New Blood Hazing

Posted May 28, 2020, 12:10 a.m. by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in New Blood Hazing

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in New Blood Hazing

EMMA had been looking around ever since Jacen had dumped on her some work to find someone to do the very same thing. She knew there were some new engineers on board as she tapped her hand with the PaDD in hand she wondered who could be the one to pawn off things to as she spotted a new face. Processing the files she brought up files as she nodded to herself. “Perfect…” she said with a mischievous grin as she came up to the young woman.

“Lieutenant Brison, welcome… I am EMMA, the ship’s Assistant Chief Engineer. You have a moment?”


“Hi…” she said. “Thanks. And, of course.” Auleraine tapped a pause to the console she was at and turned to stand up and face the woman. “What can I do for you?” Her brunette hair was braided and coiled at the base of her neck and her 5 foot 9 frame held the muscles of her 200 pounds without making her look too built up.

Lt Auleraine Brison

“Well I need someone to go over these…” EMMA said as she handed the PaDD to her. “Chief Drayke and I are going over inventory and need someone who can help… you game?” EMMA asked with her thick Australian accent as she smiled at the woman.


“Sure… of course.” Lera took the PaDD and looked at it. Her smile started to fade. “These are personal requests for everything from chairs to baby cradles?” She looked up wondering if the woman had given her the wrong PaDD. She glanced at the last one she had looked at. It was a chair with an impossible set of super supports. Mentally doing a calculation, the extra suspension meant it would hold 4 or five people. It was above and beyond ridiculous. “No offense, Ma’am… and with all due respect. But… are you sure you wanted me to do THESE files?” She wasn’t sure why, but something told me this was one of those ‘new guy gets the shaft’ kind of things. The request for the chair was still ‘Pending’ and was over 3 weeks old.


Being the new guy had its drawbacks. One of the them was the stack of PaDDs the CE dropped on her console that morning and said to make a dent in by end of shift. Chairs, tables, replicator upgrades, the lists were endless. Auleraine was looking over the requests when something caught her interest. It was a chair with reinforcements that went above and beyond what was necessary for the security department… or any department for that matter. It was simply stated ‘for Security’. She frowned and headed that way with the request in her hand.

Her brunette hair was bound back in a simple braided knot. She had died her red tresses away after she had healed and could move on her own. Without the fire red tresses, she was less focused on by men. Which was fine by her. Meant she could do her job and take care of business without complications.

Less than five minutes later, she walked into Security and looked around. The NE at a side console looked up and she decided she would start with him. “I have a request here for a reinforced chair for this department.” She looked at his frame and laughed. “I highly doubt YOU are in need of such reinforcements. This is a gross abuse of the requisition forms, you know.” She was standing there, one hand on her hip, the other holding the PaDD towards him as if he’d apologize and she could just delete the request.


Ensign Koll looked at her for a moment, a puzzled look on his face. Then it seemed as if a light dawned on him. “Oh… that chair. No, Ma’am. I don’t need it. I think that’s for the Security Chief.” he said, as if that explained everything and he went back to his work.

Ens. Koll, Security

She shook her head. “Wait… you are telling me the Security Chief needs THIS kind of reinforcement? I hardly doubt that.” She laughed as if the man were merely brushing her off. “The reinforcement of this level is for the weight of almost 3 people.” She snorted a laugh. “Unless he plans on having a lapful of people with him everytime he sits in his chair…” she shook her head, her voice full of doubt and sarcasm.


As she spoke, the Ensign was trying to subtly gesture to her to be quiet. His eyes looked over her head… way over her head… and back again and he had a look on his face that seemed to indicate something was amiss… but whether that was effective at getting her attention was another matter.

Ens. Koll, the Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Sign

“Don’t shuuush me. And rolling your eyes won’t help. Engineering isn’t a playground for ridiculous requests. There is absolutely no reason to ask for a chair that will hold more than a single person. MAAAYYYYBBEEE two if you happen to have a child you bring to work everyday who sits on your lap.” Her voice was angry now. Hands on her hips as she shook her head at him thinking he was just looking to the ceiling and rolling her eyes cause she was reaming him loud enough for anyone else around to hear.

(who apparently can’t take a hint… lol)

Koll finally just stood at attention and said “Yes, Ma’am. Of course, Lieutenant. But… um… well… permission to speak freely, Ma’am?” he asked, his nervousness apparent on his face and the sweat of his brow.

Ens. Koll, The Man Who Said Too Little

She crossed her arms and cocked her hip. She was five foot nine and a hard won, muscled 200 pounds. But the look, so she had been told, suddenly made her look all soft and female in all the right places. “Ok, Ensign… go ahead… say your piece.” She flashed him a smile like she was doing him a huge favor and not about to pounce him for whatever ridiculous excuse he was about to give.

(the girl who wouldn’t shut up)

Koll at this point was not alone in paying attention to the Junior Officer from Engineering. In fact, there were several Security personnel looking at her… or rather, just behind and above her. Some looked on with trepidation. Some had wide grins on their faces. But all of them were looking. One keyed the office surveillance to record and send to the Security staff.

Koll said softly “Ma’am, you really should stop talking. And you should just… uh… well… maybe you should meet Commander Mardusk before you say anything else?”

Koll, Oh How He Tried

She rolled her eyes and flung her hands up a moment. “FINE! Where is this Commander? Somehow I doubt he has quadruplets he is bringing to work to sit on his lap.” She shook her head and laughed at the silliness of the thought and the vision in her mind.

(about to fail)

Koll went pale and pointed. “He’s right behind you, Ma’am.” he said softly.

Ens. Koll, of the ‘We Tried To Tell You’ Koll’s

“GOOD!” She said and spun around to look at … a wall.

When the realization hit her, she let a small squeak of a scream creep up her throat and come out like a chopped off yelp. “Good Lords… what the hell?” She stumbled back, slipped on the corner of Kroll’s chair and landed on her backside staring up at …

Lera shook her head trying to keep from scrambling back. A momentary look of pure, unadulterated fear flashed over her eyes. But it passed quickly. If he wasn’t looking, he’d miss it. She swallowed and smiled trying to use bravado. “Commander Mardusk, I presume?” She tried to sound like she wasn’t on her backside and wasn’t about to feel her Lieutenant pipps get ripped off her uniform for insubordination.

(of the ‘chewing on the foot in my mouth’ Brisons)

Mardusk was big, even for an Orion. Easily over seven feet in height and weighing more than some of the single cargo crates that were loaded onto the ship, Gravel was not an un-intimidating figure even when he wasn’t angry. When he was? Well…

The massive Orion Security Chief watched her jump, fall, the flash of fear, and the thin attempt at recovery. His bald, green head only inches from the ceiling looked down at her, his emerald eyes locked on and bore into her. He stared at her for a long time, then simply raised a truly massive arm and pointed at the doors to his office.

Mardusk, CoS

She swallowed and fear was swiftly covered with anger. Insubordinate or not, she was gonna get the response from him one way or another. She managed to pull herself back to her feet and planted them firmly. She took a moment to stare at him then moved towards his office, not like a crewman in trouble, but one who was furious it had come to mute pointing and no words. “Fine!” she murmured and went where pointed.


Gravel followed her into the office, walking past her to go behind his desk. “Sit.” was the clipped order and a finger pointed at one of the two chairs in front of the desk. Without waiting to see if she followed orders, he took a seat in the chair behind the desk. As he did, the chair groaned loudly in protest.

Mardusk took a deep breath and, trying to remain calm, said “Now then… I’ll keep in mind that you are very new to this ship. And I’ll even take into account that you didn’t know about my… particular furniture needs… prior to coming here and berating one of my officers. So… keeping those things in mind… why don’t you take this opportunity to tell me why I shouldn’t call Commander Drayke and tell him one of his new Engineering Lieutenants was completely out of line and failed to do the most basic of fact checking before shooting her mouth off about something she apparently knew nothing about and didn’t bother to look into?” His voice sounded like boulders crashing against each other.. a low rumble marked by sharp punctuation.

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘Not Taking Any Lip’)

She had sat down with a murmured, “Yes, sir.” He was an officer. That’s why she obeyed, not because he had scared the wits from her.

She looked at him and the fear had been replaced with anger now. Whether it was directed at him, or at herself, it was hard to say. “I apologize for my tone, but not for my query.” Her words were polite but she was stubborn and she knew it. “No, I didn’t know the circumstances. But had the Ensign merely answered my question at the beginning instead of beating around the bush and making a fool of me,” she took a breath, hearing her voice and pitch rise to the point her own growl was creeping up her throat. “Had he done that, it would have been much simpler. Don’t you agree… Sir?” She cocked her head slightly as if daring him to give credence to the man in the other room had practically baited her into her encounter. Her hands were crossed over the PaDD and her knuckles were white from gripping it.

(apparently giving it anyway)

Mardusk’s voice took on and edge that would have cut the hull open. “You arrog… you are going to try to lay blame on someone else for your piss poor behaviour?!” and his hands clenched into cinderblock-sized fists. “You are really going to blame Koll… who stood there telling you I was behind you but you ignored… you are going to blame him when all you had to do at the start was ask why the specs were the way they were? You didn’t even have to come here, Lieutenant! Not at all! All you had to do was ask ANYONE in YOUR OWN DEPARTMENT why! But no! You trotted your butt down here to make a point. Well, too bad for you you didn’t do your due diligence before hand, huh?!” and he slammed a fist onto the desk interface… cracking the transparent aluminum. Mardusk was full on glowering at her, but managed to stifle the anger… at least for the moment. Leaning back, he clenched his jaw and spoke through gritted teeth.

“A crap officer blames others for their mistakes, and the coward’s way.... the easy way. A good officer takes the harder route, owns their mistakes… makes the best of the lessons that come from ‘em. So tell me, Lieutenant… are you a good officer? Or are you a crap one? Because if you are the latter, I’m just gonna bounce you from this ship right now.”

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘Airlock, Here You Come’)

Her rage at his rage and accusations made her mind numb. She wasn’t even aware she was on her feet till the PaDD and her other hand slammed on the same desk. “I am NO crap officer. Fine… I take the blame. I should have asked. I could have asked the Chief. Or the Assistant Chief who gave me the reqs. Or I could have just commed up here. I didn’t. Ok? It’s my fault, I did it and Kroll was just lousy at pointing behind my back, or I was lousy at seeing. It’s done now. I will make your chair, Sir. And I apologize for my actions.” Realizing, now her standing position, she added in the same voice, “All of them.”

(‘Check please’)

Mardusk looked at her and said in a low, rumbling growl “You just don’t get it, do you? Sit your butt down, Lieutenant. And I wont tell you again.” He leaned forward and said “I’m not the one you need to apologize to. I don’t even know you, Lieutenant! But you come in here, berate one of mine, freak out when you see me, blame him for your abysmal behavior, and then think this about getting a damn chair? Seriously, Lieutenant… who crapped in your omelet, huh?” he asked, with a bit less anger and a bit more concern than he had before.

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘Seriously, What Is Your Problem’)

She sat but her response was as kneejerk as her outburst had been. “Ten Orion males who used me and my crew mates like slave girls and whipping posts for six months!” She growled out as she looked at him. Then her eyes shot wide at the realization she had blurted it out without even thinking. This time the fear that went down her spine was more than evident in her eyes. The PaDD in her lap slid to the floor and she bent to pick it up, using it as an excuse to break eye contact. “I’m sorry, sir…” this time the words were shaky, but they were sincere.

(surprised I still have a butt TO sit on)

Mardusk looked at her, eyes a bit wider in surprise, and his face softened… as much as his could, anyway. He held his tongue for a long moment, and then spoke calmly and evenly, his voice as non-threatening as he could make it. “Lieutenant…I am sorry. And I cannot and will not know what it was that you and your crew endured. If my sudden presence behind you caused you any… discomfort… I sincerely apologize. But, please, hear me when I say this and really take it to heart… what happened to you and the rest of your shipmates is not the fault of anyone on this vessel… especially Ensign Koll. He really was trying to help you. When you leave, I suggest… no… I ask that you speak with him. He is a good officer, Lieutenant. Fair… and understanding. Have a word with him in private.” and he leaned back, and the chair creaked and groaned. “As far as you and I… I think that a call won’t be necessary. But… I want to ask you a couple of questions, if that’s ok with you.”

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘Ah… That Is Your Problem’… My Bad)

She nodded as he said it wasn’t anyone’s fault on the ship. “Yes, Sir… I understand.”

Lera glanced at the door and nodded. “I will apologize, Sir. I give you my word. I had no right to yell at him.” She was looking back up at him. The fear had gone and her body had straightened. She was back to her old self. That meant she was steel spined and stone shielded from the inside out. “You are welcome to ask anything you want, Sir. I will do my best to answer it.”

(OH Pity Party… just what I always wanted… NOT)

Mardusk interlaced his fingers and set them on the cracked display. “I just want to know… and please, be honest. I wont hold anything against you, my word. But I want to know if you have any issues with Orions now? Or all Orion men, anyway? And I will absolutely understand if you do. But I ask because that is something that I, as the Security Chief of this vessel, need to know so I can try and make your time on board more… palatable. And if my presence will be a hindrance to that, well then… I need to figure out a solution.”

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘Well I Could Have Handled That Better, In Hindsight’)

“NO!” She shook her head almost violently. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. “I mean… no, Sir. I don’t hate Orions. They were a rogue faction that had gone against the Orion government. It was actually Orions who saved us after the six months.” She looked back down at her PaDD, her fingers fiddling with the edges. “You startled me, Sir.” She looked up at him and shrugged. “I had no idea the Security Chief was Orion, nor that you were so… big…” Her gaze was steady as if she was trying to decide how honest she could be. Her mind said go for it. Worst case scenario, he hated her for her response. “You startled me.”

(Yup… handled that like crap)

Mardusk simply nodded and said “Understood… and again, I’m very sorry I startled you. I will try not to do so in the future. I’ll ask Engineering to make sure you aren’t assigned any tasks for this department. Not a slight, but I won’t force you to have to interact with me by chance. Again, you don’t need a daily reminder of your ordeal by seeing me regularly.” and he tapped the interface… and again… and again… and then he swore. “Well, I guess that’ll be a ticket for later.” and he looked at her. “Please speak with Koll, otherwise you are dismissed Lieutenant… unless you have anything further?”

Mardusk, CoS (stands for ‘This Is Why You Aren’t Called a People Person’)

Confusion settled on her features for a moment, but then she shut down once more and shook her head.

“No, Sir. And I’ll see to it the console is given priority today.” She nodded to the table and rose. “I will talk to Koll. But please. There is no need to worry about me being assigned tasks here. It will be no trouble. And,” she smiled slightly but it didn’t quite reach her eyes, “No disrespect, but every day is a reminder. You are no more or less a part of that in or out of my sight.” She nodded and headed into the other room and sighed as she came up to Koll.

“Ensign Koll…” she looked to him and hoped he wasn’t gonna rail on her.

(goes to put her other foot in her mouth)

Koll snapped to attention. “Yes, Ma’am!” he said, eyes locked straight ahead and not wavering. His face was mostly blank, but there was a definite bit of apprehension in his eyes.

Koll, He Who Must Not Try And Save Lieutenants From Themselves

She closed her eyes a moment and sighed. “It’s ok, Ensign…I mean, at ease…” Lera moved to lean on the edge of his console. “Sit down, Koll. I may be a higher rank here,” she tapped her collar, “but I think after that,” she nodded with a half smile towards the Chief’s office, “I’m pretty sure you outrank me. I wanted to apologize. You tried to warn me but I thought you were just…” She looked at the PaDD in her hands. “Anyway… doesn’t matter what I thought. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

It cost her to admit that. Even she felt it. But the Security Chief was right. She shouldn’t have taken it out on him. “So, anyway, we ok?”

(She who shall not (no)… She who had not… (ahh heck)… she who screwed up!)

Koll dropped to at ease at her words, but still looked straight ahead. As she spoke, though, a look of confusion and shock replaced the expressionless on his face.

“Uh… ye-… I mean… sure, Lieutenant. Yeah, it’s no problem. We’re good.” and he smiled at her, friendly smile that harbored no hard feelings.

“And I’m sorry I didn’t get it across the Chief was there, I was trying… really. I hope he didn’t tear into you too bad. He’s actually pretty easy going… well, most of the time.” and he half-shrugged at her.

Koll, of the ‘I’m Glad It Wasn’t Me’ Koll’s

She smiled and nodded to his chair. “Sit down… I’m not gonna bite.” She laughed. “And he tore into me as much as was needed. I deserved it.” She waved him off. “Anyway… I’ll get someone up here to fix his console soon as I report back to my Chief.” Het voice gave away the fact she knew another tearing was coming. “And I’m sure he’s great.” She added, turning to go. “Hey, Koll… next time just say ‘he’s right behind you’,” she laughed. “Much easier.” She nodded and headed out into the corridor back to engineering.

“Good job, Ler… way to make an impression,” she grumbled to herself.

(Of the ‘yup it was me’ clan)

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