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Ashlynn walked into the shuttle bay and looked at the engineering team “Are we good to go?” She asked as she put her med kit on the shuttle and moved to the helm to begin preflight checks.

Lera (1) came jogging in as the last of them were heading into the shuttle. She had barely finished her check ins a couple days ago. “Trial by fire,” she murmured and nodded to Ashlynn. “Ready,” as she took her seat, stowing her gear kit under her seat.


Ashlynn nodded at Lera “Welcome aboard.” She said

The shuttle was packed pretty tight as there was numerous medical and engineering cargo. The Load Master that had packed the shuttle tight was checking that is crate was secured. “Your stuff and the engineering cargo is ready to haul a$$, Doc. The portable machine part replicator takes up most of the space, there is no portable power source sufficient to operate her so we are going to have to hook her to the shuttle’s drive…”

“It might be problematic, depending on what’s wrong, but that’s the Chief Engineers problem.”

Ensign Load

Ashlynn nodded “Thanks.” She said as she waited for a member of the engineering team to arrive so that they could take off and get to the ship. She had pre flight done and had engines ready to go.


Three Security officers arrived. “Where you want us, Doc? Mr. Mardusk told us to keep you guys safe.”

Mardusk, CoS

Ashlynn looked back “Find a place to sit.” SHe said “We’re going to have an engineer or two with us as well.” She said as she
OOC: Just move to your ‘launching’ procedures - and any safety precautions you are taking. I’ll allow for some crew members to join in as time goes along.

=^= Shuttle Odin, this is the Curiously Strong, You are cleared to dock at the aft pressure door of Cargo Bay three… Illuminated by blue blinking lights.=^= As the words came over the communication system… one of the large cargo doors started flickering in blue light. There was an universal docking port there as well.


Ashlynn saw the blue flashing lights =^=Understood we’ll be docking momentarily.=^= She said as the shuttle left the Atlantis =^=Odin to the Atlantis, we’re clear of the shuttle bay.=^= She said as she piloted the ship toward the other ship and began docking procedures.


The docking went smoothly enough. The Captain was awaiting when the docking doors opened. He spoke almost before the system finished cycling. “I can’t thank you enough At-land-tis, I can’t say I’m familar with your ship or your species… but we don’t check gift Valtrites for running spurs.”

Captain Malk
Curiously Strong transport

((OOC : (1) Her name is pronounced “Lah rah” … first name “Aw Law rain”))

Ashlynn stepped out and greeted teh Captain “You are most welcome Captain. I’m Lt. Commander Ashlynn Summers. I’m the Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis. This is Lt. Lera. She is one of our engineering officers. With her is NE Brokenwind and NE Davis, both engineers. I have NE Gwen and NE Allen, who are part of my medical team.” She said introducing each of the team that was with her. “Why don’t you fill us in on what is going on and where you are in the most need right now.” Ashlynn suggested.


“The ship damage is mostly confined to the engineering compartments and the projectile hardpoints.” He paused, “I guess they didn’t want to hurt the cargo.” He pointed down one length of the ship. He pointed to a man, “Mr. Kenn is our engineer. He can take your personnel there.” The engineer was dirty and had a cut lip but otherwise seemed okay.

“Injuries are also surprisingly few, an offshoot of focused attack on the engines. There was one fatality, from our attempt to repel the boarders, the rest of the injuries were bumps and blows when my crew didn’t respond fast enough to their directives. The had the crew they weren’t using in a cargo bay. I’m not sure they were going to let us all live - which is unusual for pirates. The punishment for mass murder is much higher than piracy…”

Captain Malk
Curiously Strong transport

Auleraine nodded to the Captain. “Sir, I’m happy to help Mr. Kenn, Broke and Davis can help assess the hull damage and see what we need to do to the outside as well as inside to maintain your integrity.” She glanced to Ashlynn to see if there was anything else she could suggest.


Ashlynn nodded “Sounds good. Take a security officer with you.” She said “Captain, what cargo was taken, have you had a chance to assess that as of yet?” She asked “Mr. Keen would you like us to treat your lip before you head off?” She asked quickly, realizing that he had an injury. She motioned for Gwen to go take care of the engineer. Once he was cared for “Can you show us the rest of your injured and then we’ll figure out how we can help you reclaim the cargo you lost. Could you identify the pirates if you were to see them again?” She asked.


The engineer attempted to wave off the medical officer, ineffectively. After a moment Mr. Kenn decided it would take longer to continue to fight off the doctor then to let the caster of spells to heal him.

“They stripped the cargo pretty fast, but your arrival prevented the removal of the heavy stuff. They took the high quality, low weight items, the injectors, some of the liquor, a few art items… they had value, but weren’t particularly special.

The review of the damage report didn’t take particularly long. Scans from the engineer’s tricorders and the shuttles sensors confirmed the information given. The ship itself was sound enough. Nothing on the exterior could be fixed readily by the Away party and the equipment they brought but fortunately nothing was about to blow up and force the ship to lose atmosphere. Even if the Atlantis hadn’t run off they would be hard pressed to fix the transport’s hull or hard points.

Internally the engineering section had most of their warp power conduits rocked out alignment. Damage to the containment system was also pretty extensive.


Lera listened, the mental notes in her head as she thought of what would need to be done. From shoring up inside and outside the ship, to assisting with getting disabled systems back up and running.


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