Main reception room Perkins meets Drayke at the Christening of the New USS Atlantis D

Posted June 1, 2020, 11:31 a.m. by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Admiral Perkins surveyed the room. Kelly’s crew seemed distinctly loyal but there was always one. One officer that could be tempted to see the benefits of a casual relationship and the perks random updates could bring. Information was always more powerful than weapons. As he surveyed the room Perkins debates where to start. He had the dossiers on everyone. Now it was time to play on the cracks in their armor. Power was all about promises and Perkins was all about promises.

“Commander Drayke,” Perkins took a seat at the bar next to the chief engineer. “Surprised to see your name on the crew roster. I had heard you were taking a sabbatical?” Drayke was one of the top engineers in the fleet. Kelly was lucky to have him. It was no secret the previous XO left for some religious reason on her homeworld. The puzzle was why the husband was sitting here alone at the bar. Since he couldn’t work the revenge angle on him he would have to work the friend one until he found the man’s weakness. Marital discord was too obvious but then again at times obvious was simply obvious.


“No…” Jacen said as he looked over Perkins as he shook his head as he looked over at the man. “Not now,” Jacen said as he got up from his chair and began walking away from the man.

Drayke, CE

“Oh then my mistake,” Perkins replied. “However I am surprised that you did not take the position being offered in the sector of your wife’s home planet. Corsan is is not,” he let his voice trail off. “The position was for a Captain to oversee the project. I had put your name forth and was surprised you chose not to take it. I mean you would not be separated from your wife and child,” Perkins let out a sigh that was meant to sound empathetic but to most is sound like a slow leak from a tire. “May I ask why you did not apply? Captain Bordeaux did tell you that you were the first candidate on the list to assume the position. With all your years of experience, it would have yours.” Perkins let the news hang in the air studying the face of the man before him. Drayke was obviously disgruntled. These were the best people to sway to particular points of view and often did not need much encouragement.


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