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“Well then, as far as your aunt goes, the only thing you can do is keep asking and listen. When she’s ready she’ll tell you. And she may not. Everyone has different ways of dealing with trauma. The best we can do is listen and be present when we are with them.” Revna considered his last statement. “I don’t think you’re paranoid, Kai. I think you are cautious and evaluate your current experiences based on your past. And that’s all anyone can do.”

“The best we can do…” Kai whispered to agree with the counselor “Ugh… if you think I am not paranoid then I should listen to you, Miss Edman.” The Lieutenant faked a smile “I just- I just feel misplaced and stuff that’s it. I guess.”

“Why do you feel you are paranoid, Kai?” Revna saw the fake smile and felt like there was something more there than Kai was telling her. “Why do you feel misplaced?”

“Now, let’s go back to that grounding exercise. Now that we have moved past it a little ways, how do you feel about it? Do you still think it helped you, or should we try something different?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I think it helped, somehow.” Kai shrugged his shoulders thinking about how he felt in that moment “but there’s still something that does not convince me. I mean my aunt never told me yet about this from her perspective but does not me allow to physically comfort her either. I feel like in a limbo, Counselor. It is just so hard to believe she refuses every kind of comfort.” The CSO was usually seen as a strong man in character, but sometimes even the best walls falls down. Now he tried to be reconstructed but knew that if things were not settling between him and his aunt, he would have passed a long period with the Counselor.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Revna took a breath and considered. She felt that Kai needed to comfort his aunt for himself and not necessarily for her. She had no doubt he loved and cared for his aunt very much. “I know you want to comfort her, but perhaps she’s not ready, or perhaps because she is your aunt, she sees herself as your elder as a second parent, she can’t bring herself to put this on you, because she cared for you. But when someone else experiences a trauma similar to our own we must allow them to cope in their way not in ours. When you were a child, you needed to share your story and receive physical comfort. Your aunt may not find it comforting or helpful to talk about and be physically comforted. Forcing someone to cope with their trauma in our way can make their trauma worse. We have to love them enough to let them heal their way, not our own.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

We have to love them enough to let them heal their way the phrase stuck in Kai’s head. For some moments the CSO stayed silent and indeed he looked at his hands almost like recalling something “I totally forgot this side of the events. You’re right counselor.” He sighed closing his eyes “You’re totally right. She was like a second mother to me as mine was always busy with Starfleet. Nothing wrong there, she loved me as my aunt did. But I feel like an equivalent connection and it is in my nature to feel empathy. Ugh, I should sometimes remember that pressing isn’t always the way… What I can do then?” Crossing his arms Kai was a bit lost about what was his role there “I know I mustn’t comfort her but… I can do something else? To help her?”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“Do you have pictures of you and your aunt? Or maybe of just her or just you, but it was something that you did together. You can send her those pictures. Maybe 1 or 2 at a time. So you can send them over a long period. She gets them every week. Something to look forward to. Or if not pictures write her a letter and tell her, ‘remember that time we did....’ and fill in the blank. Arrange to have her favorite candy delivered, or something that she likes. And most importantly just keep sending her letters, tell her about what you are doing, and always remember to tell her you love her. That’s the best thing you can do,” Revna told him. Kai was caring individual and she was sure that this situation was hard for him, double so with being out of touch for the moment.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Yes I do have. So I should send her pics of us, not all in once. And letters,” he checked an invisible list in his head. Kai was practically a human computer that could register lots of informations before forgetting them “what about if I send her some pastry… or cakes? She taught me how to cook them and I honestly love the way she taught me on how to do it. I mean it is not a picture but it is also something that makes sense… I guess?” He shrugged his shoulder looking at the counselor.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Revna smiled and nodded, “Those are all excellent ideas, Kai. Make sure to put any pastries in a stasis box, so they don’t go bad on the way. But little things like that, are a wonderful and meaningful way to let people know you are thinking about them and that you care. And those things help to reminder her of happy memories and of how close you are.” She sat back and considered Kai for a moment. “Now what about you? How are you going to deal with the fact your aunt isn’t ready to talk yet? It upsets you, and that is okay. But we, you and I, don’t want you to struggle because of it. So what shall we do to help you?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I guess Crio-Chamber will help with gelato.” He giggled “to me? I am not upset, probably a bit disappointed. She is the first to tell me to let out things you may probably get yourself sick and well she isn’t following her own rules. But for the rest, I may just get too worried that things can, how can I say, roll down a hill. My aunt is a strong person I know but even something like a terroristic attack can be devastating. I am taking more camomile than ever so I can stay calm, but I think isn’t working? Not even my job is good enough to calm me, Miss Edman. I just don’t know what fish to fish (italian saying to say ‘I don’t know what to do!’).” Vagueness, enemy of many, in this case it was Kai’s worst opponent in that moment “I just hope that after the suggestion you gave me my aunt will open a bit and start getting some of the experience out. Maybe that will get me calmer.”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Revna wasn’t sure that Kai wasn’t upset about his aunt not talking to him, but for now he was going to have to try to do right by her and not himself. Then they could work on how to help him get over the fear that he almost lost his aunt. “I think that you have a good plan for helping your aunt. And don’t be too hard on her. She may not realize she isn’t following her own rules. A terrorist attack is a big deal, you know that. She just may not be ready to acknowledge that. And when she is, you’ll be there to listen.” Revna considered his next words. “How often are you taking chamomile, Kai? If it isn’t helping I can prescribe you something, you can take it before you go to sleep and it will help calm the anxiety and nerves. It can be short term, it is very mild and won’t require to you stay on it long term.” One of the benefits of having her Phd. She could prescribe medicines if necessary. She would have to send it to sickbay for the nurses to administer and it would go into his medical file, but she had a feeling it would help.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“2 weeks. I take it twice a day and I never exaggerated, you know it is not even healthy taking too much of chamomile. Do you think I need some medicines? I am not that keen taking too much of them. Last time I had issues to focus while working and apparently an ensign got all the goo on her hairs.” He started laughing softly “Poor her. I needed to help her, she was this messed.. some 4 hours?” He shrugged.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

Revna nodded, “No I don’t think you need it, but as you said chamomile can stop working after you’ve used it too much. It can also build up and create an alergic reaction where you never had one previously. Since you’ve had problems before, how about we try delta waves? You play it while you sleep and it helps you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. It’s very natural and is safe to be used every night for an extended time. Some times the best medicine is good quality sleep. If that doesn’t work we can try a sleep medication. Something that works fast but is out of your system by the time you wake up.” Revna shrugged at the mention of En. Karen. “As for the En. I have heard about that, and she should have minded the signs that were posted. That wasn’t your fault or your departments.”
Lt. Endman, Counselor


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