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Posted Dec. 8, 2019, 2:04 a.m. by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

“So, Mr Teller was wanting to talk to Captain Schultz, but I see it’s been awhile since he talked to her.” Jessica said as she looked around the room. This wasn’t what she had expected from someone that was associated with Aedan. Kelly was the ex wife to one of his best corespondents, and she happened to have a ship that would be perfect for his plan to have a new holiday cooking show. His plan though needs some contestants and a place to film that could be special and unique for a first show. Something to draw in the mindless patriotic drivel that infected the nether regions of Federation space. Or at least that was the words Aedan had used to Jessica when he sent her out on this venture. She on the other hand was going to be using far more sweet words, and show some leg if she had to.

“Well she is a Captain, and this is bridge duty time for her. I am the ship’s Chief Diplomat and Morale Officer… and her husband. So maybe I could step in, she’s mentioned Aedan quite a bit but I don’t know if he is going to have quite as much charm on her as you might think. That rat bastard comes out more than anything.” Ian said as he offered Jessica a glass with scotch as he motioned for her to follow him to the couch as he carried the bottle with a glass filled for him.

“Well the show he wants is fun, and holiday themed. He is even going to be a guest judge for the first episode. He thought about calling in some favors elsewhere but he said that Rick would vouch for Kelly’s willingness to do the show. Maybe Rick doesn’t know his ex as well as he used to if you don’t think she would like the idea.” Jessica said as she followed Ian sitting down, the slit of her dress rising high as she did.

“Oh I never said that, I said she doesn’t like Aedan, she loves the stuff he creates. That Starbase Six Nine is one of her favorite shows, she loves always says that the Alissa Fuller girl should be captain though, she seems to have more brains she claims that Obadiah the Captain… and Masked Singer is surprisingly catchy as well. So honestly getting a chance to host a show… I think she’ll say yes.” Ian said as he took a sip, he wondered how much grief he would get if he just signed off on this. He could just take her to a fancy dinner on the next shore leave if this all back fires.

“I’ll tell you what, yes. I have the authority to approve this, so I can sign off. I will talk her into it, and I can just keep it a secret Aedan will be here… what’s the worst that can happen?” Ian said with a smirk as he raised his glass to Jessica.

“Now, we will need some contestants… I was hoping you and Kelly would be in, do you have some ideas of maybe two others as well?” Jessica asked as she wondered if they would need to bring in others or if they could do a full Starfleet show.

“Oh I have some people in mind, recently married couple, my best friend… you can even play it off as battle of the couples… I am sure Aedan would enjoy that.” Ian said as he seemed to be grinning from ear to ear at the idea.

“Oh? That… sounds brilliant. Maybe we should get you to work for us.” Jessica said as she smiled with all the charm and sex appeal she had. She used her looks often to see if she could her way and wondered how much she could push here.

“Look, that was Rick’s life… I am not about that. I will though set this up, but don’t push it understand?” Ian said, his tone sharp as he put the cup down as Jessica swallowed hard. Seemed the guy had more of a backbone than some she thought as he she nodded softly.

“Perfect then, I had to ask… well I will get the papers to you. We will be back in two weeks, you now just need to sell this.” Jessica said as she stood up, Ian following suit ans she offered her hand to him. “I’ll be seeing you Mr Bordeaux.”

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

Bordeaux Quarters - after 16 hr shift

Kelly debated about starting to strip on route to her quarters. Her duty shirt seemed to be too tight around the neck and her boots were making her feet ache. While being the Captain was a dream job, being an ensign where she stipped down to her duty tank, donned some heels, and hit the nearest bar did have its merits. Exiting the turbo, Kelly began to run through the conversation she had been having in her mind for the past twelve hours. Ian told her the key to diplomatic success was planning for every outcome in a situation and anticipating the needs of those in a negotiation so that is what Kelly would do.

“Of course Ian my mom likes you. I mean that comment about can she cook anything that is not gray or covered in a sauce wasn’t the best but she is over it…I’m sure,” Kelly began to run through the first part of her speech to her husband. “It will only be for a week… two at the most and it would mean the world for her to see how happy we are,” Kelly stretched her neck side to side like she was about to spar. Reaching up she palmed the door controls and entered her quarters. “Ia,” she started to call out before immediately shutting her mouth.

The room was lit by soft candles scattered on various tables and shelves. The room was spotless, cleaned from top to bottom. Soft music was playing in the background. The scent of steak and ol’ bay seasoning clung to the air reminding her of the dock sie restaurants from back home. Everything about her quarters was creating an ambiance married couples produced only when they wanted something or were about to apologize for something. “Baby,” Kelly called out entering her home cautiously.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“You are home early doll!” Ian said as he came out as he looked at Kelly as he smiled as he came out wearing a dress casual suit that was black with a blue shirt as he smiled at Kelly as she stood at the entrance. “How was the meeting with the Terlarite mining crew? Did you use my notes on how to be stubborn and aggressive to win their favor?” Ian asked as he came up as he wrapped his arms around her before kissing her deeply before he pulled on her uniform, sliding the zipper in the front down to help her get out of uniform.

“Yes and I followed it up with that psychological article: 101 What to do when you know someone has something up their sleeve but aren’t telling you,” she replied letting him peel the shirt off leaving her in the standard black tank top she always wore under her uniform shirt. “I think I am a bit underdressed for you. Have a hot date you aren’t telling me about,” she dropped the shirt on the floor are wrapped her arms around Ian’s waist. It didn’t matter what Ian was wearing. Kelly always found him erotically sensual from casual wear to duty shirts. “You know I am the Captain right? I can transfer out any competition so think wisely about your answer cowboy,” she winked at him before placing another quick kiss on his lips.

“I can barley keep up with the likes of you my love, where am I ever going to find the time for an affair? What magical time do you think I have?” he said as he teased her as he couldn’t help but smile at the very sight of her.

“Tuesdays and Thursdays between one and three when I hang the sign on my door saying subspace meetings but I am actually nappin’,” she said playfully. “Still what’s up with the ‘can I get out of the doghouse motif,’ ” Kelly swirled a finger around the room.

“I hope you don’t mind love, I figured a nice meal was needed. We hadn’t been able to get away for a long time.” Ian said as he walked past her as he grabbed the champagne bottle and glasses as he placed them down on the table.

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

Kelly stood in the center of the room watching Ian move towards the table with the champagne. Something was going on and Ian’s behavior was a little unsettling. He was obviously happy about something but not happy enough to meet her at the door and twirl her around like he did when he found out he was chosen to play Black Hole Redemption in the Sectors “Whose the best Artur Torgun” competition. Whatever he wanted to tell her was requiring him to butter her up. Unexpectedly this might work to her advantage in breaking the news that her mother was stopping over for a few days on route back to Earth from visiting her Sister on Bellatrix. “Well, you should talk to the captain about duty schedules. I am sure she could pull some strings and get us on the same shift,” Kelly slid into her seat.

“Hon I make most of the schedules when you are not looking, if I needed time with you on duty I would have had it.” he said with a smirk, they both knew she was never one for the fine details. It was why they worked so well, and how he never could find his life without her.

Looking at the table Kelly inhaled deeply. Steak with a garlic butter rub made her stomach growl both from the smell and sight of the food. “You didn’t replicate this,” she looked around the room realizing the aroma was too strong just to have been replicated and then set on the table.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Of course not, if I am gonna butter you up I need real butter right?” he said, knowing she wouldn’t buy this altruistic date for long. It wasn’t that they didn’t get dates, in fact they did all the time. She knew him well enough though that playing the designer steak card with Cajun garlic butter, red cracked pepper mashed potatoes and garlic green beans with a Italian tossed salad and balsamic vinegar and crispy crescent rolls wasn’t something she saw him make often. It took far too much effort to try this.

Bordeaux, Yeoman

“Okay so you gonna tell me what you did because I don’t think I have missed something you have done to deserve the ‘forgive me’ dinner,” Kelly leaned back in her seat crossing her arms over her chest. She had no reason to assume the ‘what did you do’ wife pose but odds are it was coming. Ian and her marriage might be considered by some to have a perfect balance but he was still a man and Kelly still a woman. There was a reason husbands and wives had stereotypes created for them. Kelly cried and got emotional in their quarters over things she would never blink an eye on when sitting on the bridge. Ian was responsible with money but that still didn’t mean he siphoned off funds for video games and such. Whatever he did or planned to do had to be a doozey.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“It’s nothing major at all my love, well I think it is not that major and I am sure you will see it as perfectly fine.” Ian said as he began pouring a drink as looked across with a smile at her. “How would you like to host the newest season of Nailed It, you remember that cooking show we love?”

“You mean that cooking show where everyone acts as they have never seen an oven before or a measuring cup,” Kelly asked lifting her cup up for Ian to fill it. She knew her husband could cook but a cooking show was far from making her dinner. People would be watching and they always came up with weird limits which she and Ian debate as they watched the contestants run around the set. Kelly had no doubt she had the ability to do better than anyone she had seen on Nailed It but a cooking show, on her ship, where her crew could not only heckle for an hour but for weeks to months after.

“They are trying a holiday-themed season with Nicole Jowers, Chef P’lok… and I even got you, me, Chris, and Lexi all as contestants. It’ll be right on this ship perfect for the holiday season.” Ian said as he watched her to gauge her response. So far everything he said she would agree to, it was the final part of Aedan she might scream about.

“Oh lord if we are against them we can just hand the trophy over now. I mean that matzah ball soup thing....babe it sucked and was even replicated. At times I think Chris held out marrying her for self-preservation from starvation,” she let out a huge chuckle. Dissing your friends was not nice but everyone did it at times. That is how you knew you were friends. Only a friend made fun of you. People that don’t like you don’t pay any attention to you. Taking a long sip of her drink Kelly’s mind began to mull over the idea. On the surface, it sounded great but then again it was OMAP. OMAP was a beast when you tangled with it. Kelly should know being the ex-wife of the star of Man Vs. Universe.

Setting the drink down with a clink she spoke her mind. “Okay so what is the catch. If it is OMAP there is always a catch.”

“There isn’t a catch, not really… well the catch kinda is since OMAP created Nailed It as it streams on Subflix… which I think they own too… anyway Aedan Teller is the celebrity guest host… since you know it’s his show. But I mean that shouldn’t be too much of a problem right doll? It’s a chance of a lifetime just like this new ship, and this has worked out for us hasn’t it?”

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

“Getting in bed with Aedan Teller has never been a positive or satisfying experience,” Kelly looked at Ian like he was crazy.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“I don’t know, his wife seems to like him. She was on the O’Pragh the other day talking about their marriage, kid, life with him and all that. Then O’Pragh gave everyone in the audience a recipe book from chef Ram’seiny called “Cooking With Organs: Not Everything Has To Be Dead.” Ian said as he paused and let that set in. O’Pragh show was an oddity, but if that Klingon woman could get Tom Booze to give up his quasi religion Petaisim then maybe she wasn’t so bad.

“Okay, of course, his wife likes him,” Kelly looked at Ian like he was crazy. “She is a small town, probably ex-beauty queen, from Texas who broke up with the love of her life, who was probably an ex-rodeo star, which caused her to join Starfleet to find herself. Instead, she found Aedan who is rich and was looking for someone that wasn’t coming with a prenup. Aedan was smart enough to marry her with precautions in place so Jessica did the next best thing to getting a prenup. She had his baby. Now I am not saying Mrs. Aedan Teller isn’t nice. I am saying she has no reason not to like the way her life turned out, however, I know Aedan and that life is not going to last. He married her for a reason and it was not true love.” Kelly took a long drink from her glass. “Too bad Jessica was not on my ship. I would explain exactly what happens when you are alone with Aedan and that smile,” she let her voice trail off staring at a spot on the wall deep in a memory. “He starts to make you feel good. Tells you all the things you want or need to hear and then you just let it happen.”

“Regardless, you have experience with him… you know how to handle him and he did offer us some incentives.”

“Like taking my current husband like he did the last one,” Kelly said slightly snarky. While Aedan was not the entire cause of her divorce from Ric, Aedan did play a huge role is getting the ball rolling.

“Look, I am not Ric, and he made his own choices doll face. Some day you are gonna have to realize that maybe Aedan isn’t the bad guy here. He runs a business and Ric agreed to do the job… Ric was a fool, but he was an adult who could say no. Me, I am never gonna leave… mainly cause I don’t know if you could find your way back home.”

Kelly looked at her glass with a faint smile as Ian talked. Ian was correct. While some of the choices Ric made with Kelly as an equal partner, Ric made an equal number of his own choices without her input. These choices led to their eventual divorce. Sure there were the fights and the romp with Sinamon but the distance and time Ric was away put the final nail in the coffin. “First rule with dealing with Aedan Teller is you don’t say no to that man,” Kelly looked up at Ian as she traced the lip of her glass with an index finger. “I think because he literally can give you anything in the universe, Teller enjoys you trying to say no to him. That weekend on Aloeplecia VI showed me it is just better to nod and wave boys nod and wave,” she joked. “As for me finding my way back home…if you left I wouldn’t be able to find it because you are my home.” There was a long pause between what Kelly said before she spoke again. The signs were there that Kelly and Ian were married when they were on duty but the signs weren’t blatantly obvious. Quiet moments like this, however, were always reserved for their quarters.

“So tell me about the entertainment options,” Kelly rapidly changed the subject. No matter what Ian said, Kelly would blame Aedan for the destruction of her marriage even if all the fault had been on Ric and his choices.

” OMAP made all our Entertainment systems, but they are basic versions. We get a full make over which… I don’t even know what that entails but one of the details the rep said was did anyone have any allergies to bathing in Cristal or any other champagnes… I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly.” Ian said with a slight perplexed face.

“Oh that is when you seal a deal and.......annnnnn,” Kelly stopped talking realizing if she continued with this topic Ian would be asking more questions than she cared to answer.

“Plus he promised one other thing, your own upgraded hydroponic bay dedicated to every type of coffee bean known to man and… a few he claims unknown to man which I am not sure how that is possible. He seems to know you well.” as Ian finished he took a sip and hoped this was enough to win her over.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

“Yes he does and damn him,” Kelly swore under her breath. Nothing Starfleet could do would be close to the coffee plantation in space Kelly knew Aedan was offering. “Do I have to talk to him or just cook,” Kelly popped the last bit of steak in her mouth as she looked at Ian. “I mean you are the diplomat. It’s in your job description to handle hostile species right? If your answer is yes then I say we go for it. After that crock dem bot thing you made at the wedding I am pretty sure Alex and Chris don’t stand a chance.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“I am hoping, though this is more technical, flavor is great and all but I am not a cake decorator… I can barley draw in the lines. You should have seen Lexi in the academy, that girl was drawing every biological organism from her text book and labeling them like the nerd she is, but she drew them in like perfect shape and shading, and Chris can paint and draw and is a pretty decent artist in his own right, if I am fair I would rather be with him and have a chance to win but they claim it is couples only… so that means I get you my love.” he quickly said as he looked back over at her hoping she didn’t her that brief sound of disappointment coming from him.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

Kelly cocked an eyebrow at Ian hearing a voice in her head whispering.

Oh they are great but the nickname Three Musketeers is far more applicable than you yet realize. They include you, as much as Aramais, Pothos, and Athos included D’Arthanyan. Noah and I prefer the title the Three Inseparables. Just know your lane and stay in it with that trio, Kylie laughed sharing this tidbit with Kelly at the wedding.

“Oh, why Ian,” Kelly’s voice took on an overly thick Southern accent. “I am just so flattered you get me on your team. I mean Lordy Be I am a lucky girl,” she pretended to fan herself like an antebellum southern lady. “I just can’t wait until Mr. Teller arrives in the morning and we can start with the fun!” Kelly was just joking but she had finished eating and tomorrow was going to be a long day. “Shall we retire for the evening,” Kelly continued to southern drawl standing up from the table.

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