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Last time he was onboard the Endy, Kai dreamt to throw a tea party for the crew but time constriction made it impossible and the tea party was cancelled in the end. The same story would not have happened on the Atlantis where time and space was not a problem. Indeed, the whole tea heritage was onboard the storage bays, and a whole module was dedicated to Kai’s tea and coffe treasure.
Yes coffe. He knew someone would have liked coffe too and to be fair, he found a varieties of excellent quality coffe onboard the station he stayed before boarding on the Atlantis.

For the party, Kai booked the biggest holodeck they had and themed the room within the chosen style: the renaissance.
Indeed invitees were asked to dress like 17th Century people and tea, cookies (and those were hand-cooked himself and a nurse, who offered help), a comfortable seatings and lastly, some coffe would have been served along the notes of some Chopin classic piano music.
“Now it is all done!” He said with a funny voice, trying to act like a philosopher of the 17th Century.
“Now time to the invitees to show up.” And seating on a comfy sofa he took his favorite Vulcan tea and sipped calmly, with nobile manners.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

OOC: hey guys! Fear not entering this thread. It is just to know you better and to involve the whole crew to something relaxing. For those coffe lover Of course I put some coffee :)

River wasn’t sure what she was doing. she knew she had to get better in social situations, this did seem like a good way to do it. But was it, dressing up in silly costumes wasn’t her idea of a social situation. However she refused to wear the ridiculous dresses of the time, River didn’t wear dresses period. So she had chosen a military uniform to wear. she wore dark blue almost black trousers,black shoes and a scarlet tunic with gold trim. She had made her rank a captain, it seemed to her fitting.

She walked into the room and looked around not entirely sure what she was supposed to be doing.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“Oh hello! Welcome to my tea party” Kai announced “you’re the first guest to have walked in.” And to welcome her, the Ensign got near and shakes her hand with a greasy and goody smile in his face.

Finally someone. For some minutes he wasn’t that sure that the party would have had guests “nice clothes I need to say. So what I can serve you?” Asked to the Marine, pointing to the huge table with white coverage “also, I do not get offended if anything in the table is of your taste.”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

Kelly adjusted her north forty before activating the door panel. Kai had sent out the invitation and luckily her day had cleared so that she was able to attend. The seventeenth-century costumes were an unexpected twist and far more difficult to pull off than they looked. Still, it was a fun idea so Kelly donned a white dress with navy and blue flowers embroidered over the skirt. The bodice was a solid navy color that perfectly matched the flowers on her dress. She had placed her hair up and pinned it in place under a white wide-brimmed hat that had a thick navy ribbon with matching flowers as decoration. In her hands was a box wrapped with a pretty bow. As the door opened, Kelly entered and smiled seeing both Kai and River there.

Kai had just finished to greet the Marine when the Captain entered. Her look astonished Kai in his white tunic with golden refinement and blue stripes, with the usual silver buttons. As he dismissed a second with courtesy the marine, the Ensign just went near the captain “hello ma’am! Was unexpected to see you here, I mean with that lot of stuff to do.”

“Hello guys,” Kelly handed the box to Kai surveying the room. She was a bit worried about there being only tea here but if she could make it just strong enough it might pass for a weak coffee.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

River bowed her head slightly “Ma’am” she said in greeting.

“Do not worry, captain, I knew that some coffe lover was going to come. There in the last table we have some sweet sweet coffe.” He smiled “please take a seat and something to eat and drink” he invited both invitees.
As he took another tea Kai started talking to the two officer and curious asked them “so what pushed you to join this party? I would have not expected anyone to be honest.” He giggled with his philosophy style accent.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

River grabbed some coffee and took a seat “I was hoping to use this chance to meet more of the crew. I’ve been known to be a bit of a, shall we say. recluse so i thought i would give this chance.” River said truthfully well mostly truthfully. she wasn’t about to meet she was a social nightmare and had no idea how to socialise with most people.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“Interesting,” he said sipping his tea in regal posture “yeah, interacting with the crew sometimes is hard. I have problems too and this is why I brought this party to life.” He smiled. The first time aboard the Endeavour it was hard time, like a smith with his first handcrafted blade and smelting. “Anyway, you, miss Kate?” He referred to the Captain.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“I tend to try and show up for anything when I can,” Kelly got her cup of coffee. “It gets hard to meet the crew on anything but a work situation so things like this I am a suer for. Oh and I brought you a gift,” she extended the box to Kai. Inside he would find a small donkey made of clay. “So Ric buncha years back did Man Vs. Universe: Surviving Tsunamis. As you can tell the title makes the episode self-explanatory but the mayor of the town we were filming in gave Ric a tea pet. In Japan, you keep this tea pet near you when you drink tea. You pour a small amount of tea over it each time you have tea. The clay will take on the fragrance of your teas over time. Anyway, I replicated you a donkey as a tea pet because it is close to Christmas and you are from Italy.” Knowing Kai would have no idea about why Kelly was so happy right now. She was just about wiggling in her seat as she continued. “I am not sure you know the song Dominic the Donkey by Lou Monte but it is a staple at my house during Christmas. We love the song so I thought I would give a copy of the song and a tea pet.” Kelly hoped Kai liked it or at least had heard of a tea pet. She had no idea what it was until she had been given one year ago.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux.

“Oh!” Exclaimed while opening the box and unfolding the packaging of the gift “Yeah! Tea Pets! Didn’t saw one since my father left me. He used to have one and he sometimes talked to it.” Kai laughed “I- I embarrassed really! It is beautiful. If I knew earlier I would have done a gift too.”
The Ensign face started to blush - since he was in the starfleet no one have ever done such nice thing. I’m lucky to have a captain like this, he thought
“Also, I never heard about that song Captain! So let’s listen to it, shall we?” And suddenly the Chopin music stopped. Computer he stated loud and clear please put “Dominic the Monkey”, by Lou Monte. Oh, he paused put some snow environment outside this palace, thank you!
Magically, snow started snowing and the cheerful song started playing - it really seemed Christmas! Although decorations and the tree were missing.
“What a melody… I always loved winter and I miss passing some time at home. Oh and before I forget!” Kai put the Tea Pet on the elegant table that was before him, and with gentle moves he dripped some tea onto the ceramic gift and stole some cookies, gesturing the others to take some if they wanted “How is your home country, Madam Kelly and Styxx?” Asked nimbling the homemade cookie with a kid-like happy face.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“I am from Annapolis Maryland. It is a coastal city. A lot of sailing but the real kind of sailing with masts and rigging,” Kelly took a drink of her coffee and made a mmmm sound. “This is good,” she held up her cup and then continued. “Our family has lived there for generations. We are known for one crabs. We have these crab fests where you drink beer and crack them all day only they are so small I have never seen the point to work that hard for dinner. I like crab things better like soup and dips. My family has always had one career military or Starfleet so I fulfilled that role. My brother Mike went to planetary defense. It’s a family rivalry,” she laughed and then looked at Styxx to reply.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“I grew up in space for a time. then my parents ship vanished and my babysitter ran off. So i was thrown in an orphanage. No family there just rivals for food and supplies. I had no time for fun all i could do was survive. At least i didn’t have to worry about lice. i wasn’t given any cloths because i was a girl. ” River shrugged “But that’s what you get when you get thrown into a Ferengi orphanage.” she added before sipping her own coffee. It was probably strange to here someone be so nonchalant about a horrible childhood. But that was who River was, someone who doesn’t look on the past with much emotion. only certain event had any emotional response from her.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marine)

“How did you end up in a Ferengi orphange of all places,” Lexi asked intrigued by the story. Her life was pretty quiet until she joined the academy and met Chris.

“My parents where based at a federation outer arm world. The federation didn’t really do a whole lot there. So all sorts of people lived there. When my parents ship went missing i was on the planet with a babysitter. She heard the news took everything she could to pay off some ferengi she owed money to and she took me. she then left me there. I don’t know why” River said truthfully “The ferengi knew children where a good cheap labour force they set up an orphanage as a front for child labour. they didn’t have to pay us, just feed us and even then they didn’t do a whole lot of that. And of course because it was an outer federation colony the federation didn’t really care.” she added.

Kai kept nodding, and soured again the tea pet as he took a different type of tea from the table. As they told their story, other officers came in: some were soldiers or old-style officers, some seemed like factories workers and others had very elegant blue tunics.
“I was born in a colony. Yeah on Mars,” he started talking as he looked the others and gave a nod to the new people who went in “It is an interesting place, Colony 2. Perhaps we were just 2000 guys and had nothing else than some of our parents tools and tech. Although, my father once took me in Italy: I would say it is an interesting country and the gents there are so nice!”
He would have probably preferred living there than on a colony or on a ship - but as many said, he was made-in space and space was his home, not the land nor the sea.

Between pauses and cookies, he sipped his tea with that fast pace that after the story he refilled again his cup. “My mother used to prepare me tea every morning. She is the cause if this addiction.” He giggled “anyway, still haven’t seen any dangerous situation on this ship - except the explosive goo. So Lexi and I we were going to produce a non lethal weapon-like to invade others ship. It does not kill but damage systems and stuff.. you know, it is good even for the skin and seems almost cute. What are your opinions?”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

“You mean the weapon report that came across my desk titled “Explosive Goo: Think Tribble Infestation but in Jello form?” Kelly would admit to anyone that she had had to read the memo several times to figure out whether or not it was some kind of joke or a real plan. It only took a certain Irish engineer storming into her office to understand it was not a joke and might have some merit. “Can we trial it in Perkins office,” she asked only half-joking. A second passed by before Kelly shook her head. “Nah I don’t want that man getting any credit for something this big. “

“We could try it out in the holodecks,” Lexi suggested. “You know under some controlled settings.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Yeah, seems legit. Also I don’t want to clean up that mess again for a second time!” He giggled as another cookie was devoured by the hunger of the Ensign. “You mrs. River?”

River shook her head “Personally Mr Kingston i think your an idiot for testing it on our ship at all. you should test it some where that isn’t essential to us surviving in space. because of the goo works as you say it would damage all our systems to, Even on the holodeck, if it manages to get out.” She said simply “However i can see the potential of such a weapon. But if it gets any where near marine country i’ll kill you” she added it was hard to tell if River was joking or not. However it would be safe to keep it as far away form the Marines as possible,just to be on the safe side.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Kai was almost impressed by the aggressive reply of the marine and replied calmly “Well, I didn’t mentioned that it was to test purposely on the ship. Why not trying on an abandoned M planet? We set our kinda of fake outpost and stuff, then we leave the goo bomb.”
Second thing: the “I’ll kill you”, froze Kai’s blood as he trembled of fear “I-I’ll certainly make it clear to not use… in marine country. Ehehe…?”

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - Scientist

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