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Mardusk chuckled a deep, throaty laugh. “Oh, if you want to see her face when she fell, I saved the vid feed. I show it to my team when they are having a bad day. Never fails to brighten a foul mood.” and he laughed again.

She grinned conspiratorily at Lera, “Don’t worry Lera, if I can get a hold of that vid I’m sure I can point out the equally memorable look on his face. Subtle and well concealed but there non-the-less.” This was purely guess work on Revna’s part. But she was sure that Mardusk was as taken aback by Lera as she had been by him. They wouldn’t be sitting at this table together if he hadn’t. And the comment was meant to ease Lera’s embarrassment some as well.

He looked at Lera and said “So I had my eval with the Counselor here earlier. You should get yours knocked out when you can.” The statement was off the cuff, but there was a subtle hint of concern in his voice that only Lera or someone very astute at listening would have been able to catch.

Mardusk, CoS

A quick flash of something… pain, perhaps… flashed on Lera’s face. It was gone swifter than her breath, though and she smiled. “Bet you say that to everyone who shows an interest in you.” She laughed but it was once more a bit off for her.

Revna was a very astute listener. She had to be to be as good at her job as she was. She had wondered if this was what Mardusk had been up to by inviting her to dinner. Not at first she hadn’t, but the longer she sat with them the more she had wondered. Before anyone else could respond to the concern in Mardusk’s voice, Revna sighed dramatically. “Really? You know Mardusk I’m not on duty all the time.” She laughed, easing the tension at the table emphasizing the joke. “I mean I’ve done evals in the lounge before, but I was so enjoying a friendly dinner.” She turned to Lera, “You don’t mind if I decline for tonight do you? I can always set something up tomorrow.” She looked like she was practically begging Lera to let her off the hook. Then she winked at her and nodded at Mardusk, “If you talk as much as him we’ll be here till after midnight.” Revna had already figured out that Lera was easily uncomfortable around others and that she felt out of place at times. Her own quick trip to the bar had made her unsettled. And the concern in Mardusk’s tone told her a lot. She’d do what she could for Lera, but she had to get her to trust her and talk first. Revna took a long sip of her drink.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

A non verbal ‘thanks’ came from Lera’s eyes as Revna made the ‘plea’. “Of course. Please, don’t let me be the one to fill your schedule,” she laughed and it was more relieved. “I am sure we can find time later. I think tonight we should certainly focus on food and friends. Yes?” She glanced back at Mardusk hoping he would understand. It cut her, slightly, that he would make such a suggestion with the woman right there. She hoped, deep down, that he had meant it as a joke. But in her heart, she knew he was saying it to also let the Counselor know she probably needed it.

Pushing her plate of chocolate towards the Counselor, she smiled. “I say we share this, while he eats his portion. I don’t recommend trying to share with him,” she turned and stuck her tongue out teasing him with a laugh. “He doesn’t play nice with others when it comes to desserts.” Glancing back at Revna she smiled. “Bet he didn’t bring that up during his talk with you. Did he?” She laughed once more and let it all pass as she took a bite of the cake, grateful for her morning gym workouts to keep her from getting too large to crawl thru Jeffries tubes.


“Hey, you want my dessert you have the same chance as anyone else of getting it… none.” and he laughed. At that moment, a pair of voices began to raise up over the din of conversation.

Revna chuckled and looked at Lera, “I’m not dumb enough to brave that. I think I’ll just share with you.” She took a small bite. “And no he didn’t mention that, but then again I didn’t ask about his dessert sharing habits.” She seemed to ponder the idea, “I may have to add that to my list of required questions.”

Two Ensigns, one Science and one Engineering, were arguing loudly by the bank of replicators. “I was here first. You cut in front of me! For no reason! It’s not like these things run out of whatever you are trying to get.” said the Scientist. The Engineer responded in turn “You’ve been standing here for give freaking minutes! I don’t know how long you blue-backs get for a meal, but we actually have work to do in my department!”

Revna heard the commotion and turned to look, starting to stand up. She was a peace keeper and out of years of personal habit she’d made a name for herself on her previous ships. Before security she was often called first to defuse situations. But as the shouting started and the crowd gathered, Revna hesitated, her face going very pale. She sat pulling absently at the collar of her shirt her breath suddenly shallow and her mind obviously elsewhere.

Lera saw the spectacle and guessed Mar would deal with it. Had he not been there, she would have gotten up. But as Revna sat down, she reached her hand to touch the other woman’s arm in concern and support. She smiled and mouthed, Watch this, just as Mardusk stood up.

A low growl came from Mardusk and said softly “Excuse me for a moment, won’t you ladies?” and he slid from the booth and began moving through the people who had stopped what they were doing to watch. As he moved, the onlookers parted as if he was an ocean going vessel cutting through high seas. He came up beside the two and bent low, putting his hands on his thighs and looking each one in the eye in turn. From the table, his words were inaudible and his back was to Jim dinner companions, but the reaction of the two was perfectly visible. First, shock. Then, slight protest followed immediately by a sharp straightening of the backs of the two and then a unison “Yes, sir Commander.” Mardusk straightened up and crossed his arms on his chest. The two picked up their meals and went to a table in direct line of sight to Mardusk’s seat with the two women and the Ensigns sat, shook hands, and began eating in silence.

Mardusk made his way back to the table and took a seat, picked up the pitcher of beer and took a large drink. Setting it down, he looked at the two women and said “Sorry about that. Now… where were we?”

Mardusk. CoS

Mardusk’s return seemed to snap Revna back from where ever her thoughts had gone. She picked up her glass, tossed the rest of the whisky back and slammed the glass down on the table harder than she should have. She swore silently to herself. This had to stop, before it happened again. She couldn’t do her job like that. She shook her head in apology to Lera. At Mardusk’s question she looked over at the bar and got Harry’s attention. “I’m getting you a whole other cake and pitcher of beer, on me, for saving me from having to deal with that.” She nodded towards the unruly ensigns now eating quietly.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera laughed. “Well, you two can have it. I have a refit of three shuttles and two runabouts this week. Means my gym time will be zero.” She shook her head and nodded to her slice. “I’m gonna stick to just this or I won’t fit under a couple of those consoles.” She laughed at Revna and winked. “But you two, knock yourselves out. I’ll live vicariously thru you and your sugar comas.”


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