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OCC I am opening this up to anyone that wants to hear about the new ship. Just come in your dress uniform and prepare all your inner thoughts about the wonderful Admiral Perkins. ~ Kate

Kelly downed her third cup of coffee in an hour like it was a shot from the Mike’s bar holodeck program. Rarely was Kelly this irritable but the dress uniform and the fact she had to actually interact with Perkins made her more than grumpy. She and Nash had just scored a victory against the man not two weeks ago at his birthday celebration. Maybe that was why Kelly was on edge. Maybe this new ship Perkins was dangling was simply a Sike move to pay her and Nash back. Glancing across the room, Kelly waited for the rest of her staff to arrive to hear about the new ship they were getting. Since this was also a PR opportunity everyone showing was in a dress uniform. Yanking at her collar she walked over to Ian who was carefully arranging the people that had arrived into position for the ceremony and finishing up small details.

“I can’t do this,” Kelly scratched her neck. “I think I am getting hives. Can we make the XO do this? So I had a medical emergency. That way I get my ship, avoid Perkins, and don’t create a diplomatic incident within our own ranks,” she suggested still scratching her neck. “See, see,” she turned her neck to Ian. “It is all red?”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Baby, all you have to do is smile and wave baby… smile and wave. It’ll be over soon like dinner with your parents. You just grin and act like you enjoy her telling you over and over that Rick is so much better than your current husband and you were a fool to decide to hook up with the young buck with my aspirations…” pausing Ian looked over at Kelly, his eyes seemingly wide as he formed a big toothy smile.

“Stop she likes you,” Kelly drew out the word slowly and tried not to cringe outwardly. “It’s just Ric was around a long time and he did not throw up after eating her cooking for the first time.”

“Then why does she call me that boy? I am only five years younger thank you. Also it wasn’t my fault that she cooked that, I ate most of it, it was okay overall but it didn’t stay down long.” Ian said as he thought back to the first dinner they had. It wasn’t a glorious sight to throw up after a home cooked meal, everyone knew that.

Kelly held up a hand already preparing for the onslaught of protestations that were bound to continue pouring from Ian’s lips. “If I had known you had such a bad reaction to cream of chicken soup I would have prepared her and even though that is pretty much all she cooks with all winter we just adapt. Like only visit in the summer where we can avoid the pot pies and such,” Kelly said soothingly attempting to put a positive spin on the situation. If there was one carnal sin that poor Ian could commit it was getting sick after eating her mom’s cooking. It didn’t matter how much he raved about her pot roasts, spaghetti, or meatloaves, the damage had been done. Linda presented every meal now like Ian was a bubble boy with food allergies to every ingredient under the sun.

“Or the fact she has this insane idea you are either out for my ship or credits account.” Looking at the room, Kelly was slowly shifting into battle mode as she talked. Maybe this was just the start of her December to Remember Christmas as she was silently terming it. How she was going to break the news her mom as entertaining the idea of stopping by on her way back home to Mike, Kelly would never know.

“She does know that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!” Ian said with an exasperated feeling as he shook his head.

“Yes and the conversation of how you are financially secure in your own right only circles back to the point of why did you sneak off and marry me like a thief in the night. That is always a fun topic,” Kelly rolled her eyes. “God love the bitter people.”

“Sneak off? That was never the plan, and we have been planning a formal ceremony for the family but that takes time. It’s not like we have been hiding anything.”

“I’m not bitter at all I promise… we just need to focus on this.” Ian said as he took a deep breath.

“I am focusing on this. Trust me my mom is on my radar like a red hot enemy vessel. Besides I have the one card that will send Ric into the ‘who was that guy’ annals of my mother’s Spacebook pages. If you give her a grandchild that is not furry or requires a leash, your picture will finally go over the fireplace mantle. I will do that for you if you find a way to keep me out of jail so that we can procreate sometime in the future,” she said absently staring off into space.

He had to admit he was nervous too, if Perkins pushed Kelly at all he wasn’t sure what she would do. This meant he had to try and find a way to muzzle her as best he could and prevent a PR disaster. Quite frankly Ian felt like he would rather be negotiating a cease fire on a war torn planet with a disruptor to his head than stay her and see if he could control his wife.

“Do I look okay,” Kelly snapped out of her daydream and looked at Ian. “I think I am breaking out in hives or I am allergic to something in this collar,” she stuck a finger under the edge and ran it along her neck.

“You like fine love, just… look ahead and keep focus.” he said trying to quell her fears as he rubbed her back as he began to massage her back as he began to dig into the stress points he knew she had right now. He could feel the tension slowly release from her as he dug into the parts of her shoulders that she stored all the fear and stress she had right now.

Kelly let out a small groan and leaned back hard into Ian’s thumb that was kneading out all her evil. Public displays of affection were tricky but Ian and Kelly had mastered a few that even if they did not fly under the radar, they were subtle enough no one ever commented. There was this one Ian was currently demonstrating and the one where Ian placed his hand on the small of her back to indicate they needed to be mobile and what direction they should be traveling in. The gesture helped Ian navigate Kelly through diplomatic functions in a barely visible manner. This impromptu massage was another detente technique which also served to distract her when needed.

Ian doubted he could show much more affection than this, but he felt a large desire to lean in and kiss her cheek. Keeping himself restrained he stopped the massage as he pulled out his PaDD and sent a small message to Kelly.

“What’s this,” she looked at Ian briefly before directing her gaze downward.

“Just read it, I know I am right here, just read it.” he said as she would look back on her PaDD to see the small message that read as follows, ‘I love you Pumpkin, you are able to do anything just don’t bite the hand that feeds.’ which ended with a dozen kissing emoji’s as Ian bite his lip as he looked at her with a small smirk knowing this would help her calm down and focus as he has been trying this entire time.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

Kelly had enough time to let a feeling of squishy course through her body. She might be in control of enough weapons to incinerate a continent at will but she was also still a woman who loved the sappy, dorky displays of affection. Who didn’t? She gave Ian a small side glance with a wry smile as she raised a finger to reply.

“Captain Bordeaux, Commander Bordeaux,” a man from Perkin’s staff walked up to the Bordeaux just before the event was ready to start. His voice had a nasal quality like a snobbish aristocrat who felt everyone was below him yet his rank meant he was commanding no one. It would be easy to put in his place if he was not Perkin’s personal aide. “Wow that is fun now isn’t it. Bordeaux and Bordeaux, what are we going to do when you are both Captains? How will we ever tell you apart Maybe we should give you some little numbers next to your name like Bordeaux one Bordeaux two,” he made an overly exaggerated gesture like he was trying to flag someone down or indicate he was next at the DMV office as he called out the inane monikers extremely amused with himself. A large high pitched guffaw spilled from his lips reminding Kelly of some donkey. “Niles Dirk, Mr. Perkins personal attache,” he stuck out his hand in introduction.

“Mr. Dick,” Kelly took his hand pumping it several times. “What a pleasure to have you on board.” She knew exactly what she was doing. It was just time to have a little fun. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

“It’s Dirk,” he repeated eyeing Kelly with a murderous glare. There was no way the woman made that mistake on accident but her expression and mannerisms only relayed warmth and innocence

“Dick,” Kelly repeated leaning in as if she could not hear. She would carry on this on as long as Ian would let her.

“Derrrr kah,” he said slower with an expression souring every second.

“Diiiiiiiickah,” Kelly matched his cadence and rate of speech wearing an equally innocent expression.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Okay let’s seperate you two for now…” Ian said as he put himself in between them. “Do we have everyone here? What about…” Ian paused as he looked to the side, there was a few faces that were looking their way, and the strange thing he knew two of them.

“What is my mom and Chris brother doing here?” Ian asked as he saw then a fourth appear as Jacen came up talking to the third man next to them as they all began waiving and walking over.

“I feel like this is about to be an ambush, maybe we should abandon ship.” Ian said as he whispered in her ear.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

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