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Lera laughed. “It will probably get me in trouble, so I’ll have to share it. But I will take it as good will. How’s that? I do appreciate it and don’t worry about tools. You have skills and those are far more important.” She cocked her head slightly and looked at him. “Wel’sworth… this is your ship. Get to know her. Get to know how she feels, and sings and cries. Like any woman you are close to, you will learn subtle cues from her. A pitch that says she is clogged somewhere, a whine that she’s pushing the outer envelope of spec limitations, and the near silent hum that she’s well and ready to defend you to her death. You learn those cues and you won’t need fancy tool from another species or time period. You have everything you need here, already.” She nodded once more and smiled. “Learn your Lady and she will carry you to the stars and back home again, every time. Thank you, again, for your hospitality.” She gave a final nod to him and then the others where they were and headed out of engineering.


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=^= Jen to Shuttle Away Team. Sitrep please. =^=
- Jen, XO

OOC The away team could ask nosy questions about the region of space, politics or ways of making allies. The ship is still damaged and lost and you didn’t do too well at base five if anyone remembers.


Ashlynn touched her comm badge =^=Just finishing up a few finer details, Commander. We should be under weigh in about 20 minutes.=^= Ashlynn said and closed her comm link and looked at the Captain of the Curiously Strong “What can you tell me about this area of space. This is not an area that we’ve been to before that I can remember.” She said hoping to gather some basic information that might be useful to the Atlantis.


“Its fairly unremarkable as far as ‘space’ goes.” He shrugged. “There are a number of trade lines that run almost like spokes of a wheel around Base Five. This point is both far enough away from the Base so it can’t protect us, but close enough so we can’t really avoid it on the way. Not to mention there is no way of knowing that there pirates haven’t camped out that trade route as well.”

Ashlynn nodded “Have you and the others thought about banding together and creating an alliance that might give you some protection when you’re out here?” She asked thoughtfully, wanting to help these folks as much as she could.

Once the others were out of earshot and gone, Lera turned to the Engineer she had been working on. “Ok, so what else is wrong? I mean, you don’t strike me as someone who gives this,” she nodded to the fabric, “to everyone who helps change a plug around here. So what’s really the matter with the ship. Lemme help while I’m here.” She smiled and nodded to the main engineering space behind her and shook her head. “She needs to take care of you while you are out here, so let’s make sure she’s fit to do so. Shall we?” She had a few more minutes before folks started looking for her. So she set the bolt down along with her large tool box, grabbed the smaller bag out of it and waited to be shown what they had been dancing around.


Wel’sworth gave her a sidelong glance. “There’s always something to fix.” He said noncommittally. He started towards the aft of the ship. “The other damage you can’t significantly improve.” He glanced about as he moved.

“Your ship is remarkably fast considering its power out put.” After a moment they found themselves in the engine room. “We have many ships with greater power but none can match your speed.” It didn’t take Lera even a moment to determine one of the key problems was that this ship didn’t use dilithum to focus their antimatter stream. They used lithum and a crystal that had some similarity to diamonds.

Mechanic 2nd Class Wel’sworth


Lera scanned the system and nodded trying to hide her surprise they weren’t using dilithium. Since it was a discovery that could significantly leap their technology, she couldn’t bring it up. But she had an idea. She scanned the crystal to see if she could find cracks or impurities. It was a simple enough thing and didn’t interfere with her maintaining the Prime Directive. Simply showing something that was broke wasn’t a big deal… she hoped.


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