Valentines Day Dancing In The Moonlight - Chris and Lexi Robins

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“You need to trust me on this love, it’s… going to be breathtaking,” Chris said as he pressed his arms down her sides as he pulled her close in his arms.

“It’ll be breathtaking all right. I might just pass out.” Her statement as not far off only the part she left off was Chris would definitely save her by following the strict rule of putting your mask on first before saving everyone else. This was a huge joke between them because if she passed out it would not be the first time it happened. Chris always had taken care of her and planned for everything. This is what Lexi always found so adorable about him. Chris presented as wild and untamed. All his previous ex’s recounted adventures with him as daring escapades. Lexi knew however that Chris was so laid back because he had thought of everything before actually doing something.

“Besides, when have I ever half-assed anything… ever?” he asked knowing she couldn’t think of many times he didn’t try to go so far over the top that he exited the atmosphere.

Lexi opened her mouth for a sexy flippant reply when she felt his hands on the collar of her shirt. He tilted her chin up slightly so that he could find the pull to her zipper. As the clicks of the teeth separated the fabric from her body Lexi lost the desire to talk. There was something racy about doing this in public, not caring who saw.

“What I need right now though, from you, is to slide slowly… into those pants, but you will need to lose this top first… it’s too much fabric to keep the outer top on.” Chris said as he began to slowly pull on the front zipper from her uniform as he exposed her blue shirt from underneath. Taking the top he smiled at her as he pulled off the combadge, placing it back on top of her breast as he pressed down firmly.

Her arms were covered in goosebumps but it was not due to cold or her fears of going out the airlock. She let her eyes trail down to his hand as it pressed her combadge to the thin fabric that was covering her body. Lexi’s tongue poked out of her lips just enough to moisten them. Sucking her lip in she let her teeth rake the bottom lip. Lexi let the silence between them fill her. It was erotic and added to the mood.

“Much better, now… let’s get you in a suit, they can become very tight fits,” he said as he grabbed the bottom half of her exo suit as he pointed at the bench for her to sit down. “I need to make extra center every inch is snug and firm in here, can’t let there be anything in between.”

Robins, Stellar Cartography

Lexi sat down slowly leaving back on the bench as Chris knelt down in front of her. Balancing on one ankle he reached out placing her foot on his bent knee to remove her shoe. Watching him all Lexi could think about was a reverse Cinderella situation. Instead of finding the perfect fit he was removing the one thing that tied Prince Charming to her. Lexi didn’t mind though. She had been married to Chris for three months and knew the best way to bond with someone involved removing as many clothes as possible. As one boot left her body followed by the other she let Chris slide the tight pants up as far as they could go before she stood up. Moving them to her waist she waited patiently for him to bring the top half of the suit. The deep pressure of the fabric clinging to her body made left sigh contentedly as she felt Chris’ hands work the various locks and controls sealing her body uptight. Her hands were still exposed not yet wearing the gloves. As he stood before her raising the helmet, Lexi reached up pulling his lips to hers.

A soft moan escaped her lips as the warmth of his shot waves of heat throughout her body. Since his hands were occupied, she let hers occupy his. Running her fingers through his hair she pulled him closer as their lips parted. It was only a second before her world went fuzzy. Even with his hands, busy Chris found a way to dominate her world. His conquest of her ended too fast as he broke off the kiss sliding the helmet on her suit. The soft snap-hiss of the seals locking made Lexi open her eyes up. Her image of Chris was blurred slightly through the glass faceplate but was transparent enough for Chris to see her smile. “So is this your way of making a girl pliable enough to boot her out of an airlock,” she asked pulling on her first glove followed by the second.


“One of my very many ways yes…” Chris said as he smiled as he helped her onto her feet as he began to check over his suit to make sure all of it was tight and secure. “Looks good on you, now you need to just click this…” he said as he took her hand, pressing the button that activated her maglock boots as she became firmly down to the floor. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked up and down as he smiled under his mask.

“Now… we seal off this area… and we do have a date,” Chris said as he picked up the picnic basket before inputting the codes that opened the lock. “Ladies first,” he said as he waited for her to enter before coming in behind her as the door closed behind them. “Ready to boldly go?”

Christopher Robins

“Out there…in space…like…how far,” she turned her head slightly as if she was curious before breaking out in laughter. She bent over putting her hands on her knees as she took a deep breath. “Baby I don’t know if I can walk,” she began to laugh. Some women turn to hysterics when nervous or anxious. Others cried. Laughing was Lexi’s defense mechanism to being nervous. Exhaling a large breath she righted herself and turned to Chris. “Remember Burj Khalifa?” Lexi would not forget that place. Chris had been so excited to take her there before they were able to get off the ground like now. He set up his old fashioned telescope that had been handed down for generations and two lawn chairs to look at constellation Ursa Minor. The view was breathtaking until she could not get out of the elevator. They rode the elevator three times until Chris found a solution. “Get in front of me and walk backwards,” she let out a long breath and held her hands out.

As long as Lexi could focus on Chris, she could do anything first as his friend then as his girlfriend and finally as his wife. Taking a step towards the door Lexi’s knees buckled but she continued forward. Looking into Chris’ eyes always gave her strength but not because she was weak. The strength was to be daring, to be adventurous, to be spontaneous whenever she doubted herself. As her hands held his the small room faded away. With each step the metal bulkheads and gray walls melted into something else: inky blackness dotted sharp pin pricks that sparkled like rushed diamonds. They seemed to surround Chris shining with a clear white brilliance. “Don’t let go,” she said still holding his hand as Lexi stole a peek of the view over Chris’ shoulder. The site stopped her from walking. It was mesmerizing.

The nebula that stellar cartography had begged to study was worth the trip. They swore it was a one in a million experience. From what Lexi could see, they were not wrong. Hydrogen, Helium, and other heavy elements like carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron pained a kaleidoscope of red, blue, and green against the blackness of space intensifying the colors. It looked like a giant opal floating except for the center. As a science major she dabbled in astronomy. “Is that an event horizon,” she looked briefly back at Chris before actually moving a step to the side to take in more of the view. She had no idea why there would be one there yet whatever it was the gold circle of light seemed to be acting like a paint brush pulling and swirling the colors towards it. This created a rainbow effect that she could not pull her eyes off of. “Is that a black hole in the middle or the Bifrost,” she smiled at him.


“Bifrost… good one… if only… that this is just an Einstein–Rosen bridge in the comics, ” he paused as he looked over, even though the glass faceplate he could tell she looked confused.

“A wormhole… though I doubt you needed to know that,” he said as he began to slowly move with her on the hull, the thud echoing in their helmets. “Come on love… just a bit farther.

“Computer, play Toploader hit 2,” he said as he looked back at Lexi with a small smirk. On cue, music could be heard in their helmets, a very familiar tone.


“Now… we can more than ever he said as he placed the container down, activating its maglock before looking back over at Lexi as he offered his hand. “What do you say… we can do the space shuffle… not many can say they have done this can they?” he said as he pulled in her close.

“Dancin’ in the moonlight
Everybody’s feelin’ warm and bright
It’s such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancin’ in the moonlight”

Christopher Robins

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