Side Sim: Picking Up The Hockey Stick - Open

Posted Dec. 10, 2019, 10:16 a.m. by Ensign Dan Vladar (Security Officer) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim: Picking Up The Hockey Stick - Open

Posted by Ensign Dan Vladar (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Picking Up The Hockey Stick - Open

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim: Picking Up The Hockey Stick - Open
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Dan had started his favourite holodeck program. A hockey match. Classic earth teams, Boston Bruins and a random team. Today, the Philadelphia Flyers. Dan was suited up in Bruins black and gold home gear. He skated out to the goaltender’s crease where he belonged and started stretching. He had been a junior hockey goaltender until he left to become a Marine. Didn’t hurt when he was bulking up to serve. Per usual, the program was open for other crew members to replace skaters or the other goaltender. But also per usual, he expected no one.

-Dan Vladar, #30

Kelly walked into the holodeck not at first noticing the room was being used used. She was so focused on reading Lt. Robins about how to weaponize some weird slime, she never noticed the surroundings. What she did notice was the drop in air temperature on her skin “What the,” she said looking up and seeing they were in an ice rink and not the balmy Fiji beach she was dressed for in cut off shorts and flip flops. She has no idea which crew member was on the ice so she called out. “Hello? Sorry I walked into your program,” she waited for one of the non-hologram players to respond back. If this was an open experience, she would suit up and join him. She wasn’t the best skater but was at least able to stay up right more than on her bottom.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Dan skated over to the side and lifted his mask. “Captain. A little hockey. If you care to join, pick a team, pick a position. If you’re a good skater, fantastic. If not, I would avoid playing defense. Don’t have to skate backwards. Teams are early 21st century, Flyers at Bruins.”

-Dan Vladar, #30

“Can I be goalie,” she asked looking at the cage and the amount or area she had to cover on skates. Kelly could hold her own skating it the standard was a large oval next to someone as they chatted. She wasn’t so sure of her skating prowess when someone was coming at her with a stick. If she had to only hold a small area with the stick that was doable.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

=Computer; Remove player- Brian Elliot.= The goalie disappeared. “There should be some goaltending equipment in there.” Dan pointed to the Flyers’ locker room. =Generate Flyers jersey. Player number: 01, Name: Bordeaux.= A sweater appeared in his hands. “Here you go. A lot of pressure between the pipes. Here’s some advice. Don’t watch the players, watch the puck. It’s going to take a minute to adapt to the side to side anyway. You don’t need any more defensive problems.”

-Dan Vladar, #30

Fifteen minutes later, Kelly strolled out of the locker room looking like what was probably a teenage Mardusk. All the padding made her look like she had put on about fifty pounds of bulk yet it did not change her height. The average height of what all her team members seemed to be sporting was six foot one inch. That was about a foot less than Kelly’s five foot four inch frame. Sliding up to the players on her team she smiled at Ivan Provorov. “They do grow them big in Siberia,” she joked to the large defenceman from Yaroslavl.

“They grow them pint-sized and feisty from,” Ivan teased back.

“Annapolis,” she responded and then looked around the ice for Vladar. “So we betting on this Bruin,” Kelly taunted her newest security officer.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Dan was in his crease, stretching and practicing. As he slid from one side to another, it was clear he had been doing this for a little while. And indeed he had. He started at age 5.

The horn sounded for players to take their positions. Patrice Bergeron (C), Brad Marchand (LW), David Pastrnak (RW), Zdeno Chara (LD), Charlie McAvoy (RD) were the starters out for the Bruins. Claude Giroux (C), Jakub Voracek, (RW), James Van Riemsdyk (LW), Matt Niskanen (LD), Ivan Provorov (RD) started for the Flyers.

Once everyone was in place, a voice overhead announced the starting lineups including goaltender Kelly Bordeaux. A referee brought a puck out to centre ice. The drop, and the Flyers took possession. Puck to Van Riemsdyk.

(OOC: In the interest of fairness, I’m handing over control of the Flyers to Kate and letting Dice GM the game.)

-Dan Vladar #30

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