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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in New Orleans - Bordeaux Ranch - Here Comes the Bride Take Two
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As the video ended the couple moved back to the center in front of the Rabbi as Chris looked behind as he handed Ruth over to Ian as he took her gently in his arms. “I will be right back little one.” he said as he kissed the top of her head as he came back to face Lexi.

Ruth bobbed and weaved in Ian’s arms. It wasn’t an attempt to get down but more an attempt to see around Chris’ body. Until now she had had a front-row seat. Uncle Ian I can’t see what they are doing, she strained in his arms by pushing off his chest so that she could get higher. Uncle Ian get closer, she wiggled back and forth in his arms as if trying to physically move him to step forward.

“It seems young Ruth is ready for this to be over,” the Rabbi joked seeing the baby trying desperately to get back to where she once was. “So let’s get to the part we all came to hear.”

“Christopher,” the rabbi began, “do you take Lexi to be your lawful wife, will you love her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others keep only unto her so long as you both shall live.

“Hell yes I do.” Chris said with a devilish grin as he smiled at her as he heard the audience laugh as he looked intently at Lexi.

“Alexandra, will you take Christopher to be your lawful husband, will you love him, honor, obey and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others keep only unto him so long as you both shall live,” the rabbi asked solemnly.

There was not a moment’s hesitation as she replied. “I do forever and always,” she added a bit more than expected. It just felt right. Lexi’s tone was not solemn and serious. It held an excitement that was only rivaled by the look in her eyes. Nothing in the world mattered at this moment except her and Chris.

“It is at this moment I am proud to say the very words you two have wanted to hear for a very long time, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Robins. You may now kiss the bride.” came the word of the Rabbi.

Moving Chris took the veil back off of Lexi. Lexi could not help but grin from ear to ear. This was the part she had been waiting for twelve years to hear. Endless tablets wth her name scrolled as Robins across the surface, silly daydreams about hearing someone call out Lt. Lexi Robins, and beginning introduced as ‘this is my wife Lexi Robins’ was finally going to come true. As he pulled her in tight, he kissed her deeply in front of all their family and friends as cheers and shouts began rang out. As their lips broke Chris looked out, spotting Esther as she seemed to mouth ‘glass’ as she pointed down. Chris saw they had placed the shrouded glass under him as he smiled as he smashed it before looking back at Lexi as he offered her hand.

It was then, as they began walking down the music played, something simple and elegant for the couple as they retreated to the reception hall.

“L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can
Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don’t break it
Love was made for me and you”

Christopher Robins

Lexi held Chris’ hand and led him down the aisle amidst the cheers and yells of Mazel Tov. She felt young and alive, the insanity of the morning evaporated as if it never existed. Exiting the aisle, Lexi led him to the Yichud. Moving past the small flap of silk that served as a door Chris and Lexi entered an area with a couch and small table The table had various hors d’oeuvres from the reception and two glasses filled with champagne. “I am so hungry. I know we were supposed to fast before our wedding for 24 hours but I haven’t eaten anything since eight this afternoon. This is good,” she said taking a bite of a pepper stuffed with something. She hoped it would not kill the moment but the burst of hot from the pepper and the coolness of the filling made her bend her knees slightly visually showing how this appetizer was making her swoon.

“In all fairness I didn’t know I was getting married today, so does that count for or against me?” Chris asked as as he walked close to his new bride, feeling like a million weights had all been lifted from him. The past 12 years had so much strain and stress, his heart broken and mended a dozen times over. Now though walking hand in hand with the woman he planned to grow old and have a dozen kids and a few dozen more grandchildren with, it felt like it all just started yesterday.

“So this,” she gestured about, “is the Yichud. In ancient times it was used for the consummation of marriage directly after the ceremony. Nowadays it is used for the couple to take a few minutes to catch their breath and just enjoy the fact they are married before spending the rest of the night apart entertaining guests. I hadn’t planned on using this but I just wanted some alone time with you. This week was a blur and today at times feels like I am living in a memory,” Lexi explained. Moving across the room she wrapped her arms around Chris’ waist staring up at him. “I can’t believe we did it,” she rose on her toes and pressed her lips to his briefly. “Did we really wait twelve years to do this?” Her question was inquisitive. Almost as if Alexandra was attempting to solve a mystery or riddle.

“Not waited, we needed that time to figure out all the things we were afraid to ask. We found our way here cause it was always going to be this, you were always going to be mine, and I yours.” he said softly as he wrapped his arm around her as he just let himself feel at utter peace in this moment.

Laying her head on his chest she let him hold her. All the moments that had not been stellar slipped from her mind filled by everything that was good and perfect about them. Closing her eyes, Lexi took a second to focus on the one thing that mattered in her life: her husband.

Lexi Robins

“So… you did say consummate… how sound proof is this room?” he said playfully as he tilted his head to look at her as she rested gently on his chest. “I mean I love you, and if you into food and a show we can do that… I mean it has been almost two years.” he said as he teased her before leaning in to kiss the top of her forehead.

Christopher Robins

Chris was right. He was right on the money. It wasn’t the twelve years she was stunned by but the two years. The two very very long years between this moment and when they were together last. She had been caught up in having a baby and taking care of Ruth during that time but it didn’t mean Lexi was some cloistered nun. She had needs like anyone else and now someone at her beck and call to handle them. “Duck the food,” Lexi pulled Chris towards the couch. “Proper etiquette says we have twenty minutes. It has been two years. I know I am good for under ten. I hope I last ten” Lexi muttered to herself she began to pull his coat off his shoulders. “I love you Chris,” Lexi said kissing him passionately and forcefully. Until this moment, it hadn’t really sunk in that they were officially married. Yes, she just went through the ceremony but it would take time for this to solidify in her mind. She had wanted it for so long and dreamt about it for so long, it felt almost fragile like a bubble waiting to pop.

Throwing his dress coat to the side he kissed her deeper as he found each moment seemed to be heightened by the fact she was his wife.

Lexi felt Chris’ arm encircle her waist as he moved her backward. Their movements were not fluid but stumbling and slightly awkward as Chris tried to avoid stepping on her dress with each stride forward. Lexi was doing more of a waddle backward because a true backward step might have her heels snag the hem taking them down. The dress had already been repaired once. The last thing she wanted was tattered lace before they got a single official wedding picture. “I have missed you so much,” her words spilled from her lips covered in deep heady breaths. Part of her regretted not going to the local official and getting married at city hall. She would be alone with him right now which is exactly the only place she wanted to be. Reaching up as they walked-waddled backward in the small tent, her fingers began to undo the buttons.

He didn’t wait long as his shirt soon followed as his chiseled body came to view for Lexi as she would notice something that where not there before. Up till this point Chris had only been wearing long sleeve shirts, yet now exposed as he was she would find there was some modifications she hadn’t seen last time. Across the length of his wrist was what looked like old Norse script, while his left wrist had David’s star in deep blue that matched the very ring and pendant she wore. Finally across his chest was another script, which looked Hebrew. When read by anyone who could understand it, it read out Alexandra.

As his shirt left his upper body, Lexi stopped her progression to the couch with a hand firmly on his chest. Holding him still she took a final step back and ran her fingers gently over his chest as if she were reading brail instead of letters. A. L. E. X. A. N.D.R. A. The pattern would have looked exotic to anyone who did not read Hebrew. The room was silent now except for the sounds of their breathing returning to normal. “When did you do this,” she laid her palm over his heart.

“Six months ago… or so. I… I knew I needed you, so I got you across my heart. I wasn’t sure if I would have you in any other way, so did this… among other things.” he said as he showed his wrists, all of the small ink seemed to be tied to her and her alone.

“You have always been that certain,” she asked looking up at him, “because getting a woman’s name across your chest that is not your wife’s, at the time,” she hastily added, “would lead to so many questions.” Lexi felt her breath quicken not out of amorous desire but shock. All these years had taught her one thing she had forgotten about her new husband. Chris was loyal, driven, and when he set his mind to something, he always achieved his goal.

“This isn’t Hebrew,” she said looking up at him. “What does it say?”

“This is coordinates to the North Star in Nordic…” he said as he showed her his right arm, the markings down him as he then moved to his left arm and showed his wrist that had an intricate star of David with a deep blue that matched her pendant and ring. “And well, this was obvious too. I… I need to keep you on me at all times.”

Taking his arm into her hand, Lexi gently turned it over so that his wrist was in her palm. Tracing the star with the tip of her finger she looked down at the image. The five-pointed star held no meaning for him. Chris was not Jewish. He was Christian and while not overly devout, Chris did have a strong belief in his faith. Placing this on his wrist was a sign Chris was willing to accept everything including her faith.

“I will always be with you. I always have in a way. You were the first person I messaged in the morning and the last person I said good night too. I,” she scratched her forehead hiding her face some. There was no reason, Lexi should feel embarrassed but her cheeks were a slight pink. “I have your graduation picture. You know the one where we were in uniform and supposed to have that far away dream stare they make everyone take,” she let out a laugh.

“So remember the day you were tossing them. I grabbed the eight by ten and framed it. Had it by my bed for years,” she started to laugh and put her forehead on his chest. Eventually, she raised her face to look at him. “The random nights we didn’t talk I always got to say good night looking at it. When Ruth was born I put it by her bed. Every night we said good night to you. Now we get the real thing,” she looked up at her husband. “I never want to go back to a picture. I just want you every day, every night, for the rest of my life.”

Exiting the yichud, Lexi held Chris’ hand tightly. As Lexi walked down the path towards the reception not actually caring what she was going to see at this moment. There was a slight spring in her step and a glow to her cheeks. “You know that was like an appetizer,” she whispered. “Whets your appetite for the main course so stay hungry,” she teased him. The Yichud had achieved its purpose on so many levels. It was supposed to let a couple focus on what they had just promised each other. It also let them step away from the trimmings and trappings of the wedding. People spend months planning the event yet none of it is needed when two people decided to commit to each other. For Lexi, it gave her first truly private moment to focus on the man she just promised her world to. There was no cadets, family, or even their child. Just Chris and her which she needed desperately.

Reaching the bottom of the Lex stopped and could not move. The reception was being held at someplace she would have never planned to host it. First, it was outdoors which made her do a double-take. The second it was not the large tables with place settings of eight to ten like at the Saphire room where she spent hours planning who sat by who but in small intimate tables scattered along a stone laden river. Tightening her hand on Chris’ she could not speak as she took the sight in.

“I just need a second,” she felt her voice catch in her throat. Ian had told her he lived on a ranch and had a steakhouse. Lexi was desperate to marry Chris so she agreed to trust Ian. As usual, her friend did not let her down. The outdoor setting let real stars peak down on them through an uplighted whispy leaf canopy. The lights were set high enough on the trees that it cast shadows on the ground but was not harsh to the eyes. The tables were set with the flowers Chris had paid for early that day. Sprays of golden wattle blended with her pansies and poppies creating a Kalediscope of color on the crisp white linens. Each table had her wine glasses with the constellation of the North Star etched into them. Soft music drifted down from what was a large ballroom maybe at the top of a small ivy embankment.

“It is more than even I could have planned,” she looked up at Chris. “Do you like it,” Lexi bit her lip. Everything she had planned was centered on making him happy today. She had not picked out the location and had no clue what was on the menu, yet for her, the setting had exceeded any expectations.


“This… is perfect. It feels like a dream, it almost doesn’t even feel real.” he said as he looked at the glasses and looked around the room as he soaked in all the sights. “Did you know Ian has this place? I have never been here… like ever. He has that steakhouse, but this is no steakhouse.”

Christopher Robins

“You think I would have your wedding reception at a Sizzler,” Ian asked cocking his eyebrow at them.

“Maybe,” Lexi let out a laugh embracing Ian. “Thank you,” she said as he held her in his arms. “You made this day possible. I don’t know how I am ever going to thank you for giving me my world back.” If she never saw Ian Bordeaux again, the memory of what he had given her today with stay with her always. He was the glue of their trio somehow always making sure they stayed linked even when they were light-years apart.

“Monsieur Bordeaux,” Pierre Franchot walked up to him. “What iz zis about zah cake,” he bellowed throwing up his hands.


“Yes, the cake… wedding cake? You can make a wedding cake right?” Ian said as he slid up next to the man as he brought him aside.

“Wait there is no cake? Chris, did they say there was no wedding cake,” Lexi looked at her husband rather than Ian.

“Yes, zere ees no cahke. No cahke,” he repeated making a finished motion with his hands.

“Chris there has to be a cake,” Lexi looked up at him. “The cake cutting symbolizes the first act we do as a couple.”

“First act… well babe I think the first act began thirty minutes ago, and it was a great first act… it should be the main act we think of when we talk about married life… other acts are just boring and not as fun but that’s a prolonged group activity…” Chris said as he smiled widely at her, he knew it would make her blush the more he said, but he suspected she would not acknowledge much of it to save face.

Choosing to ignore her husband, Lexi rolled her eyes as she continued, trying to keep her checks from flushing too much from what he was saying “When we feed it to each other it symbolizes our commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection. Chris, we gotta give these people some kinda reassurance we did not waste their entire day traveling all over the states and starve them to seven.” This was going to be Chris’ first act as head of the house. It was to get his wife a cake. She was not crying or angry. Her look was pleading almost for Chris to find a solution.

If there was no cake Lexi would throw a fit. She was in full bridezilla mode and he needed to curtail this as fast as he could.

Ian Bordeaux


“I can get you something doll, I used to be the pastry chef here, I am not sure where or full time pastry chef is today… but trust me once more will you. Though… how do you feel about a bit creative? A full tier cake might not work as much in the time frame we have, but… if you have some faith in me I might just be able to surprise the two of you.” Ian said looking back and forth between his friends, hoping they would be willing to give a little faith in him.

“I… I think I can trust you after all this, I mean not that I didn’t trust you before… though in all fairness you do have a track record of taking simple things and making them get worse… remember when you tried to get the girls from the Orion academy of science to come do a student exchange… and all we got was the Orion men to show up.” Chris said with a slight tsking motion as he chastised his friend for his past mistake.

“What? That was your idea, and somehow you got them to force me to show those guys around as you got the two Andorian twin girls instead… the sound in the room afterwards sounding like the three of you were trying to make a baby if I didn’t know it took four to do that with them.” Ian said with as he scoffed as he shook off the notion of him having any kind of mistake.

“Hey I offered you the other one but she liked me, and they were not twins… that’s why it wasn’t creepy right!” he said as he looked over at Lexi with his hand in the air for a high five as he looked at the expression she had as he thought twice of the gesture as he slowly lowered his hand as he seemed to brush on the side of his pants.

“Really,” she crossed her arms not really mad but not overly thrilled to relive all the facets of their college life a second time. “Are you two really gonna go there because I am right here?”

Clearing his throat Chris looked back at Ian, “Make whatever you need now… like right now.” he said before looking back at Lexi with a wide smile as he tried to see how much damage control he needed right then.

Christopher Robins

Ian smiled as he left, he was afraid to tell them of his idea but he had a plan. What could be quick and feed this many people in under an hour? The answer to him was quite obvious, cannoli. Not just any cannoli though, he wanted to get flavors that would match Chris and Lexi, and somehow beautiful enough for a wedding. Suddenly Ian felt like he was on one of those caking shows with the master chefs such as Hordon Hamsey and Buff Goldloom watched your every move to see if you could make the dish perfect in such a short time.

“Okay staff, this is the plan… and we have an hour to do it… I want cannoli’s, and a lot of them they will be with chocolate and peanut butter fillings and I need at least two hundred of them.” Ian said as he walked past the staff as he found a board they often had to keep track of orders as he wiped it down. Quickly he wrote down in his head the recipie he thought they would work best for the staff to see.

“Everyone begin prep work, I want us to bang this out and when we are done… croquembouche.” Ian said with a wide eye look at the team.

“Sir… croquembouche… cannoli? It can’t be done… it’s never been done.” one of the sous chef’s said as she looked flabsrgasted at the very idea.

“And two hundred sir?” said the young looking bolian chef as he seemed to be taking aback by the suggestion of so many in just an hour.

“Yes… you will do it… or you will be chopped… now get to work!” Ian said as he thought for a moment, there was one aspect he was certain Chris and Lexi would want, a cake top. While he didn’t have enough time for a full cake, a small single tier might just be doable as Ian put on his chef smock as he began cracking eggs into a nearby bowl.

Hour past as the guests ate there dinner, as time quickly began to approach the moment of came as the waiting staff carried out their creation as they placed it on the table near the end. In many ways it was far nontraditional, something none of the guests had ever seen. Despite that, it seemed to match the very romance and wedding of Chris and Lexi to begin with.

Finally, this wedding was doing something Ruth found interesting. Why she was sitting with these people instead of her Aunt Aubrey, Bubbee or Zaydeh, Ruth had no idea. The second Chris had said he wanted to be her Daddy, things had drastically changed. Out of nowhere someone named Nannie and Papa had been doting over her since she woke up from her nap. The spent the first hour trying to hold her. Ruth hadn’t been to sure of the situation but allowed them to admire her as long as she was with Chris or her mommy. Chris seemed to like these people a lot so Ruth was okay giving them the benefit of doubt. All was well with the two called Nannie and Papa until she was handed off to Uncle Ian and her mom and Chris disappeared for what seemed like hours. Ian had toted her around on his hip until for no reason whatsoever he threw her at this Nannie and Papa again and just left. Abandoned her like she was some no body. Nannie and Papa had been ecstatic. Ruth not so much. After a round of tears and squirming to get down Nannie and Papa did something unexpected. They produced cookies. Not one cookie mind you but an entire table with every cookie you could imagine and Nannie and Papa did not care how many she took.

Ruth spent the next five minutes leaning over the table selecting everything and anything while Papa held her and this Nannie loaded up the plate. The cookies and the two people whom Ruth decided were worth spending time with without crying, eventually ended up at a table where food started arriving. Ruth was fine until she noticed her mom and Chris sitting without her at a table all by themselves. Another series of protests were met with something far more glorious than a cookie. It was something called soda. Whatever had been in Papa’s glass was full of bubbles that tickled her mouth as she swallowed it. Her cup always had a lid and a spout like her bottle but Papa’s cup was just open. This allowed the bubbles from the drink to tickle and pop on her nose at times. There were some spills but the woman named Nannie was all over cleaning that up with a napkin. Her mommy never gave her this soda thing nor a cup like this so Ruth forgave Chris and her mom acting as if they didn’t know her while they ate.

It was only when she saw Uncle Ian again leading a group of people that seemed to carrying the biggest cake she had ever seen. Using her hand to push down the delicacy called soda, Ruth looked at Papa with wonder. Is that cake? Is that cake for me? Instantly she looked at Papa and began to slather the side of his face with kisses. Chris had whispered in her ear several times that if she was a good girl when the Rabi was talking he would give her a treat. Ruth never thought it would be a whole cake and the cake had to be hers because she was on top of it.

The piece that made this unique was set precarious on top with the cake, perfectly gorgeous that seemed to have this perfect toppers of Chris and Lexi, with Ruth being held by both of them. It was a way to show this was a pre existing family in some ways as Ian stepped to the side to talk to his friends.

“I hope this was okay, it was the easiest idea in under an hour… I think I am gonna take Kelly on Christmas Baking challenge next month after seeing what I can do in an hour.” Ian said feeling a little proud of his work, not even wanting to acknowledge his entire staff aided.

Ian Bordeaux

“Oh my god Ian,” Lexi stood up hugging him. “I…I don’t know what to say. It’s perfect,” she let her body melt into his. How her friend pulled this off she would never know. Excitedly she took Chris’ hand and walked over to the cannoli confection that was now the center of everyone’s attention. As Lexi weaved Chris among the seated guests she could not help but let out a small happy squeak. “It’s cannoli,” she tightened her grip on his hand.

“Zit iz a croquembouche. A beezar croquembouche but a croquembouche nonetheless,” the sous chef took a deep breath. She would never admit calling this that to any of her colleagues but while the presentation might not be what she could proudly raise her chin too the taste would be exquisite. She did not make mediocre food.

“A what,” Lexi leaned in not sure what they chef just called it.

“A croquembouche iz a French dessert consistin’ of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and zen drizzled wif caramel. Zee is not typically made wif a cannoli buh,” the chef shrugged.

Lexi didn’t care. She was just happen to have this moment with Chris. They could have fed her twinkies and Lexi would not have minded a bit. “So it is time for the cake cutting,” the maitre d’ spoke before a staff member interrupted him. “It is time for the cannoli…sharing,” he let out a laugh not sure why the couple was going for this take but everyone had a story.

“Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? Have I been out of the game so long?” Chris teased as he took one of the cannoli’s as he began looking over it with a tiny smirk. It was a perfect idea Ian had, he wasn’t even sure how much he ever told Ian of the cannoli’s but he knocked it all out of the park.

Papa why is mommy eating my cake, Ruth suddenly looked at the older man with an expression that could break your heart. Its my cake. Chris told me so and it has a little me on top. Ruth had no idea why she was not part of this. Looking at her mom and Chris, they did seem like they were going to eat her cake.

Picking up a cannoli, Lexi smiled at Chris as she licked a small bit of powder sugar off her thumb as she moved the treat to the other hand. “You know what this means don’t you,” she bit her lip staring at him. Right now there was no one else in the world around them. It was him and her, eighteen years old, and standing in a dive Italian restaurant off the campus of the Academy. “A thousand years ago you promised me a cannoli,” she held it up preparing to take a bit of their wedding cannoli-croquembouche. “Are you going to start our marriage leaving me wanting like all the other time’s cannoli has been involved or are you finally going to give me dessert and send me off happy.”

“You know I think it’s time for the first dance… you should put it down and then we can…” he paused with a wink as he elbowed her playfully. He knew that somehow over the years she never got to have a cannoli when he was around. She always seemed to get snubbed. Now, for a first time they could share one.

Lexi’s hand dropped enough for Chris to see his words registered in her mind. “No, no we can’t dance. There will be no dancing or honeymoon or happiness or…anything until I get to eat this thing. And for the record,” her face held a loving smile as she gazed up at him, “I am going to eat it and enjoy every last bite…when we figure out how to actually eat it so come on rocket scientist show me how smart you are.”

I want my dessert, Ruth sniffed back a small hiccup looking at Nannie and Papa for help.

Lexi swirled the dessert a bit to entice Chris as they spoke. It was then she realized the first act as a married couple might not be a smooth as she thought. Even with her heels on she was a solid foot shorter than him. That made sharing the first bite of their dessert a logistical nightmare. If it had been cake they could have used the fork to eliminate the height differential. Since the cannoli had a flaky crust and soft interior, breaking it would get the pastry everywhere. This meant Lexi would have to get a ladder or Chris was going to have to lean over like he was the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


“I have a better idea butter cup, how would you like to feed us both?” he said as he handed her his cannoli as he wrapped his arms around her waist as he hoisted her upward so she was eye level as he opened his mouth like a baby bird wanting his food. “Cum ‘n nd pu et n muh muth aredy!” he said as he didn’t once close his mouth to form any proper words as he looked at her with a longing glance.

Christopher Robins

Lexi started to laugh as she felt Chris lift her about a foot off the ground. She was high enough to have her feet dangle and for the first time in a long time, she was eye to eye physically and psychologically with Chris. Sticking the cannoli halfway into her mouth she gently bit down and put the other end in Chris’. It would have been an easy task but Lexi was laughing too much. Biting down she savored the dessert that had eluded her for twelve years. Opening her eyes she chewed her bite and her face lit up in a smile. Instead of the typical slightly sour ricotta filling, the shells were lined with a thick layer of chocolate and the cream with infused with peanut butter. It was not just any peanut butter though but Reeces Peanut Butter cup peanut butter. Lexi body went slack like a rag doll as she closed her eyes and savored the treat. “Oh kay,” she drew out the word slowly as she chewed, “this is the best dang cannoli ever in the history off cannoli’s. Ian made this,” she pointed at her mouth. “He can make more,” she looked at Chris praying his only answer was ‘yes’.


“I… I mean… of course he can. He… he used to make them all the time for me asking if you would like them.” Chris lied as he tried to act like this was always part of the plan. The truth was until he tasted it, he wasn’t even sure he remembered Ian saying he could cook. Whenever they came here everyone else did the cooking, so now he wondered what else his friend had been keeping a secret.

Lexi looked at Chris and then her expression changed to a deeper stare where she cocked her head to one side and her mouth opened slightly. “He asked you if I would like them and you said,” she drew out the word.

“I for one could eat more, but we do need to let everyone have at least one…” Chris said as he put her gently down before he leaned in as he licked the side of her lips that had pieces of cannoli dripping from them. “You know that has got to be one of my favorite things to do to you.” he said with a tease as he grabbed another one as he seemed to hold it above her as if to taunt and tease.

“Lick my cheek or share a cannoli,” Lexi asked putting a hand on his bicep to lower it slightly so that she could take a bite. Instead of the action being easy, she felt Chris tense his muscles so that it didn’t move an inch.

“You gonna beg for it?” he asked her with a large smirk as he wondered just how much she really liked these treats. “Come on let them see you beg.” he teased as he lowered it for it.

“You do not want to tangle with me over my cannoli especially since it is peanut butter and chocolate-flavored,” she pointed a finger at him before rising slightly onto her toes to take her bite.

Seconds before she got her lips around it, Chris quickly shoved the treat into his mouth as he made large yum sounds as he ate it. “I fink I well et dem al” Chris said through large chews as he began to swallow the treat.

Christopher Robins

Since she was now officially married to Chris she was legally protected from having to testify to against him. This allowed her to playfully jab Chris just hard enough to remind him of his manners. “You know you have to take me home tonight and tomorrow and every night after that so,” she wrapped her arms around his waist, “I will be so much more pleasant if you get me a cannoli,” she rose up to kiss him.

Lexi Robins

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