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It had been a fairly benign beginning to the duty shift. The Atlantis was able to track two dozen ships docked about Base 5 and another 40 in the immediate vicinity. The majority of which were small or transport and only 10 or so being real ships of war, that warranted closer observation. The Blue and Metallic Silver Space Station hull seemed dark by Federation standards as it had only a fraction of the lighting common to the Alpha Quadrant ships.

Then the beginning of hell broke loose. A red light illuminated on the science officers console, “Umm, I think they just polarized their hull and started a magnetic shield just went up all over the base.”

The science officer looked down… “I haven’t seen this type of shielding before… The Base is cutting all docked ships loose… they are locking weapons on use… ”

Confused Junior Officer.


Jacen entered the bridge, he had left EMMA in charge of Engineering as he knew he needed to take over as 20 on the bridge. “Report!” Jacen said as he sat down in the command chair as he looked over at the officers on the bridge.

Drayke, CE/2O

“I can only hypothesize why, but the base has polarized their hull, started some weird magnetic barrier… I guess its a shield, just not a really good one, and started detaching from docked ships.” The ensign made a face. “She’s either preparing for combat or moving…” He looked dubiously at the nearly two kilometer long ship… “that would be something…”

“Scanning, I see heat plumes coming from the Star-Base’s fighter bays.”


“Sir,” the tactical officer on duty called out. “Running scans but I am not sure the Atlantis can handle being pulled and I am pretty sure that in the state we are in we aren’t going to be able to pursue. Should we call the away teams back?”

NE Bart Himpson

“I don’t see anything that resembles a warp drive…” The science officer said. “It would be sub-light travel.” Which theoretically could be faster than the Atlantis could go, but with warp speed, she could always warp ahead and circle about.


“Throw us into yellow alert, see if you can get a lock on the away teams first. Do we have any contact from the away teams?” Jacen ordered as he looked back at the officers.

Drayke, CE

“Yellow alert, Aye.” The ensign from ops reported. “I have locks on the away team, but the polarizing field won’t allow transports.”


Tapping her badge as she walked Kelly called the bridge. =/\=Jacen is my ship in working order and ready to hustle if needed, =/\= she asked the chief engineer.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux.

=/\= Yes ma’am, locked cocked and ready to roll. =/\= Jacen asnwered to Kelly =/\= Just tell me what we need and we will help you. =/\=

Drayke, CE

“Excellent. Get a lock on the away teams and prepare to beam away on my mark,” Kelly said in a firm tone. This wasn’t the first time she had cut an run from a party and wouldn’t be the last. At least knowing they had an escape route relaxed her some.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The ensign turned looking at Drayke straight in the eye… “as reported earlier sir… the polarizing field won’t allow transports.” He spun back to his station. “The field isn’t anywhere near as strong as shields… maybe we could punch a hole in the hull with phasers and create a localized opening. But I don’t know how’d they know the difference between punching a hole and attacking.”


At the Tactical console, Nash eyed the readings while his jaw worked slightly with some frustration. Whatever they were doing over there, it was a unique form of diplomacy.

“The Base is launching fighters,” Nash said calmly as he worked the controls to get a reading on their abilities and track them with the Atlantis’ systems ready for target locks. “I recommend raising Shields in case they intend to engage us.”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

The fighters were very similar in tactical abilities of the fighters of the Federation. Their limits included no shielding which meant any hit was likely to be a kill shot, and the lack of photon torpedoes which decreased their strike ability, but their lasers were about 80% of the impact value of a like sized phaser armed fighter. And they replaced the loss of the photon torpedo with high yield explosives which produced about 30% the photon’s effect.

So far the base had launched, or was in the process of launching, 2 squadrons (12 fighters per squadron)



Nash looked over the readings and wished he had the butt of his cigar to chew on. Without shields, a rapid target and volley of the Atlantis’s phasers would destroy the fighters in seconds, even two squadrons worth up against them.

OOC: Seconds is a little optimistic, but certainly less than one minute. The Atlantis certainly could miss or take a moment or two to lock on a maneuvering fighter of the that size.

They were supposed to be here with peaceful intentions however, and he knew raising shields could be considered a hostile act by some species. The fighters weapons were low enough yield that the Atlantis’s armour would handle most impacts, the explosives could do some damage eventually though. Watching the screen for the moment they formed up to make a run on the ship, if that was their intention, he left the shields down in case diplomacy, if any, prevailed. That didn’t mean he wasn’t ready to bring them up or activate the ships targeting systems however.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

Jacen looked over at Nash as he thought about the next actions. In a normal circumstance he would at least go to yellow alert and raise shields, but right now they had to play by some different rules. =/\= Atlantis to Captain Bordeaux, we… seem to have some company. Armed fighters exiting the facility and they don’t seem intent to honor the peace we wanted to broker. If you have any suggestions I would be all ears, but if my hand is forced I will tell Nash to blow them to hell.=/\=

Drayke, CE

=/\=Negative do not engage the ships unless it is your last resort. We are on route now back to you. If they do engage pull the Atlantis back to a safe distance and wait for me to contact you. Keep me informed of what is happening to my ship. Bordeaux out=/\= Kelly flipped off the comm

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The fighters had completed their launch. The were not directly engaging the Atlantis, coming into a formation and then executing sharp but brief delta v maneuvers to make themselves a difficult target, but not ever coming into a straight line towards the Atlantis so they would not make a maneuver that would resemble a ‘bombing’ raid. Despite this it was fairly clear that they were in position to attack just one ship if it came to it.

Several of the other warships were ‘making’ space maneuvering away from the base and the Atlantis.


“Sir do we back off the station of hang tight,” the helmsman asked feeling a bit edgy as the fighters played a solo game of chicken with the Atlantis.

NE helmsman

“We need to hang tight if the Captain and away team is heading back to the docking bay,” Nash told Drayke. “We aren’t in top shape, although we are still rather more formidable than what they have. We need to be close to the station to retrieve the shuttles quicker, and stop those fighters from intercepting them if it comes to it. The closer we get to their station, the less likely they are to open fire and risk hitting their own, and we can extend our shields around the shuttles when they appear.”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

“I’m detecting another launch…” The science officer commented. “Its runabout sized… its an escape pod.” That was odd to him, perhaps it was some sort of trick. He would keep a close eye… but before he could focus more scans on it a voice came over the com system.

=/\=Hey Dad can you pick me and my friends up from the mall =/\= she said in a slightly sarcastic tone. When she beamed over, Kelly had no idea they would actually need a ride home.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“That’s from the escape pod sir.”


“Engaging a tractor beam,” a Lt. said from tactical working to lock a beam on the life pod the Captain and crew were in.

Lt. Dudley Doowright tactical

The fighters hovered around the pod as the tractor beam pulled it in. It was as if they couldn’t decide what was going on and they certainly didn’t have clearance to fire on the escape vehicle. It was notable that each of the fighters had something that resembled a tow cable, but it was unlikely that the tow cable had enough strength to overpower the tractor beam of the Federation starship, if they were inclined to make the attempt.

In 2 minutes the pod would be aboard the Atlantis.

Nash tapped his fingers on the console and eyed the fighters, the pod and the fighters. “Now the question you should be asking yourselves, is are you feeling lucky? Well are you, punks?” He said it under his breath, only for himself but watched the fighters formations as the pod neared.

Nash, CTO

Over the comm system came a request for commutation.

=^=Attention Federation Vessel, You are known to be in violation of Base 5 regulations, including but not limited to theft of a space vehicle, unauthorize weapon discharge, multiple counts of assaults’ on base security personnel. =^= The voice pause as if getting more information… =^=A very inauspicious introduction to this sector of space. You are instructed to move your vessel outside your maximum weapon range.=^=

Base 5

=^= Bridge do we have wounded?=^= Ashlynn asked from Sickbay


As the vessel docked in the Atlantis’ hangar, Kelly opened up internal communications on the ship to be aware of what was occurring. She didn’t catch all of the message but got the main idea with move your vessel being the main one. =/\Engineering are we able to move the ship,=/\= she commed her chief engineer and his department. If Jacen wasn’t able to respond someone had to be down there that could. =/\=And Drayke, meet me on the bridge=/\= she summed up her message.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The ensign on the bridge responded. =^=We are free and clear to maneuver. =^= There wasn’t any physical or tactical barriers that prevented movement. On the other hand the engines were operate-able but not optimal… but they wouldn’t be until the Atlantis found its way into a dry dock.


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