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Revna kept her attention on Shade, but she didn’t like the sound of Alfo’s voice. Often a lisp makes one appear softer and weaker than you were, and though he obviously used the lisp regularly, Revna was sure it was all for sure. This man was not somone she would want to meet in a back ally alone.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Kelly opened her mouth to speak and then paused ever so slightly. Alfo was speaking the truth plain and true. While Starfleet might not approve of the Atlantis cavorting with pirates or at least minimally people of lesser reputations, the powers that be made allies of the Ferengi. “So are you here to hire us for a job or help you with one?” As soon as the words left her mouth one other sentence popped into her mind. It was the unofficial motto of the ship. Its better to beg for forgiveness that ask for permission. This would not be the first time she had had to beg for forgiveness on bended knee and it wouldn’t be the last. One just purchased really good knee pads when you dealt with pencil pushers. At the end of the day it was about why you did something. If brass demanded an apology for something she did that saved lives or minimized a crisis, she was fine with giving them the lip service apology.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“No no… no one is hiring us… right?” Ian said with a wide eyed look as he glanced over at Kelly. The PR nightmare that would become if any whiff of that came out. “We lend aid, we fight off baddies… we don’t get hired… nor do we accept help from those that hurt others.” Ian said in a escaperated tone. None of this seemed to be going to plan. His job was to keep Kelly on a narrow path and defuse volitle situations, right now he felt like a powder keg was in the room.

Bordeaux, CDO

Alfo paused and looked at Ian. “Am I negotiating with the wrong person, Captain.” As his glance returned to Kelly. “Your aide seems to question every thing you say and hear, before you get to respond.”

“No I am the Captain of the ship. As to why Lt. Commander Bordeaux seems to question things....ever try to work with your spouse,” she let out a small laugh.

“Yes, of course.” Alfo tilted his head slightly. “He is a handsome man. I can see why you keep him around.”

Ian titled his eyebrow at the comment. Handsome or not, he was the one who often lead negotiations like this. It was the job he had been giving, make peace where possible, let Kelly blow up the rest. It’s a shock sometimes Chris didn’t request this ship sooner, her cavalier approach often reminded him of her.

He now looked as if he were addressing both of them. “I don’t presume to know what you are willing to do. If you want… work… I can find you that. If you want a cut of our profits to let us be on our way, I can arrange that too… The other option.. supplies, repairs, and or an alliance… well that is more of a two way street and it appears that you like to keep us at a disadvantage.”

Alfo and the slient Shade.

Revna’s voice was smooth, but low in volume as she spoke and it carried across the room, but they would have to listen carefully. She had often used this voice when a patient was troubled and needed to stop panicking and think. That wasn’t the purpose here, she simply wanted their attention. “You came to negotiate, and so far you have made offers, but no requests. It leaves me wondering what you want, or what you think you can get from us. And as of yet you have offered nothing that is of much consequence to us.” Kelly wanted Billy Bad Butt, well let them think they have nothing the ship needed. They did need repairs, they did need a safe place to do that. But to be the baddest meanest kid on the playground, you had to make sure no one KNEW that. “So what do you want Mr. Alfo? What is it you think you can get from us? And what do you really have to offer?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“To leave alive that’s what I want. A friend if you wish to be.” Alfo smirked at the counselor and waved his hands in a grand fashion with a bow. “The lamb does not make demands of the lion. You have us at a disadvantage, your Captain and her advisor has said as much with word, deed, and half veiled threat. If this is actually a fair negotiation, then let us be on our way and I will bid you a good day.” He turned to the Captain. “Are you what you claim to be… Captain… Explorers or those who use force to instill their will?”

Alfo, seizing opportunity offered

Kelly shifted in her seat looking at Alfo. “We have no intention of harming you. You will leave as you came whenever you choose to but,” she said in a neutral tone, “I am most interested in your offer to help us refill our supplies. You mentioned something about alliances and a commercial center,” Kelly asked.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Supplies are easier.” He paused. “Our base of operations… is covert. I’m sure you understand. You could easily pretend to seek an arrangement and instead find our base and capture it. That level of arrangement requires trust.”

“If you could give me a list of your needs. We can continue our discussion.”


“We can ask our department heads what they need, I am sure we can find some things you might be able to help…” Ian said with a cautionary tone to his voice. He wasn’t still certain if this was the way to go, but it was the way they were going regardless.

Bordeaux, CDO

Revna was not leaving the dynamic duo of Bordeaux alone to fall into the trap that Alfo was attempting to lead them into, and that was to divide them. Odinson was watching, hopefully he remembered. She moved her hands to her lab and one began tapping out a silent and strange rhythm. Morse Code. They’d used it as children. She requested a list of non sensitive materials for each department and two additional items. A gift for their guests from the captain. The first for Shade, the statue and consummate soldier–a Leatherman multi-tool. And for Alfo. Well Alfo was very concerned with his appearance and he liked “handsome” things. A black horned comb bejeweled with amethyst. It was on her desk in her quarters. Alfo was fond of his hair and he should like the ornate gift. She didn’t know how they would get it to her, transporter perhaps, so that it mysteriously appeared. But the more mystery the better.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

One deck above, D’vash continued to pay close attention to the conversation taking place when he noticed the tapping coming from Revna. He smirked when he realized that she still remembered the Morse Code from all those years ago. In her position, she probably didn’t have much opportunity to use it, where he still found it handy in certain situations. After deciphering the dots and dashes in his head, he send a comm to the quartermaster to either retrieve the items she had asked for or replicate them, then deliver them to Mardusk who waited outside the conference room. It was he that should deliver them to Revna.

“Would you like to come for dinner. You mentioned trust and I can think of no better way to learn to trust someone than over dinner. Unless we are on a time table for you to get back,” Kelly asked looking at Shade and Alfo. “You are more than welcome to invite a few more of your senior staff if you so choose.” Depending if he accepted and who Alfo brought over was who Kelly would invite on her end. Loose lips often sunk ships and she always felt diplomatic functions were easier when food was being served than when it wasn’t.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

“I feel as if I should invite you to my ship, so that you might enjoy the foods of my sector of space.” Alfo paused as he looked at Shade. “It would be both prudent and imprudent to bring some of my top officers. But you have me and my ship at such a disadvantage already putting my entire command structure in your hands… no matter how noble would be unwise.”


After confirmation of the order, he went back to observing Alfo and Shade. Something about the two was causing more suspicion than it should. He had to wonder if they really the officers they claimed to be. Alfo was the mouthpiece, but he occasionally looked to Shade lmost to ask what he was saying was right. Was Shade really the one in charge, letting Alfo pretend so that he could observe and learn. . . .

Odinson (CIO)

“Then dinner at your place,” Kelly immediately agreed. Seeing what they were up against was far better than guessing. She didn’t believe for one second Alfo and Shade were as helpless as he continued to preach against the Atlantis. The also did not have the crew roster so whoever Kelly stuck in a uniform their new friends would have to believe as fact. This meant Odinson and Mardusk could don a security uniform and be armed which was probably far deadlier than anyone imagined. “So how many crew am I allowed to bring over,” she asked not looking anywhere but straight ahead trying not to smirk at the mental images in her mind of Mardusk wearing an Ensign uniform. The man would definitely have to work on the swagger of his stride. No ensign was ever that confident.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

Alfo paused, surprised that the Captain agreed so readily. Either the Captain was very trusting or very secure in the knowledge that the Atlantis could defeat them at will. “Half a dozen, enough to be social not to many as to be overwhelming.” He spared Shade a sidelong glance, to which Shade almost imperceptibly shrugged.

Revna still had her focus on Shade. Trying to decipher that man was like trying to argue with a brick wall. There was nothing there, well almost nothing. Alfo kept glancing at him for confirmation. Either because he trust Shade’s judgement or to make sure he was playing a part well. She was curious to see their reactions to the captain’s gifts she’d arranged. She had no doubt that they would arrive. She was also very curious to see what Shade’s reaction would be to Kelly agreeing to have dinner on their ship.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Your teleportation device… could it return us to my ship as readily as it removed us from the shuttle?” (The pirate ship had polarized their hull - similarly to the tech level of other ships that they had encountered - At the magnitude of polarization it would prevent a transport) “Then we would not have to go through the bother of going to the shuttle.”

Alfo and Shade

Jen cut in through the comms units .. =^= Their ship hull is polarized. Not strong but transporters are a no go through them. =^=

“It could,” Kelly agreed but wasn’t ready to announce that their polarized hull might cause issues like it did at the starbase with the Lorn, “but your shuttle would just be floating around space. It would make no sense to have you just leave it in space would it Mr. Shade?” Kelly looked at Alfo and then back at Shade for an answer.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Revna was still watching Shade, she was also wondering where her delivery was. She had no doubt Odinson got the message, so where was it? Their guests were getting ready to leave, and they needed that before they did. “If I may, Captain and Mr. Alfo. We did promise that you would be returned in the same manor in which you arrived. You would come by shuttle and would leave by shuttle. That your pilot and shuttle would be allowed to return to your vessel while you were here, and then again we would ensure your safe return on your shuttle. I believe it would be best to keep to our word. We do not need to cause any undo panic among your crew that you suddenly appear and your pilot to panic when you are not returned. We are a people of our word.”

On a hunch, Revna stood and walked about the room, refilling drinks. It would keep them there a bit longer. She half turned, so she could continue to observe their guests, “Captain, with your permission, I will retrieve the items you wanted.” She hoped that Kelly and Ian would just play along. They had no idea what she was up to. She moved over to the door that Mardusk was supposed to be stationed by and rapped softly on it, waiting. Hoping on the other side, Mardusk or someone else had the PaDD with needed materials and the two gifts she had requested.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

The door slid open and the big green bulkhead that was Mardusk was visible against the far wall. An arm reached across the passage and had the PaDD and the other requests. “Everything smooth, Counselor?” he asked wi5h a glance past her into the room, a wary eye on their ‘guests’.

Mardusk, CoS

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