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Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

“Oh no,” she shook her head. “No foolishness for me. I’m too old for that.” She grinned and then she became thoughtful. A late night cruise through a nebula could certainly be considered foolish. But swept off her feet? Certainly kept off balance and on the back foot. If Lera asked Revna would share.

The movie had reached the point where Wesley was fighting with Indigo. Revna was as captivated now as she was as a child. The skill was impressive. “This is the scene Runa and I learned.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

Lera laughed. “My dear, Counselor. When a man does something ridiculous and makes you laugh, age won’t matter at all. Trust me there.” She smiled and shook her head. “And yes, I did fall on my backside. But sometimes it’s more than just that. It’s the little things.” She felt her smile falter and perked back up trying to hide it before Revna saw it. “Anyway, you’ll know. And chances are you won’t at first, but afterwards you’ll look back and wonder how you were the only one who didn’t figure it out.” She smiled and turned back to the monitor thinking of Mike and how he seemed to know Mar and her better than they knew themselves. She supposed it was merely that she and the Security Chief were too close to what was happening to see it.


Revna nodded, “I suppose that’s true.” Revna watched her smile falter, took note, and didn’t push. Lera wasn’t ready to confide in her. She felt a kindred soul here in the room with her. Lera, like Revna, protected people, defended them. Lera, for whatever reason, was determined to make sure Revna believed that love was out there. The funny thing was, Revna knew it. She’d seen it too often to not know it. She watched the screen, and Lera would see doubt and sadness cross her face. I lost you once, and it nearly killed me. I couldn’t bear it to loose you again, not if I could stop it. Buttercup is lifted up onto a horse, leaving Wesley to be captured. “I couldn’t do that. I’d rather stay and fight.” She took a sip of her drink and a handful of popcorn. Then she admitted something she hadn’t even told her sister, “Someone told me recently that ‘I did what I was supposed to do and there were consequences I have to learn to live with,’ and though I agree with and was okay with that. I’m finding there are some consequences I wasn’t aware of, and I’ve been blindsided by them.” Revna hadn’t thought about it too much, until a couple nights ago. But it was what it was now.

“Sometimes we have to walk away in order to bring back help, though. Or even to chase down those responsible, but still leave others in bad situations to do so. And what others endure in that time, is sometimes hard to swallow.” She was referring to her own capture at the hands of rogue Orion males.

The movie continued and now Wesley was in the ‘Pit of Dispair.’ As far as torture chambers went it was mild, but she’d forgotten about this scene. Not everyone saw it for the story plot that it was. Revna considered pausing the movie to ask Lera, but it was already playing.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Sipping her juice, the scene didn’t bother Lera to begin with. But after the second time the machine was started up on Wesley, she shuddered and attempted to cover it up by downing the last couple inches of her juice, then rolling to her knees to get up and go refill it. Her back was to the monitor. “Do you need a another?” She asked as she headed for the replicator. Between what had been said, and what was being seen, the line had been crossed and her steel spine had shattered. She was forcing her heart to stop racing and wasn’t aware her breath was now coming in long deep strokes as if trying to calm herself.


Revna listened as Lera talked about leaving to get help. Her tone told Revna she had either been the one to leave or get left behind. The look in her eyes confirmed for Revna that Lera had been left, somewhere in a bad situation. Revna watched and let Lera get up. “Yes please.” She said in response to the offer. She took in Lera’s breathing and understood it. The scene bothered her much as the two ensigns arguing at dinner had bothered Revna. “Lera, there is a med box on the shelf there, could you hand it to me?”

Let’s brought over the drink and meds box. This time becoming enraptured by her own drink and Revna’s movements as her periphery kept a loose eye on the video to wait out the scene.

When Lera came back she took her drink and the box. She set down her drink and opened the box, it contained a hypospray. “I have a lot of trouble breathing, the meds keep the muscles relaxed to try and make it easier.” She explained. She loaded the hypo and the undid the top of her uniform so that she could give herself the meds. Doing so allowed Lera to see 3 of the jagged, red, and not yet healed scars of stab wounds. “And sometimes,” Revna began returning to Lera’s previous statement, “the best we can do is get in the way to protect others.” Revna grabbed her hand and squeezed it. Her voice dropped softly and soothingly in understanding only a kindred spirit could provide. “I was protecting my patients. Who were you protecting, Lera?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“The women on the away mission with me.” She wasn’t even aware she’d answered till she heard her own voice. Hypos and hydros, she thought as she hated Mardusk in that split second. He’d known she’d crack under the person. And while she knew, deep down, that she needed to, and that he’d done it from a place of love, right now in the space of a long inhaled breath, she hated him.

It feeling passed long before the thought even finished. But she hated herself for it none the less. But there it was, the admission. And suddenly the juice was fascinating once more and she slowly worked out the rest of the answer without a thought.

“We’d been helping some Orions with… something.” She shook her head as the reason left her. “Anyway, a rogue group of Orion makes, tired of female lead society, ambushed us. We were taken and beamed… somewhere.” Because they’d been beamed back out due to injuries, she couldn’t have even said where they’d been taken and held.

Revna listened quietly still holding onto Lera’s hand, giving her an anchor in the chaos, fear, and memories. There were no words that could make it better. Revna had heard about the male dissedent groups. They were a constant threat to others.

Shivering a moment from the memories, the slight slosh of her juice brought get back to herself. She took a deep breath, straighten her spine and the smile came back to get face as walls went back up against the memories. “Anyway, I could take more punishment. So I just made sure I was the one they picked on.” She shrugged again and took a sip of her juice like she hadn’t been talking about anything more exciting than showing up to work shift. “We got rescued, no one died. And I don’t hate Orion males.” Hey hand swept absently towards the door and beyond. “Obviously…”


Revna nodded in understanding. “You did what you had to do Lera. But even knowing that it doesn’t mean it’s not hard.” She rolls her shoulders slightly releaving the ache and stiffness. She smiles slightly, “No I don’t think Orion males, in general, bother you. But then Mardusk isn’t a typical Orion male is he?” She smiles conspiratorially, sensing Lera needs to step back.

“There was a fight in the mess hall. There was a officer, he was trapped in a type of waking nightmare. I guess is the best way to describe it. He was going to kill another officer. I…I couldn’t let him, Lera.” She looked over at her. “But though I know I did the right thing, and I’d do it again without hesitation. Those ensigns in the lounge, fighting, the shouting, the stunned watching crowd.” She looks away to breath, “It bothered me more than I want to admit. You never know what is going to trigger those memories. But we accept it, no matter how much we don’t want to, we deal with it, and we step forward. It’s a long process, but we are stronger.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera didn’t realise she was gripping the woman’s hand till Revna squeezed it slightly. Slowly pulling away, not wanting to seem rude, she nodded. “I can understand the mess hall being a bother. Though as a Counselor I know you’ll deal with it a lot. I want you to know you can always come to me if you need a haven. And if you can’t get to me, just tap your comm.” She laughed. “You out rank me. Not like anyone would say I can’t come when summoned, can they?”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Lera. And you know you can call me any time. Even my written message if that’s easier. I know how to wiggle my way into places where I’m not expected to be. It will be our secret.”

After a moment she managed to finally calm her breathing. She smiled and shook her head. “No. Mardusk isn’t like others. But then, I think most on this sho aren’t exactly the stereotype of what their race seems to be. Are they? I’d like to think it’s us on this ship that are a unique thing. But my guess is most who go thru the Academy or Federation training, aren’t typical of their represented race. Huh?”

“Well, not always, but the best are certainly different. And adhering to your culture isn’t bad, necessarily. But this ship, this crew,” Revna looks thoughtful, “Is something unique and very special. We’re both lucky to have landed here.”

The movie had gone on without them and Lera glanced back at the screen. Without long at Revna, because she didn’t want to lose her nerve, she half asked half mumbled. “Do you want to see?” Her body kind of froze, just then. Her mind warring with itself on whether this was a good idea or not. But something said in her mind that she might never be this vulnerable again anytime soon.


Oh now that was difficult. Revna didn’t want to see out of curiosity or a sense of trade off. She knew Lera needed to do it. She needed to release the tension and the need to hide. She could tell though, that if she didn’t say yes, Lera may not open up to her again. Revna turned slightly to be more facing her. Her own scars still visible to an extent. Revna simply nodded her head in affirmation to Lera’s question, “Yes” she said softly. It needed to be Lera’s choice, but she also knew Lera needed to know Revna was willing to share in this with her.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

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