A Troubling Journey (Cheeseball III, everyone interested invited - Side Sim

Posted May 30, 2020, 9:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone (Chief Science Officer) (Jay Luistro)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone (Chief Science Officer) in A Troubling Journey (Cheeseball III, everyone interested invited - Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone (Chief Science Officer) in A Troubling Journey (Cheeseball III, everyone interested invited - Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone (Chief Science Officer) in A Troubling Journey (Cheeseball III, everyone interested invited - Side Sim


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Moving from his chair Chris began to stir as he turned back to everyone. “Well… that went about as well as I thought it would… how are you two?” he asked as he began to move out of the chair pushing aside the rubble.

Robins, Stellar Cartography

“You planned on this,” Lexi looked at Chris a bit shocked. He was a damn good pilot so if this crash was his upside, then they were in a whole lot more trouble than she ever thought.

IC: “Well- ugh. Beside that I am bleeding and that your beautiful woman and my dog are both taking care of me, it is wonderful. No offense for both of you.” He looked Rylee and Lex together “anyway, that’s not the problem. We are cut out by communication and this does not seem the planet I saw from the stars.” He paused “also, what the heck is that thing!” He pointed out an edgy black stuff that was half covered by one of the hills nearby “we shall see if it is something built or a natural structure.”

“Easy there Captain Federation,” Lexi teased pushing Kai back slightly “Let me get this fixed up before you decide to solve the mysteries of planet Cheeseball,” she chastised her boss but with a soft tone to her voice. Running the tricorder down his cut, it was soon sutured shut. Rifling through the medical kit, she found the standard mix of hypos and gave him the standard cocktail. Hopefully it would be enough to fix what was wrong until real medical could lool at the science chief.

Then being said he tried to stand up and made way through the debris even knowing that Lexi would have not be any happier of his decision to move.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“Hey boss,” Lexi half squealed half yelled. “I am not a doctor but I am not sure you should be galavanting around like an antelope on the savannah,” she moaned high stepping over things that had fallen into the path from the crash landing. She only stopped talking the second she looked out the cracked viewport with Kai.

“It seems the planet amuse you, better than I do.” He joked.

“Okay why is this place green,” her scientific curiosity began to take over leaving her concerns as Nurse Lexi took a back seat in her personality. Punching a few buttons on the console, the display flickers to life. “Seventy-eight percent nitrogen, twenty-one percent oxygen, nine-tenths percent argon, and point oh three percent carbon dioxide,” she said happily. “We can breath.”

“Interesting place.” Kai commented “O-okey, Chris, Lexi. Let’s get a move. We cannot communicate with the Atlantis and the Atlanteans. So we might get a look of that black structure right there, are we?”

“Do animals in phylum Chordata have notochords,” Lexi grinned at her insanely geeky science joke. It would only be understood by science officers and only funny to the biological divisions.

“I cannot figure out what’s so funny about that, yet.” Kai chuckled while removing some stick and stones around the site “you biologist are weird. Well physicist are not that different.”

Lexi broke out laughing. “No, we are just big kids because still get to play in the mud and get to run around chasing animals to see how they react. Astrophysicists are dreamers that spend most of their lives wishing on a star and physicists are fascinated with creating the big ba da boom or stop the big ba da booms,” she summed up her view on the sciences. “You are right though sir, we all are not that different in the things that make us say woah,” she imitated a surprised face that was the hallmark expression of any scientist figuring out a great mystery. “I think that is why we all get along so well.”

The pointy and solid structure made of some sort of alien material, was nonetheless far than 2/3 kilometers from their position. From what they would have learned from this journey would have been a creepy but interesting experience - indeed population were living on that planet, but a major entity would have conditioned their return to the ship, making it difficult to everyone on land.

Moving from her spot she walked back to the hatch, grabbed a science kit from the floor, and opened the door. A gust of cool spring air rushed into the now nonpressurized cabin. The air was cooler than she expected but not chilly.

Lexi Robins.

Kai stood up and helped Chris to take the route with him toward the shuttle hatch. Following his subordinate, he took on the way a tricorder and one of the phaser rifles he was sure he would have not used. Apparently they would have been essential to survive on the planet.
Exiting the spacecraft the CSO took a deep breath, still mumbling about his injury and as he looked around he said “Well. Chris, before you leave, take the remaining phasers. We don’t know what we can find. Lexi?” He called her “let’s find a good place for a shelter before departing.”
Knowing he was still the lowest in grade, it was funny to him to give order to someone higher in rank.

“Alright…” Chris said as he went back grabbing more of the gear.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Grabbing a backpack from one of the storage compartments she slid it on her back and came up behind Kai. “Sir,” she said in a happy tone, “what if we just bring a tent with us. That way we can spend more time if needed exploring than coming back to a base. Turns out Aedan Teller spared no expense on anything here,” Lexi patted the pack before sliding it onto her back.

“If we have one still intact we can do that. Otherwise, we will have to use our brute force to create a shelter.” He smiled at Lexi and checking that Chris was behind them at the same time.

“Too bad we didn’t bring Drayke with us then. Is it wrong of me that I kinda wanna see the angry Irish come out when he taunt him with a pile of sticks and say show me your mad engineering skills,” Lexi teased?

“Hey give me one of those,” Lexi gestured to Chris for one of the phasers he picked up which Kai had asked him to grab. As he placed it in her hand her nose wrinkled up. “Wait why did I get the girl gun,” Lexi looked at Chris. His phaser was definitely larger than hers. “Gimmie yours,” she motioned for her husband to pass over his weapon as she waved the smaller version at him with her other hand.

“Because unlike you I passed my firearms training… you get that until you pass rifle handling.” Chris said as he refused to hand over his rifle.

“hey you two!” called both officers “just don’t fire those things. We might “break” something” he giggled.

Turning her focus back to her boss, Lexi pulled out a tricorder. “So what do you think that black thing is,” she posed the question to the group, “maybe a fungus or slime mold?”


“That big?” he asked curiously “Well, if it is something that lives, then wow that’s some huge being. I guess anyway it is something built.” Kai concerned about the nature of the black thingy.
All around species of luminescent fungus and plants were surrounding the environment. Tall were the threes with a blueish and mostly green color. Also some weird animals walked freely all around the group that in the forest was walking in: then a puffy and seemingly innocent animal came along them and so the CSO stopped everyone “Lexi? Come here.” he called his subordinate for some scanning. The animal seemed to be pacific and curious. What they could not predict would have been a virus that was spread everywhere and even that fluffy ball was pathogen-filled.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“Yeah boss,” Lexi walked over to where he was standing.

Lexi Robins.

“This is all fascinating and all, but shouldn’t we be finding ways to communicate to the Atlantis? Who is gonna pick us up after you two nerds find something new and exciting?” Chris suggested, shaking his head as they fawned over the fauna.

Robins, Stellar Cartogprahy

“Everything has its time. For now we are going to focus reaching that weird black thingy and look at the nature around us. The communication are stuck but maybe we can take with us the Comm Relè.” Kai said crouching toward the white fluffy thing “is this safe to touch, Mrs. Robins?” Asked her teammate while he looked through the little creature eyes.

“It seems innocent enough and appears to be mammalian in origin or maybe ornithological,” she attempted taxonomy on a visual examination. The case of the Earth’s platypus showed this was not the best scientific method at times but right now she didn’t have anything else. Pulling out a tricorder, Lexi began to scan it as she spoke. “My guess is yes,” she said waiting to get back a reading.

At a certain point, then something was spit into everyone’s face: nothing stinky, nor harmful, but still sticky.

“Ugh,” she wiped at her neck feeling the sticky substance cling to her like a spider web. “Okay so instead of a chick we might be dealing with an Onychophora,” Lexi flicked it off her hand. “That’s a velvet worm,” she stated for the record. “This stuff reminds me of that lets just hope it doesn’te paralyze us making us easy prey,” she studied the mucousy substance.

“Oh jesus! That is gross!” Kai shouted as he stood up and cleaned his face “well… ugh. Look around, I’ll going to take the relè with us so we will have a chance to communicate if we find a good spot.”
As he said he returned to the shuttle but struggled to take the massive module. Then, with the big box on his back, Kai returned breathing heavily and grumbling about his pain “Oh jeez, I’m not practiced. Let’s go?” Asked to his former team members.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“Chris go help him,” Lexi said off-handed still studying the thick sticky substance the creature had shot out. “And bring me back some stasis jars. I want to get some samples of this to study later.” It was then Lexi got a huge smile. “Oh my god maybe if we find a way to chemically bond it with the boom slime we can make it target specific.”

Lexi Robins

“You always find something to add to our weapon uh? Also when we’ll update Starfleet Command about our discovery? They waited our report some weeks ago.” Kai asked Lexi giggling “anyway it is better that you analyze that substance. If we will return to the Atlantis, which we will do, we need to know if it contains harmful virology agents.”

As they kept walking, Kai found a good place where to put a tent. Not too far from the shuttle and not too far from the apparent tether or whatever it was. As he laid down the comm relè, Kai took the tent bag and started to remove the items from the sack.
“Well, we will firstly install this. Then we can try to find some food and go to check that thingy. If you want, Lexi, you can stay here and install a basic lab for all your experiments. Chris? You may try to find some edible stuff. I don’t think that the Atlantis will be able to find us right away and these supplies will not endure.”
He took some sticks and started assemble the tend.

Ensign Kai O. Kingstone - CSO


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