Captain's Ready Room All Staff Bordeaux vs. Perkins

Posted Dec. 9, 2019, 11:31 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ian Bordeaux (Chief Diplomatic Officer) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Captain’s Ready Room All Staff Bordeaux vs. Perkins
OCC I am opening this up to anyone that wants to hear about the new ship. Just come in your dress uniform and prepare all your inner thoughts about the wonderful Admiral Perkins. ~ Kate

Kelly downed her third cup of coffee in an hour like it was a shot from the Mike’s bar holodeck program. Rarely was Kelly this irritable but the dress uniform and the fact she had to actually interact with Perkins made her more than grumpy. She and Nash had just scored a victory against the man not two weeks ago at his birthday celebration. Maybe that was why Kelly was on edge. Maybe this new ship Perkins was dangling was simply a Sike move to pay her and Nash back. Glancing across the room, Kelly waited for the rest of her staff to arrive to hear about the new ship they were getting. Since this was also a PR opportunity everyone showing was in a dress uniform. Yanking at her collar she walked over to Ian who was carefully arranging the people that had arrived into position for the ceremony and finishing up small details.

“I can’t do this,” Kelly scratched her neck. “I think I am getting hives. Can we make the XO do this? So I had a medical emergency. That way I get my ship, avoid Perkins, and don’t create a diplomatic incident within our own ranks,” she suggested still scratching her neck. “See, see,” she turned her neck to Ian. “It is all red?”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Baby, all you have to do is smile and wave baby… smile and wave. It’ll be over soon like dinner with your parents. You just grin and act like you enjoy her telling you over and over that Rick is so much better than your current husband and you were a fool to decide to hook up with the young buck with my aspirations…” pausing Ian looked over at Kelly, his eyes seemingly wide as he formed a big toothy smile.

“I’m not bitter at all I promise… we just need to focus on this.” Ian said as he took a deep breath. He had to admit he was nervous too, if Perkins pushed Kelly at all he wasn’t sure what she would do. This meant he had to try and find a way to muzzle her as best he could and prevent a PR disaster. Quite frankly Ian felt like he would rather be negotiating a cease fire on a war torn planet with a disruptor to his head than stay her and see if he could control his wife.

“You like fine love, just… look ahead and keep focus.” he said trying to quell her fears as he rubbed her back as he began to massage her back as he began to dig into the stress points he knew she had right now. He could feel the tension slowly release from her as he dug into the parts of her shoulders that she stored all the fear and stress she had right now.

Ian doubted he could show much more affection than this, but he felt a large desire to lean in and kiss her cheek. Keeping himself restrained he stopped the massage as he pulled out his PaDD and sent a small message to Kelly.

“Just read it, I know I am right here, just read it.” he said as she would look back on her PaDD to see the small message that read as follows, ‘I love you Pumpkin, you are able to do anything just don’t bite the hand that feeds.’ which ended with a dozen kissing emoji’s as Ian bite his lip as he looked at her with a small smirk knowing this would help her calm down and focus as he has been trying this entire time.

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