on the other end of the line exclaimed in some surprise. The voice sounded very English and proper, and also held a confidence that the man knew what he was doing.

=/\= I heard you got married, congratulations, by the way. Lily tells me there was some excitement with all of that, but you know her, she gets sidetracked with other stories rather easily so we haven’t quite got to the point yet. How can I help you today? =/\=

Why everyone got married on this period of time? It was something that Kai was curious about as he never saw married couples, beside his father and his mother, aboard other vessels. Apparently, marriage were common stuff in space!

=/\=You know that green slime goo you found on Gapania Six a few months back. The one that reacts to auditory stimuli =/\= Alex tried not to make too much noise or move around too much but rubbed her nose to stifle the sneeze coming on.

=/\= I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you, you seem to be whispering. You said something about green goo? Oh, I see.... =/\= Duncans voice automatically dropped several decibels as the apparent issue came to light.

=/\=How do you get rid of it and what can you tell me about…it,=/\= she rubbed her nose hard to stop the tingling.

Lt. Alex Robins

=/\= Well, it reacts to noise and vibrations like if it is dropped or shaken, or stirred =/\= Duncan explained whispering. =/\= When did it last explode? You know that is the reproductive trait of this particular slime, it’s really rather fascinating. =/\=

=/\=No it’s not,=/\= Lexi sounded frustrated =/\=and it just exploded like two minutes ago =/\=

=/\= Really? Well why are you whispering? =/\= Duncan’s voice returned to normal immediately, no longer whispering. =/\= Once it has expanded with it’s reproductive cycle, it needs to rest for 20 minutes before it gets the energy to go again, quite like some people really. Other than that, it has excitingly beneficial health properties in the skin care area. Rub some of that on you, let it explode and before you know it your skin will be smooth as a babies bottom and positively glowing with nutrients. It also treats blemishes, rashes and other skin related issues. Not recommended for children however on account of the, ah, exploding bit. =/\=

=/\Yes yes that is rather fasc....inating,=/\= Lexi’s voice hitched as she pulled her leg out no longer worried about the volume level. =/\=I am just trying to figure out how to get rid....of it=/\= Lexi got her legs out of it and tried to find a spot that did not have some goo.

Pausing for a moment, Duncan started talking again and his voice held a clear warning. =/\= Although I have to say, do NOT try and transport it. We discovered that the molecular structure somehow interferes with the deconstruction process, and the goo explodes in the buffers. It then loses it’s dormant quality and becomes hyper sensitive to the slightest vibration, needless to say the Warp core on a station or ship is not something that runs smoothly, despite any engineers claims to the contrary. Do not use that transporter, Alexandra.Use a mop and a timer. Twenty minutes my dear, after that, big badaboom. =/\=

Lt Duncan Rhodes, Chief Science Officer, Outpost 42

“What?!” Exclaimed Kai “so we have less than 20 minutes to clean all this stuff with a simple mop?” As he sighed heavily, Kai let him fall on the slime and looked the ceiling. Why? Why the transporter? He thought. Stuff happens and now he was almost on his first day of job, with a mop, cleaning out the goo. What a first day!

=/\=Thank you Duncan and tell Lily I loved that picture she sent,=/\= Alex lied through her teeth but knew she had to be nice. After clicking off she turned to Ensign Oliver. “Okay you heard the man. We need some mops and a timer. Anyone have any idea how long we have until the next kaboom?”

Lt Lexi Robins

Clicking off the comm, Duncan paused a moment with a raised eyebrow. “She liked that picture? Huh, that woman is lying.” With a smirk, he turned back to his lab.

Lt Duncan Rhodes, CSO OP42

Kai checked the time. Beforehand he had the chance to look straight to the time on the LCARS monitor of the computer when the goo exploded: 10:34AM. Now were 10:37; not a bad time but still just 17 minutes to clean everything.
“We have less than 17 minutes guys.” Immediately he jumped on his feet and searched for the mops. Then as he saw Alexandra still stuck on the floor, he gave a hand and the mop.
“Well… not the dream day I imagined. But hey! Still some work.”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Okay, so I say we start in one corner and work our way around the room. Maybe we can set up a force field so that as we clean a section we cordone it off. That way if there another splat it only stays in one area,” Alex grunted as she pulled her leg from the muck with Kai’s hand to balance her. If Chris was talking about the original cartoon Grinch they had one cycle to get this cleaned up. If he was talking about the movie or the newest revamp then she had more time. Either way, she needed to start. Helping Kai hand out the mops, she and he began in their small area. “So where was your last duty station,” Alex asked dropping gobs of the lime green goo into the bucket.

Lexi Robins Science

The unknown assistant was now slipping through the slimes hills and recovered what was an Ensign Jensen awake and still calling for help.
“D-duty station?” Asked as he did not knew what she meant “May I ask what you mean?” He asked while taking a huge amount of goo from a poor computer monitor and a chair.
Then, awaiting for the reply, Kai leant through a compartment and took a pocket forcefield generator and left it on a clean surface, ready to use.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“Yes, where were you before you came here,” Lexi smiled as she flicked off a large chunk of goo into her bucket. Looking around she just realized another problem. There were not going to be enough buckets to dump the goo and when it became active again it would just be tiny bombs they could move anywhere. Clean up was going to be more problematic than she expected. Her face went slack as she looked at Kai concerned. Friendly chit chat could wait until later.

“Kai,” she drew his name out a little so it sounded sing sony or like she was about to ask him for favor. “Did Duncan say anything about how long the goo is active? I know he told us we had twenty minutes between kabooms but how long is it active when it not dormant? Does it stay active until it booms? Duncan never said anything about that or did he?” Stabbing her mop into a pile of goo she explained her inner earlier thought. “So we clean this up and make buckets of goo bombs, any idea how to get rid of the buckets without contaminating the rest of the ship?”

“20 minutes he said, before it would explode again after the sleeping phase.” Kai thought “it is good for the skin if you rubbed.” Kai still thought

“It’s not a Devonian hydration mask,” Jensen looked at him with wide eyes.

“It might be one way to clean out your pores,” a fellow Ensign Roberts began to snicker finding the image of all of them slathering the goo on their hands and face and exiting the room with a dermatologists dream epidermis very hysterical. “We can bottle it and sell it at the beach,” the more Roberts followed Kai’s line of thought the funnier it became. “I like your sense of humor,” he gave a thumbs up to Kai.

“Wait what? No no no! No distractions!”
It was hard. But then after some serious thoughts (beside the funny stuff about rubbing it on the skin), he firmly said: “I guess that we will not know how much time it will take before it explodes. He…” swallowed his saliva “he didn’t told us…”

“We have three minutes and twenty-two seconds before the next,” Ensign Jensen made a small explosion noise wth his mouth calling out a time check.

“We could try some experiments with the goo,” Ensign Roberts offered leaning on his mop. “It’s not like it will make it worse. Maybe we huddle by Kai’s force field in what we call the clean zone. We run some time trials. Give it one minute, make a noise, and see if it resets. Then we clean up more and wait two minutes and so on and so on. There has to be a sweet zone from when it activates to when it blows up.”

Lexi looked at Kai. She was out of ideas and so far anything suggested she was willing to try.

Lt. Lexi Robins

He neither had any idea but liked the fact of experimenting even under stressful situations like this.
“Seems legit since we don’t know how much time after these 20 minutes we have before the explosions. I’ll set the force field right away!”
And as told he closed his bucket and went grabbing the device. Then, checking that no goo was on that corner, not even the slightest chunk he set the device down and took everyone there, leaving the bucket outside, firmly sealed and seemingly harmless.
“When you ready, I’ll activate this thing.” He pointed the button “also, let’s hope that the bucket will not act like a proton torpedo as it is sealed!”
He crossed his finger and awaited that everyone was ready.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Lexi walked up to Kai and blew a lock of hair out of her eyes. “Whenever you are ready,” she said with a smile but a concerned look. As the forcefield went up Lexi started to think about what Kai said. Proton Torpedo. As a biologist, she was all about studying the resiliency of life. What was intriguing was the use of this as a weapon. Lexi was not about killing except for one group. While it was not popular to openly state it, the Borg were a menace that needed to be dealt with. The military just upped the ante with new weapons, more powerful weapons but a simple bacteria killed upwards of 80% of populations as times. What if a simple slime mold was what defeated the Borg. The idea was intriguing.

“Ensing Roberts, run some scans on the bucket to see if it is holding up to the pressure of the goo,” Lexi ordered all of a sudden far more interested in experimenting than cleaning up. Turning to face Kai she began to explain her thought process.

“What are you doing?” Kai asked weirded “I don’t get it.” Looking at Lexi’s eyes

“So what if we could weaponize this,” Lexi told the group.

“W-What do you mean…?” He almost got a heartache as she said “weaponize”. Weaponize toward who? This slime tho? Poor goo!

“Against excema,” Jensen looked at Robins. In her opinion, the whole lot of them were crazy as loons.

“Against the Borg,” Lexi couldn’t keep the excitement out of her voice. “Think about it. They are cyborgs. Kai mentioned how hard it would be to clean up the conduit panel. Imagine getting this into places the sun don’t shine and by that, I mean the cracks and seams of their implants. Sure it goes dormant after exploding but the Borg is noisy. You always hear the servos and motors from the implants. So enough of the goo in say minute succession,”

Ohh now it was clear. Kai listening to the “weaponization plan” was almost going to laugh for how basic but efficient would have been this plane to fight the Borgs.
“Man, it would be freaking funny to see those Borg, super advanced-technomancer people, being struggling with some goo” he giggled

“Like literal minute man bombs from the 1980’s,” Roberts was getting on board with her idea.

“Yes, you could send over like a vat of it by the transporter and the boom. If you could continue to transport twenty loads every minute you might achieve a situation where it never stops exploding,” Lexi liked her lips feeling a sense of excitement. “The Goo wouldn’t kill the person under the implants. The goo might hold them in place like a huge jello ball and maybe lives could be saved past the phaser method which was the only method used to stop the onslaught of the Borg when they were encountered.”

“A cute idea to terminate or repel a super evil force. Seems almost a joke.” He commented “I will work on your “Slime X1 torpedo” once this absurd situation finishes”
Then, almost impatient to see what the bucket would have done, Kai was crouching and awaiting for the explosion, or for the nothing. Both shows would have been interesting anyway.

“Done we have a name,” Lexi stuck out her hand with a smile. “You know if this works we will become famous for the scientists that ended a war without raising a phaser,” she laughed.

“Monitoring the integrity of the bucket. Time to activation in three, two, one,” Jensen reported as the people safely behind the forcefield Kai created looked at the room.

Lt. Lexi Robins

It was then that the doors swung open as EMMA came in, as she looked around. She had been reading some strange power settings coming from this sector as she had begun to find out just what was going on. “Who is in charge in here?” she said as she got next to the container as she looked over at the team, wanting an answer but unaware of the consequences.

Lexi looked up and was shocked at who she saw. It couldn’t be. “Kate,” she said pressing her palms against the invisible wall. There was no way t could be her but it was as if she was looking at the woman’s twin.

“Wh- OH CRISPY DON’T GET NEAR THAT BUCKET!” He shouted loudly, forgetting that in anytime the slime could explode inside.
And as he was in a 2000s movie with a slow-mo effects, Oliver was now trying inadvertently to reach EMMA, but without success as the forcefield restricted such movement.
A silent pause before the inevitable.

EMMA’s piercing blue eyes looked around as he lifting Australian accent filled the room, only to have the eruption go off right next to her as the goo began to coat her before seconds afterward there was nothing at all as she vanished, leaving nothing but a pile of goof and a com badge on the floor to much shock and horror to those around to see the proceedings.


Ouch - Kai thought. “Nice we have now pieces of whatever she was to clean too!” He said with a horrified face and looking the rest of the reaction happen. The question was, would this mess finish once at all?

After the explosion of the bucket and the goo’s ones in the room, Kai shouted various times to check that everything was okey, and nothing would have happened. He was the first to cross the forcefield that was just turned off to check and search for whatever remained of the bucket.
Apparently a normal containment unit wasn’t enough. “I guess… we need reinforced buckets.” And as he was crouching to look more closer to it, the Badge of what was EMMA was resting there, covered under a pile of warm and wet goo.
“And… more mops.” He mourned taking the badge away.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Lexi was far more into the mystery of it all. “Okay let’s review the data,” Lexi reached her hand out for the comm badge. From the cursory inspection, she had not seen any real damage to the comm badge. “First we have this stuff all over us and it has exploded on us and we did not disintegrate. Duncan said it was good for the skin but not that it eats through all organic tissue. That would be need to know information and Duncan is a need to know kinda guy. So our hypothesis has to be she isn’t human however, I know who just went, poof. Her name was Kate O’Neill. She was a security officer on the Odin. This woman was from engineering. So she is maybe a twin,” Lexi threw out a suggestion.

“The second thing we need to look at is the comm badge. Was it damaged at all?”


“K-Kate?” Asked Kai to Lexi as he looked the comm badge - then with a little nodding he confirmed that it was a bit damaged “but from the fall. It is a bit scratched but functioning. Also it seems it is not the usual badge we use.”
Kai was tempted to press it. But left it on the table as he kept making inspections all around the room.
So far the whole story was weird and damn intriguing: the goo, the explosions, the vanishing figure. Kai was having literally fun but was annoyed by this goo and wanted to call someone else to clean this mess.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

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