Happy Birthday Ian - Let's have a Marvelous day

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Happy Birthday Ian - Let’s have a Marvelous day

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Kelly paced inside of the holodeck waiting for Ian to show up. There was no way she was going to stand outside the holodeck in her current get up. Once her mother told her that men did all sorts of crazy things for women when they loved them. Looking at herself in the reflection of a shop window she wondered why no one ever said the same thing about women. She also realized why so many people wore capes. Sure they got stuck in turbines, engines, elevator chutes, car doors, revolving glass entrances, ropes that for some reason had a hook on them, hatches of submarines as they were sinking to the bottomless depths of the briny sea yet they did have a purpose. It was simply for warmth. Kelly felt a redness creep into her cheeks as another man passed her with a ‘good evening ma’am’ and a tip of this hat. The funniest part was the man was not hitting on her even dressed like this.

Kelly pondered her situation and exactly what had brought her to the decision purple go go boots and a matching leotard was going to be the best birthday present ever for Ian Bordeaux. Most women would have stuck with something homemade to eat and a nice satin nightgown. Kelly though went 180 degrees in the other direction. If any of the crew saw here now they might seriously crank up the rumor mill about what occurred during her and Ian’s long meetings behind closed doors.

An old printed newpaper tumbled down the road reminiscent of a westerns tumbleweed and finally lodged on a lamppost. The headline read....”Who will save us?” Kelly mulled the wording over her mind and wondered the same thing as she waited for Ian.

Ian arrived, civilian clothes but not much else as he had some black jeans, gray shirt with a dark red leather jacket on. He came in looking around as he spotted Kelly and couldn’t help but form a smile. “Now… wow…” he said, almost lost for words as he took her in. He had not at all expected this look, it was for certain one that took him back but he wasn’t complaining either.

“You… let’s be honest are the sexiest thing here… by a country mile.” he said as he came over, quickly taking her in his arms and kissing her. He could have waited for pleasantries but he had been without her all day, and couldn’t wait much longer for fear of exploding.

“And the coldest. How about you give me your jacket there StarLord,” Kelly laughed making a give it to me gesture with her hands. The wind whipped between the buildings creating almost a stronger gust of chilly but not cold air down the street. “That or your dream of a Betty Birthday will turn into an old-school Rogue wearing that lime green jumpsuit with the little jacket number and headband,” she teased. “By the way where did you hide that get up,” she took a moment to look over him more critically.

“Who?” he said as he took off his coat and handed it to her. Looking at her quizzically he wondered what she was meaning. “Who is Starlord?”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

She leaned back as far as she could while still staying in his arms. “Who is StarLord? Ian, you are dead to me,” Kelly said in a flat tone looking him in the eyes. It was then she realized Ian might not know what was going on exactly. In his defence, the setting was not very original. On the surface, it did just look like a metropolitan city. “Baby we are in Baton Rouge,” Kelly said slowly as if giving him a clue. “You know Lousiana and I am in purple leather.” Kelly let her words hang for a second longer and then continued.

“Well if you are wanting me to be my comic hero from Louisana, I am going to need in a different outfit than that chere’.” he said with a wink, using the common phrase from Gambit, his icon as a child. Looking her over he bit his lip as he smacked her ass. “Though, you are as firm as her.” he gave her a wink.

“What is the one thing that is not special about birthdays? They are the same every year so I thought this year we could be someone different. I’ll admit the StarLord costume threw me but maybe you could try again since I am not dressed at Gamorra buhhhhtttt as,” she pushed his hands off her and took a step back so Ian could admire her outfit again.

Captian Kelly Shultz

“Love, I know who you are, but I am not Angel, so if you want me to take a Gambit and change into something more appropriate I am going to need you to go Rogue for me… if you catch my drift.” he said teasingly, hoping she would understand all the word play he gave her.

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

“You mean commando,” Kelly looked at him and cocked an eyebrow up. “I mean we can but then I guess we should command lock this place down and maybe turn up the heat.” Kelly had no issues going rogue as Ian suggested. It was not the first time they had spent time like that in the holodeck but for some reason, his request did not seem to make sense. The more she thought about his words, the more Kelly knew it held a secret meaning. The bolt of lightning that flashed across the sky then gave her a eureka moment.

“Oh oh you mean Rogue… like in green suit with the headband.” Kelly looked down and smiled shaking her head. “Rogue, Commando…guess the devil was in the details for this. Computer give me circa late twentieth century Rogue Costume,” Kelly stated. Ten seconds later she was sporting the green jumpsuit Kelly had joed about earlier. Holding out her arms, Kelly smiled. “So..better? If nothing else it is warmer.”

Captian Kelly Shultz

“Much much better…” He said as he pulled her tightly into his arms. “Give me just one second mon âme” he said with a wink as he brought up the machine, replicating a Gambit costume to go with her Rogue. Few moments passed and coming back Ian was wearing an armored suit with bright blue and magenta that had a brown leather trench coat covering him.

“So, what do you think? Am I your strapping hero chère?” he asked her as he kissed her cheek, pulling her close as he looked around. “So what plans did you have for me here today?”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Diplomat

“We are supposed to battle Dr. Anaconda with the super death grip and his friend The Rattler. I programmed them to be around here somewhere,” she looked all around her as if they were something she dropped at her feet. “I guess we just wait for the explo,” she said but was cut off as a long whip-like weapon wrapped around her waist and jerked her up and off her feet. Kelly watched the ground as she was pulled up the side of the building like a yo-yo returning to its owner. “Ia....bit,” she blurted out part of his real name and finished with his superhero name realizing she was going up higher and higher. “I am not really into heights,” she screamed frozen stiff and hanging on to the thing around her waist like it was a lifeline.

Captain Kelly Shultz


“Heights… that’s part of the job if you wanna be a superhero chere’ ‘su do wanna be a super hero do ‘ou not?” Ian asked her, using a thick Cajun accent as mimicked the hero he was portraying. “Come on… just put your ass into and go a bit faster der chere.”

Bordeaux, Yeoman/Chief Diplomat

“I’m not the one flying,” Kelly yelled as the ground moved from her like she was on an express elevator from hell. Five seconds later her feet were on the ground but on the roof of a 100 story building. Kelly’s knees buckled as she gained her footing. Brushing the hair from her face she looked around trying to get her bearing. The wind was far stronger here than at the street level which did not seem possible.

“Rogue,” a voice boomed out in a deep baritone. “I have been waiting for you.” This statement was followed by the iconic laugh that seemed to resonate in the air like a shock wave.

Oh for the love of God snake man, Kelly thought looking at the bizarre villain in front of her. He had the upper body of a man with a set of arms but his entire lower half was that of a serpent. “What are you Medusa’s brother,” she put her hands on her hips eyeing him. “Should I hide my face? Is your superpower turning me into stone,” she asked with a half-laugh.

“What… snake… what? What villains did you grab us? Did you even do any research?” Ian asked her as he looked at her and wondered what kind of of shenanigans this was.

Instantly Kelly stopped laughing when her eyes began to burn uncontrollably and the acrid scent of something vaguely sulfuric enveloped her. Taking a step back, Kelly rubbed her eyes and blinked furiously. “You are a pathetic little girl. You and your card chucking fool killed my family. Murdered my wife and child,” he slowly encroached on Kelly’s position blasting her with another round of the hot sulfuric gas. It seared her lungs and throat choking back any scream for help. “Now I shall murder you.” Dr. Anaconda whipped his tail slapping Kelly hard in the face. The action caused her to spin and teeter at the edge of the building. “Goodbye Rogue. I shall relish seeing your broken body in the arms of Remy. I shall enjoy the sounds of his anguished cries as if,”

“Are you seriously monologing,” Kelly bit out trying to buy time for her eyes to clear and for her to find a way to fight back.

“No I am going to kill you,” he replied simply and shoved her backward off the precipice.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux.

“Where did you get these people… are you just like… random villain” Ian asked as him self as he watched, taking the cards from his pockets he wasn’t sure what to do but thought he would try to see how this would work as he ‘charged’ them up and threw them at the villain.

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

“Ian your program sucks,” Kelly screamed a second later. As she went over the edge, her hands had randomly found a perfectly placed flag pole that had no other reason for being there except to catch someone being tossed bodily over the edge. “I mean....oh for the love of all things holy! Ian, Ian,” her voice got a high pitched whiny sound to it as she looked down the fifty stories below her. “I have not signed the life insurance papers,” she yelled in a snarky tone.

“No I am the bringer of destruction. The messenger of all things cruel and malevolent,” Dr. Anaconda said dodging the cards thrown at him. “I will destroy the one thing you cherish. I will look into your eyes and see the life that drains from them,” he sneered in a deep threatening baritone. “Try to get past me and save her. I will enjoy seeing you fail.”

Dr. Anaconda

“It’s not me you have to worry about moname’, she’s the one that doesn’t throw her punches… ” Ian said as he looked back at Kelly, her charecter had super strength, durability, and flight… if anyone could take this she could.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

“Ian,” Kelly yelled hanging from the flag post. “I know you said Rogue can fly but you didn’t tell me how to make her release the death grip from the post,” she felt her hands cramping up. Ian may think it was just as simple as letting go and up up and away but Kelly had never been interested in Superman. She was more land and vehicle-based girl preferring Batman or Wonder Woman to those that zipped about the sky unencumbered by the need for motorization equipment.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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