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The damage was isolated to shields and propulsion.. not that there was too much else tactical on the ship. The weapons for the most part weren’t even targeted as they were minor and were barely capable of engaging the fighter as they were more a ship to ship weapon and couldn’t track a small object like a fighter effectively. Which was ironic because it wasn’t powerful enough to damage a full sized star-ship. The Atlantis probably could take a hit with the shields down without too much problem.


Kelly took the command seat letting out a deep breath. “Mr. Drayke how badly is that freighter damaged and do we have the capabilities to track it’s warp trail?” This was her first thought but there was also the concern of what to do when they caught up to it.

Jacen began bringing up the ship sensors as he looked over the data he was having poured in from his Engineering station. “I think so, we still have some repairs finishing, but I think we can match their speed but… it’s going to take a bit. They used a scrambler to mask their trajectory. I am going to need to narrow it down which will take a bit… but we should be able to get after them soon, especially seeing as it appears their max warp is 6.5. Even with the damage…” Jacen paused as he began swiping to bring up more data regarding the repairs to the ship. “I think we can do warp 7.5 to catch up.” Jacen finished.

“Nr. Nash are we able to take on that ship that was attacking it without the Atlantis sustained further damage?” Depending on the answers she was given would determine her next course of action. The answers she wanted was yes skipper we can track them and yes skipper we can blow them out of the sky without sustaining more damage to the Atlantis.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux CO

Drayke, CE

“Fully functional we could take on a fleet of them but right now we are able to handle that pirate ship with half our torpedos tied behind our back,” an eager ensign from tactical replied before the Lt. Commander could.

“Fleet,” Kelly raised an eyebrow glancing at her Chief Tactical officer.

“Well no one but Wayne Gretsky or the Lorn seem to do anything but annoy us like gnats,” he shrugged.

Even damaged, the Atlantis was the most advanced, combat capable ship they encountered in this sector, with the exception of the Lorn and the Great One. The Atlantis had encountered warships of every major race when in proximity of Base Five and not a single one of them could win a straight fight with her. If she was fully functional… which she wasn’t… she could engage three or four warships. In her current condition she was more than a match for one ship of the line… much less a pirate. Unless the pirate was packing something they had never seen… which was a possibility - an unlikely one but still a possiblity.

Before Kelly could respond a comm message came through.

=^=This is Commander Penny. We see you in proximity of the Freighter. Did you rescue her?=^= The Frontier had left Base Five at the same time but was clearly slower and was 8 minutes distant. =^=Boy your ship can move… =^= Sensors also detected two destroyers of The Nine… running at warp 6 14 minutes off.

Commander Penny Commander of the Frontier
Enodorian Hegemony

“Commander Penny are you able to help the freighter? We are able to engage the pirate ship and were setting a course for such,” Kelly looked over at her engineering, security and tactical chiefs. Right now they had a choice and a say. Kelly always allowed that and now was their time to speak up or indicate agreement with a gesture or other method of acknowledgment.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

=^=If she is stable enough to last until we make it there.=^= Which she was, =^=We can handle it. Where are you off to?=^= Penny thought she had an idea. =^=Perhaps when you come back. We can discuss your next stop. =^=

Commander Penny
Commander of the Frontier
Enodorian Hegemony

Ashlynn’s voice came over the comms =^=Bridge, are we transporting over to the other ship or is that on hold?=^= She asked as she leaned against the wall in the transporter room.


The ship was indeed stable enough to board or leave behind for the Enodorian’s .


=/\=Ashlynn, take an away team from medical and assist the Enodorian’s in helping the freighter. Use a shuttle in case you need to rendevous with us. We are going to pursue the pirates. Stay in communication contact.=/\= Opening a second channel so that Ashlynn could also hear, =/\=Mr. Drayke if you have solved the electrical issue on shuttle Odin is it ready for service=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux

=^=Understood Captain.=^= Ashlynn said as she gathered her team together and headed for the shuttle bay. She left Albert in charge of SIckbay during her absence knowing that eh could handle anything that came their way while they were separated.


With the shuttle safely away Kelly looked out the main viewport. “helm set a course for the pirates and engage,” Kelly commanded.

KellyBordeaux CO

The pirate ship had only a few minutes head start, but the Atlantis had only a 50% speed advantage that would be tested against how well their sensors were able to maintain the trail. There really wasn’t any chance of the Atlantis losing the pirates, but if they went too fast they might miss a turn the pirates made and have to reverse their course.

They could pursue aggressively and risk making a wrong turn, but if no mistakes were made catching the pirate in under 10 minutes, or pursue more cautiously and take about 15.


“Targets moving at Warp 6 Captain,” Nash announced, “we can cruise at 6.8, without rushing we can intercept in 15 minutes. We could go faster but we might be slower to adjust for any changes in their warp trail.”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

SEAI spoke up, “Considering that the difference is negligible between the times, a few minutes at most, I would suggest the more precise, but slightly slower option.”


“Agreed Engage,” Kelly announced taking a deep breath. She knew Jacen would keep her ship in one piece. He just might not be happy with her taking it back into battle.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Glancing at Helm, Nash began to track the warp trail and take note of any changes in heading.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

The Pirate Carrier detected the Atlantis soon after the pursuit and launched sensor decoys, dropping out of warp and purging their anti-matter before rocketing off at a significantly different course. They attempted this three times to no effect. The Atlantis only needed a moment to pierce the anti-matter cloud and their sensors could not be confused by a trick at that tech level… simply because the decoys didn’t have nearly enough power to imitate the carrier.

The Carrier failing at duplicity tried a new tack… heading towards an asteroid field. It still wouldn’t do any good. There was some material that caused sensor disruption but it wouldn’t be enough to hide the carrier… the fighters probably… but the carrier never.


“The Carrier is heading into an asteroid field,” Nash reported, “it isn’t going to hide them from us, maybe if our tech wasn’t as advanced it might. It might also be a trap, they could conceviably hide smaller things in the field, fighters, drones and mines perhaps. A few torpedoes would clear the way.”


Torpedoes would actually make the asteroids into smaller asteroids… like of like the game asteroids. Ultimately if you added enough firepower you could pulverize or vaporize the rocks, but it would b3e a very long project.


Kelly drummed her finger on the edge of her chair getting more annoyed at the game of hide and seek. “True,” she agreed with Nash, “but that might take longer than my patience right now. You know that is not my strong point.”

Looking over at the engineering station, she came up with another idea. “Can we lock a tractor beam and pull that ship out of the asteroid field like a fat kid from a ball pit?” Her analogy was colorful if anything. “Then tactical can target anything that comes out with it.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tractor beams were line of sight tools and had a lesser range than phasers… perhaps 100,000 kilometers.

“Maybe, your husband was the one in fat camp though he might remember better about what it takes to move one out… but I will need to scan the structural integrity and make certain we don’t shear it.” Jacen said as he began scanning the objects.

Drayke, CE

The carrier could handle the tractor beam just fine. It might be relatively primitive, but it was built solidly. In fact she could take several hits by phaser fire and even a torpedo or two. The fighters however were not capable of being tractored against their will…


“Then don’t shear it and bring that carrier back so we can make some friends,” Kelly let out a deep breath. Tapping her console she brought up the scans that the engineers had done on the carrier and the fighter. “Just make sure you steer clear of the fighters. They might not have the structural integrity to stay in one piece if they get caught in the beam.”

Kelly Bordeaux

The fighters were using the asteroids to hide behind. Again against a lessor ship this might be an effective way to hide, but the 54 fighters were easily spotted… not easily hit by phasers. What was becoming evident, if the Atlantis came close enough to tractor the Carrier she would be moving into a pincer of the fighters swarming about.


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