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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Counselor - Check In

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in Counselor - Check In
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“We spent time near the Cardassian border and near the worm hole. There are still a lot of boarder fights around there. And our last location, was near the Romulan boarder. I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention to where we were, just that there were always patients coming in and a lot of the time it felt like we had no room for them. It was very much a MASH unit. We just didn’t have to break down the cap every time we moved, the whole ship just moved.” Revna sounds…tired perhaps, thinking about stress of that time.

Such ships were not often in the middle of things, Jen thought. They were too vulnerable without reinforcement. His mind traced likely locations where she indicated - well, apart from the the Romulan border. That was not in his theatre. “It must have been rough,” he commented. “This must be a more welcome change, although you have a great number of people to keep track of.”

Revna nodded, “It could be. It certainly pushed everyone to see what we were all capable of.” Revna thought about it. Trauma had never been her focus, though she’d returned to the university to make it so. “Yes, Atlantis is a very welcome change to all that. Though there is a large part of me that feels like I abandoned my patients on Centurion. But we go where the orders send us.”

“Today however, what would attract my notice, would be obvious signs of extreme anger, physically lashing out at things, anger expressed towards me or another person, that through your own words would indicate they are not really the problem. If you told me you wanted to harm yourself or someone else on this ship. But really I would have to know you, as a person, before I could make any determination about that state of your mind. And that is what today is about, getting to know each other, how we work, how we help each other at our jobs, and how best to help the crew.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Then I must be a very interesting case for you then,” Jen said with a hint of a smile. “After all, I am an Andorian whose race has a leaning toward battle as a way of resolving conflict, and in speaking of change, I am again a case study, having come from an intensive combat marine role to a naval role that is significantly different.”
- jen

Revna shook her head, “there are many species who resolve conflict using battle. The question then becomes is your choice for using aggressive techniques in excess of your culture and society. Assuming you were raised that way to begin with.” Revna thought about that. “Combat Marine to navy. Certainly a change. Why?”
Lt Edman, Counselor

“Maybe there are simply more people pushing for a fight.” His memory went back to his schools. For a time he was the brunt of many a battle. For a time he took the battle to them just to get that out of the way. In that way he would have fit into her ‘excess’ category. However, at least in his mind he could justify it. But would an independent judge? “Not my choice,” he answered to her last question.

Revna nodded, “Part of the life of a soldier, I’ve been told. And in recent years that has become more the norm for Star Fleet as well.
“They are needing better discipline,” Cologne said to him.
“There are better people to train them. Academy people. Training bases,” Jen countered.
“They go into war zones. You’ve lived there. They need that. Look. you are rebadging to Starfleet but there are 600 marines and birds under you. All surveys show that they have lost initiative. You can bring that back to them. And this comes from Command. It’s an order, even if it was a request from me.”

“I was supposed to help the Marines on board the Chimera to get back up to a better combat preparedness. There may be other reasons but that was what they told me. They were right, and the command staff who were Navy didn’t really understand the Marines. I was to be a bridge there. And, when that ended they transferred me here.” His ‘here’ was sharper than he intended.
- Jen, XO

Revna recognized the frustration the XO had about not being where he felt he should be. “I would imagine that is a difficult place to be in. From what I have gleaned from my limited experience that navy and marines don’t always share the same approach to solving problems. They may share objectives, but they are trained in very different ways with different skill sets and purposes. But as I said, I have very limited experience there, so my assessment may be very wrong.”

“There has always been a kind of friendly adversarial approach to the other team,” Jen said with a half smile. That friendly approach could be anything from sharing a drink to a bar fight to trading barbs. At the end of the day nobody was convinced the other was any better but now and again it was shown. “I have seen the Navy do incredibly bold actions that I did not expect.” And some idiotic ones too, so everything seemed to come around to opinion.

Thinking to her own experiences even among crews of various ships, “I’m sure a lot of chest beating went on as well.” Revna stoped herself from snikering, she wasn’t sure the XO would appreciate it. “I’ve not seen anything first hand, but I’ve heard stories. And some of them are incredibly tale worthy, and others make me shutter at the....” she searched for the right word, “boldness in the face of certain doom. Might be the right description.” She felt the crew paid more for those decisions than the brass did, and she’d seen it in her patients over and over again.
Recognizing that his specific orders might be ‘above her pay grade’ as the saying went. “Are you here for the same reason? To help bridge the difference between navy and marines?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I was on the Chimera for a reason. Here, I don’t honestly see it. I’m a Tric Lizard off the ice. If there is a grand reason I don’t know what that is.”
Jen, XO

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“You’ve not been here long, from what your record says. It can be hard to find purpose in a new place. If given the chance would you go back to the marines?” Revna asked. It was asked out of curiosity and not a need to probe the inner psyche of the Cmdr.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Jen didn’t have to think about it. “I would. There is something that is .. life giving .. when one faces the prospect of death each day, and pitting oneself against another keeps you on your toes, as the .. Terrans say.” He paused a second. “I am an Andorian. We are a martial species. Being a marine is a good fit for me.” Perhaps he didn’t notice the slip of saying ‘is’ as opposed to ‘was’, or maybe he was speaking of when he was one.

“This is a different posting. Different challenges. Different people. Just different. But I was, and still am, a Colonel, and in that regard did much the same as I do here.” He shrugged imperceptibly. “But for the battle part.”
- Jen

Revna didn’t miss the ‘is’ and really didn’t think anything was wrong with that point of view. Cmdr. Garinder’Jen th’Jir knew what he wanted to do with his life, who he was, and how he wanted to express his purpose, as it were. Andorian’s were by nature very martial and the marines were perfect for him. “It is very hard to be put some place that is so different than the life you imagined. When I first joined the Academy I thought I would serve in a ship much like this. Though I was not thrown into battle, it felt like I was, with all the injuries and casualties that came in. I was never trained for trauma.” Though a look at her record would show she had a very high success rate and was quickly sought after to help patients. “I hope, that you get to return to where you feel you belong, one day Cmdr, but Atlantis is very lucky to have you until then.” And Revna meant it. This man, felt as if he was in the wrong place, but gave his utmost to the duty given him. And that was nothing to balk at or brush aside. “But in the mean time, what can we do to make this tour of duty more palatable?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Jen considered that. It was not a long consideration. It was not something he had not himself thought about. “As a Colonel I commanded others in battle situations, and prepared for it when we weren’t. This isn’t as different. I am still looking after people, but .. action .. is much more rare. It does allow for more preparation.” He frowned, evidently not pleased with the ‘too much’. “I’ve not yet become a part of the crew. I know there is a small marine contingent aboard. And I have heard there is a bowling alley aboard.” He smiled. “In my younger days I used to do pretty well with that.”
- Jen

“I’ve been told, by several on the staff, that Atlantis is the place to be when you are trying to find your place. With any luck that will be true for both of us.” She thinks about it for a moment, his lack of action. “It’s not the same thing, but between all the security, intelligence, tactile, marines, and other interested personnel, surely some kind simulations or combat training should be worth while to keep everyone in shape. And it would allow you, as XO to get a good idea of people’s personalities and skills. It would put your previous experience to work for you in your new position. Possibly?” Revna didn’t really have any in depth experience with anything like that. “A bowling alley? Is there anything this ship doesn’t have? I haven’t bowled in years. I wonder if anyone has started a league.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

While it didn’t seem as large as the Chimera it was a beast of a ship. “A small city,” he commented, then sighed, a balled fist pumping lightly on his knee. “No, you’re right. This is a posting and I need to act like it. It’s not what I might want but it is what it is, and what it is is an opportunity. Bowling is one. Stretching in new things.” He glanced at her. “I’m afraid. Of losing my edge.”

“Judging from this conversation, Cmdr. I don’t think that will be a problem. You’re aware of it and awareness is the first step to stopping it. And you didn’t get where you are by letting problems slip by you. And as you said, this ship is a small city. I’m sure there is more than its fair share of complacency. Perhaps you could help drag the crew out of that? I don’t have your experience by any measure, but if you need help, I have been known to cause mischief when necessary.”

A small smile crept onto his lips. “That would make people annoyed, shaking them up like that.” By his look he didn’t mind that idea but did have a dubious look about the counselor causing ‘mischief’.

Revna smirked, “Well being annoyed is not necessarily a bad thing. And from the smile on your face, you’d enjoy doing it. I think it would be good for them.” She could see the doubtful look about her own mischief. That was okay, she had a little plan brewing and she’d just add him to her list. Working on Centurion there wasn’t a lot of fun to be had. But when she had the chance she was always up to something. And she had her sister here to help her. And since they didn’t know anyone onboard, she wasn’t aware about D’vash yet, they could get away with a few antics before people caught on. She’d shake the cage a little herself.

“Could always start something up. I hear they have holo leagues between ships.”
- Jen

“That’s certainly an idea,” she pulls out a PaDD and makes note of it. “Morale officer too,” she says pointing at herself. “Though I understand the CDO is also in charge of that. I have yet to meet him.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“So you’re the one throwing all the parties?” he asked.
- Jen

She chuckled, “I’m supposed to be. But that won’t happen for awhile. Not until all these crew evaluations are done. And since my spare time is being spent tracking down wayward officers, not much time for anything else, yet. I’ll submit all the evals to Rinker to review with you. Unless he’s still unavailable, and then I guess we’ll be working together soon. But once that is over I have a few ideas. Apparently several members of the crew enjoy karaoke. And apparently sailing and pirates are a big interest as well. So I was considering a holodeck program around that idea. Not sure on the specifics yet.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Karaoke. Jen simply could not fathom the interest in that, in pretending to lipsynch to some alien crooner, usually from an ancient Terran musical directory. It hurt his antenna just thinking of it. Everyone had their guilty pleasure in the holodeck. His was more in line with the secret agent mystery. He wasn’t a huge fan of water, at least water that was not frozen. He took in their options. “If you get flack or delays about any appointments inform them that they will be scheduled to attend my morning run. There is a circle around the saucer section that is 1.5km. On a normal day I’ll do four laps. For anyone giving you grief I’ll take them for six laps. If they give you a lot of grief they will have a backpack with them. With sand in it.”
- Jen, XO

“Well those activities aren’t for everyone, but I’m not done yet. I’ll come up with more, but I haven’t had a lot of time to brain storm yet. Hopefully there will be something for everyone. Maybe CDO Bourdeaux will have some ideas as well.” Revna listened and by the end she was laughing, or trying very hard not too anyway. The effort making her lungs ache. She took a sip of her water and shook her head. “I’ll keep that in mind Cmdr. Unfortunately those that are avoiding would probably just willingly show up for your run, two backpacks of sand, and then suggest you do 8 laps instead.” She smiled again. “But it’s only been a couple of days, so hopefully they will show up on their own.”

“Then I’ll invite you along on the run to interview them during it. There is something to be said for captive audiences,” he replied with a half smile.

Revna chuckled, “That would certainly turn the tables on them. I wouldn’t mind seeing their faces when they show up to run and I’m there too.” Her eyes dance a little at the thought, “Hopefully they show up, otherwise, until I am allowed to get some practice in, I won’t keep up.” She thought about it a moment, “I may have to add running into my list of options for counseling sessions.”

“What would you say, Cmdr is your command style. What makes you a good commander, for a marine unit or a star ship?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I make decisions, Lt. The best defense is a good offense. One will always make wrong choices but one must make choices. In a battle situation or in any there is no call for delaying choices. Wherever I was stationed delay was often deadly. I learned to not delay. Moreover everyone has a part to play to see success in any endeavor. Everyone has worth. Everyone is important. Everyone has a purpose. “
- Jen

“I couldn’t agree more Cmdr. Making a choice is better than having someone else force it upon you.” She liked the Cmdr, he had a stead head on his shoulders, and despite not seeing where he fit with the crew, yet, he would give his all for the crew and ship. “Last 2 annoying counselor questions. Where are you weakest in your command skills and what do you do about it?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

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Jen could pick that out quickly as he had been told that more than once. And ignored it more than once. “Empathy,” he said simply. “I have been told I do not empathize with the people under me. Or over me. In my opinion if we have been given a task it is up to us to do it and put aside personal issues. That is a luxury that can be addressed outside of the mission.” He frowned. “I believe in that so am not doing anything about it.” He paused. “Should I in this environment?”
- Jen, XO

“Empathy is a dangerous two-edged sword. And often thrown out there to be used when not appropriate. Empathy is the ability to recognize what other’s are feeling. Empathy does not mean you agree with what a person is feeling or that you have to feel what they feel. When given a duty, when given orders, unless unethical or violating higher orders, our personal opinions don’t matter. That’s part of serving. First empathy with those over us, is idiotic. Leaders, superior officers are supposed to inspire those under them. If they want empathy from those who serve under them, they are in the wrong position. So let’s address first if you actually have no empathy.” It was obvious that Revna didn’t believe that. “Can you tell if a soldier is scared, and then might hesitate? Or maybe is too gun-ho and rush the mission. Or maybe they have a personal vendetta and are ready for bloodshed? In those cases, empathy would indicate that you can recognize that. In that instance do those officers need to be coddled? Of course not. That would be deadly. You have a few options there, none will be pleasant or stroke their egos.” She left it there to see how the Cmdr would respond.

Jen’s eyes narrowed some at the mention of vendetta; that was an Andorian cultural theme that ran in the blood. His response was more tentative and Revna could tell he was choosing his words carefully. “I get a sense of what people choose to reveal to me, by word or body language. It is irrelevant to me. It has to be.” He smiled, a thin mildly humored expression. “I do not coddle. I believe that a person must do what one must do. In my experience it is to do what one must to complete the mission. Win the objective.”

“In your position Cmdr, the only empathy that matters is that you can tell if the crew under you can do the job. If they can’t, you are able to identify it and get them out of the way. That might be giving them a different job to do, because they are better suited for it. Or maybe it’s a marine whose lost his nerve, and you send him back to barracks because he’s a liability to the rest. And then we deal with his lost nerve after. I don’t think you have to worry about that. So as far as your empathy goes, as long as you can rationally identify where you need your people and where they will best serve, I think you are fine.” Revna pauses for a moment, “Now if you think it’s having a negative impact on your personal life, we can address that, but that would be for you to decide if you want to.” From their conversation Revna didn’t see that as a problem.
What she saw was that maybe Jen was still adjusting to his new role outside of being a marine. “I have known many people who prefer not to have touchy feely contacts socially and I think that’s perfectly fine. You’ll find I’m the same way.” Delving into people’s emotional turbulance all day long day in and day out makes one desire solitude in their personal life.

Jen paused in his listening to take in what she was saying. It sounded positive; truly he didn’t think often about that ‘shortcoming’. He was usually too busy thinking of the task at hand. It was typically in the realm of ‘after the mission’ that only then that he considered the state of the people. Often he had left that empathy to others marking him as being more untouchable. War was not something that one could tip toe through. He slowly nodded after processing what she said.

“Now outside of that situation, well, you could talk to them, you could have a beer and bond over it. Or you can order them to my office,” and here Revna grins, “and I’ll coddle them for you, if they deserve it.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

His antennae floated about. “I find it very difficult to believe that you would coddle anyone either, Counselor.”
- Jen, XO

Revna smiled a chuckle not quite coming out. “I have been know to do it once in a decade, but only for very special cases.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Jen emoted a gradual smile. “Warn me if I ever come to the point of being one of them.”
- Jen

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