Nash's Quarters, Late Night Talks

Posted Sept. 13, 2020, 2:25 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash (Chief Tactical Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in Nash’s Quarters, Late Night Talks
After dinner Revna headed back to her quarters, which, luckily for her, were just down the corridor. She entered and sat down at her desk and leaned back. She breathed slowly forcing the air. Her hands were cold, but not tingling yet. But her chest was tight and the sensation made her feel like she couldn’t breath as deep as she really could. She checked the time, and she should have left dinner much earlier, at least for a few minutes, to do this. Rather than lean forward, she swiveled her chair so she could reach the small medical box on her desk. She placed it in her lap and opened it. She pulled out the hypospray the doctor had given her. She did another evaluation of the amount of pain and difficulty she was having, adjusted the dosage according the doctor’s instructions. She unbuttoned the top of her collar and pressing the hypo to the side of her neck, hit the button to administer the medicine. She replaced the hypo to the box and put it back on her desk. She closed her eyes as she waited for the medicine to start working. That was the beauty of hyposprays, they worked fast. It would only take a moment, and not minutes.

Now to decide if she was going back out. Of course if she asked Runa, Runa would send her to bed like a sick child. She smiled, it was a blessing to have her here, but really, it was curse too. Runa was bossy and nosy. Well, if Revna was honest, so was she when it came to her sister. While she waited for the medicine to kick in, Revna let the tighter braids out of her hair and wove them again into loser holds, simply to give herself something to do while she thought. Well the invitation was one she didn’t want to turn down, so now that the medicine was working, “Computer, Where is Lt. Cmdr. Nash?”

LT. CMDR. NASH IS IN HIS QUARTERS. Revna got the location and then headed out of her quarters, down the corridor and got on the turbolift. Once it stopped at the designated deck, she stepped out and down to her destination. She pressed the chime. When the door opened, with a michevious glint to her copper colored eyes, and half grin, “You said something about talking?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I lied,” Nash admitted, but he smiled. Not a smirk or a grin, but a small, genuine smile. “I hate talking, but come in and take a seat. I’ll get you a drink, you look like you could use something mellow.”

He turned for a cabinet that was off to one side, an old thing with wooden doors framed by glass that opened to reveal a selection of real alcohol from across the galaxy, and a number of tumblers and glasses of various shapes and sizes to go with them. It showed a person with an eye for detail, rather than someone who simply drank for the sake of drinking. A purpose to what he did that showed thought rather than reaction. “I’m glad you accepted my invite though,” Nash told her, “I enjoyed our short stint in the nebula. Is there anything you fancy to drink in particular?”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

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