Robins Family Arrival

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“Okay, I know it’s sudden. it’s two days away, but trust me I will get Ian on this and we will make it work. We will have time to settle in and get ready for our new careers but Ruth wants to go don’t you Ruth?” Chris said as he paced the shuttle as he held his daughter in his arms as he tried to convince Lexi that Halloween was indeed a vital important holiday.

Yes Daddy said we get all kinds of candy and they are giving out candy named Ruth so it’s like a celebration for me, Ruth squealed happily clapping her hands.

“Chris,” Lexi looked up from her PaDD. She loved the fact Chris was that excited about the Holiday but right now she felt like she had two kids instead of a kid and a husband. “She can barely walk and you are the one who can eat the candy in that pairing. Did you tell her that?”

Wait what, Ruth stopped clapping and looked at Chris. I thought we were getting candy. I get candy right. Me…Chris…daddy…chris. Wow you don’t seem to listen like mommy says at times Ruth moved to get Chris attention. Holding his cheeks with her hands she put her nose on his so that she was cross eyed as as he talked to her mom.

“Come on we got married two weeks ago in October, our daughter is named after a candy bar and she will look adorable. Don’t shut out the idea so quick. Ian and I will make it perfect, he wants me to meet their chief Engineer. Some Irish fellow that he has made friends with he even made his own holographic assistant from what I understand. With them and the captain we can get this together In two days. Just give us a chance. How can you say no to this face?” Chris said as he squeezed Ruth’s cheeks slightly to make her cuter.

Christopher Robins

i still wanna talk about da candy thing, Ruth let Chris squeeze her cheeks as she spoke.

“And as far as candy there is plenty of things she can have and gum on. Pixie sticks, inside of Reece’s cups, she can lick lollipops. Tons she can have. She shouldn’t suffer cause you are a fuddy-duddy.”

Tons I can have, Ruth babbled in a surprised tone. Then shifting her attention to Chris, Ruth looked at him with a concerned expression. Is tons lots and lots, she wrinkled her eyebrow as the thought about the words the adults were using. Sometimes words sounded cool until you actually figured them out. Words such as Kids Land or Veggie Medley sounded like a lot of fun but in reality, only gave a place for your parents to dump you or a whole lot more vegetables than you were ever expecting. Tons could easily be that kind of word so Ruth was taking no chances.

Lexi leaned back and sighed. Everything was happening at warp speed. Lexi had always wanted to marry Chris but an engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and a household move all in 14 days had her exhausted and on edge.

“Easy killer,” Lexi gave him a half smirk. “Baby we don’t know if they even do Halloween and we do not want anyone to think we are friends with the Captain or that Ian is The Godfather of the baby. It will just look bad. Breaking into a new shop can be hard. I just,” Lexi stopped in the middle of the sentence.

“I could care less, gotta use power when you have it. How often are we gonna be on a ship with so much power on our side? I for one plan to abuse as much of it as I can.” He said as he adjusted Ruth in his arms as he did a coordinated look of cuteness towards Lexi.

“Fine but I get to pick the costume ,” Lexi finally relented. There was no way she could say no to the first official thing this got to experience with Ruth.

Lt. Lexi Garfield

“Oh… we will see..” Chris said with a devilishly smile as he glanced back and forth between Ruth and Lexi. He already had plans in motion.

Christopher Robins

Captain’s Quarters

“Ian, I am not going as a lifesaver. I look ridiculous and I am beginning to see what Kylie meant,” Kelly exited the bedroom with her hands on her hips. Her costume wasn’t so bad. It was a simple tueb dress with bands the color of the block candy and a small “When you and Chris get together the rest of us just have to go along for the ride. What happened to the Marvel theme we had going,” she sat down on the couch looking at him. ” I am not saying I mind but are we going to have to have a staff meeting next year deciding our costumes? What happens when our kid wants to throw the whole thing off and be a wizard or something,” Kelly laughed.

“Kids, I mean is that an offer? We can skip the night and make one if you want… I mean if we start now he can totally marry Ruth we become one big happy family, we retire in twenty to thirty years buy houses next to each other so our kids visit us with their grand kids… look at me you are getting my dander up.” Ian said as he looked at her with an excited sense of glee. Deep down he always liked the idea of kids but having Ruth around was making him want more of that life with Kelly.

Looking at Ian she did think no matter what he was wearing the guy was adorable. Seeing him dote on Ruth also made Kelly look at him in a different light.

“Can you ever be serious,” she winked at him and took in his costume. It had been a long time since she felt the camaraderie on a ship like she did on the USS Broadsword. Dante was her Chris and she would have stuffed Ian into a beer bottle costume back in the days so the candy theme was fine with her. Getting up she moved across the room checking her hair as Ian continued to talk mainly to avoid anymore talk about kids. It was not that she didn’t want them but they never talked about it seriously. Mostly ohhs and ahhs and wouldn’t that be nice but no serious should we or shouldn’t we conversations. She had wanted one and Ric didn’t. Ian talked about always wanting a family but was she in the position to manage it and a ship. “So we’re you the mastermind with this or Chris,” she called out to continue the talking. Ian though seemed keen on continuing what he started.

Kelly Bordeaux

“As for costumes, this wasn’t my idea… I am just backing up Chris. His plan, but I have to say you have some of the cutest spare tires a guy could ever want on a woman… rawr” he said as he growled near the end as he pulled her close kissing her as well as he could with the padding between them.

Kelly broke out laughing as Ian had to bend his body to reach her.

“Plus he said he sent you the files for me too, I think Jolly Rancher? You can look at the file and he will be here firs to get candy then we go to Jacen’s and when we end the evening we can drop off Ruth at EMMA’s she volunteered. Chris hasn’t meet her yet, sort of… I don’t know if I ever told you about Kate when I meet her. I never.. .said anything… but… well… we will see how Chris reacts to EMMA, cause I could swear they are the same person just with an Australian accent, so Chris should feel at home with her.

Ian Bordeaux

“Whoa whoa whoa you want to leave a baby with EMMA,” Kelly said each word in the sentence slower as she finished it. There was a long pause in the conversation filled only by the soft hum of the ventilation system if you listened close enough. “Like the hologram EMMA. The not human but a computer program EMMA,” Kelly made sure she was understanding Ian correctly. “There is no way Lexi is going to agree to that. Would you,” Kelly turned and crossed her arms the best she could over the costume.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Look Jacen is one of my best friends on this ship and now that Chris is here I need to get all things to line up. EMMA is a big deal for Jacen, they are very close and she already teaches the kids on this ship. If we can trust her with them why not an baby? I mean Ruth isn’t an infant, small yes… but she can crawl and ask for help and… I mean can’t EMMA download a childcare info? I mean… I think she can? I really never ask Jacen that, it’s like asking someone what your kid is capable of and that seems rude.” Ian said as he hopped this was the indeed the right way to go. He never raised any kids himself but surley EMMA could handle this.

Ian Bordeaux

“Baby, maybe we should start with a dog before we throw the dice at the old mini me thing,” Kelly looked at her husband. The chime at the door ended the conversation before Ian had a chance to respond. Waddling slightly as she walked to the door due to the Intertubes around her body, Kelly opened the door. “Oh my god you look so cute,” Kelly oohed and ahhed as she waved frantically for Ian to come to the door.

“Trick or treat,” a solemn voice said belonging to Seletar a nine-year-old Vulcan child. His expression was blank. Kelly knew that if there was no candy involved, the young Vulcan would not be at her door.

“You could act more enthused,” Maybelle rolled her eyes. “Trick or treat,” she added fro the rest of the group with her. As Kelly handed out the candy each kid called out what they were wearing except the Vulcan. He pointed out that it was illogical to dress up when the point was to simply knock on the door and get candy.

As Ian approached, the Vulcan child Seletar raised an eyebrow. “Sir, if there is a red alert, is it wise to appear dressed like…I think the term is cowpoke,” he waited patiently for an answer.

“It’s a cowboy. A cowpoke is just a worker but a cowboy is in charge. Isn’t that right Mr. Ian,” Maybelle said adjusting a bubble gum cigar in her mouth.

“That’s right little missy, and… who are you?” he asked as Ian looked over the group trying to figure out just what they all were as he drew a blank as he looked over Maybelle.

“I am my two favorite people,” Maybelle extended her arms and spun. “I am a green Orion that is head of security and Intelligence. I am gruff on the outside but a marshmallow on the inside. I like kids but I am never going to admit it. My name is…” she let out a deep growl as she spoke her costume name, “Mardusk…Ethan Mardusk.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Oh he’s gonna love that, go to his place next… tell him he is supposed to also give out hot chocolate to you and sing a song.” Ian suggested with a devilish grin on his face.

“They sing,” Maybelle scratched her butt looking at Ian suspiciously. The padding to give her the Orion’s bulk was on the scratchy side and seemed to constantly need adjusting. If she didn’t tug at the material it kept sliding down her body. Both men did have a swagger when they walked. The Orion’s was probably because the man was so large it took a lot of power to walk. Much like when Maybelle had a heavy backpack and seemed to waddle as the weight pulled her to one side when she walked home. Mr. Nash’s swagger was because he was cool, sophisticated, and deadly. Like Rames Vond in his spy movies.

“From my research, there are no songs associated with which we carol to like at your religious observance of Christmas,” Seletar raised his eyebrow again.

“Oh that is where you are wrong. There is an entire dance to which Mr. Nash was given the official academy dancing trophy for. He was the best zombie on the planet. Ask him to do the moonwalk,” Kelly leaned over almost conspiratorily. “Play this when you see Mr. Nash,” she handed Maybelle a PaDD. On it was an African American male is a red leather jacket. The top of the screen was marked THRILLER. “When you get to Mr. Mardusk’s play this,” she brought up a second song. This image held a campy version of several classic monsters dancing about in front of a castle with the words Monster Mash. “Mr. Mardusk likes the classics and he can do a mean Charleston,” Kelly stated as confidently as she if she had just given the order to fire from the bridge.

“Thanks, Captain Kelly,” Maybelle said happily as the group turned and left.


“You know they are going to hate us now love? Our next golf game they will team up to take us out, just wait. And I am gonna trip you and let them take you on.” Ian said with a wink as he pulled her close to give her a deep kiss. “So, you ready to go see the other half of our date tonight?”

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

“Absolutely especially if it is Ruth. God that kid is freaking adorable. I am thinking of making her the mascot,” Kelly teased as they headed out the door to meet Lexi and Chris

Kelly CO

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