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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim

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“What would keep you from moving troops from your ship to ours, or taking more people than you promised, or even putting a bomb on our ship?” The line disconnected for a moment.

=^= Our good will =^= Jen said to empty space as the line disconnected. It was good for them to start pondering such things.

Then, to whom was on tactical. “Their base is likely in the area. Launch a probe to scan around. Power signatures. Communications. Exhaust trails.”
- Jen

“We will send two officers with the power to negotiate in a shuttle, with a pilot. You can take the two officers and the pilot will return the us.” The voice was very suspicious.

Their reply relieved Jen; while it didn’t precisely have everyone stand down it did circumnavigate the sticky bit about trying to beam anyone through their shields. For now that secret was safe. =^= That is acceptable =^= Jen replied.

The probe launch would resemble a photon torpedo launch, at least initially. The probe was armed and launched in a matter of moments. ‘Class Three probe away.” The tactical officer looked about for a moment.

“Set it on a course that would suggest that it was mapping the region rather than sniffing about for something in particular,” Jen said. “Though it could accomplish both.”

A few moments later a pair of fighters peeled off from their landing patterns and moved in pursuit of the probe. Neither the probe of the fighters were moving quickly as neither seemed to want to risk colliding with a randomly moving rock.

Unidentified Pirate

Not unexpected, Jen thought. Let’s see if they get excited about anything.
- Jen, XO

=/\= Commander we are go in the conference room,=/\= she signaled the executive officer.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

=^= Thank you Captain. The pirate vessel is launching a shuttle. They will be in range shortly. =^=

In under 5 minutes all the fighters aside from the two that were in a loose pursuit of the probe had returned to the carrier. A few moments after that a shuttle departed the carrier with three life forms aboard. Two were in the rear of the craft, most likely the officers assigned to negotiate, and one in the front who was doing the piloting. The shuttle either didn’t have shields or didn’t have them active moved slowly out of the asteroid field. They were in transporter range in soon after that. =^=We are ready, Federation Atlantis.=^=


=^= Captain, shuttle is in range. We are initiating transport to you =^=

=/\=Ready,=/\= Kelly replied from the conference room.

Then to the shuttle =^= Thank you. Stand by one moment. =^=

He turned to tactical =^= Lock on and transport - with all security transport protocols initiated. =^= he said.
Jen, XO

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The transporter automatically scanned and drained the energy weapons both officers carried. It was unable to deactivate the knife in the taller man’s boot. The were a few other metal items of note, but not of significant size, perhaps no longer than a bobbie pin in one officer’s hair. There were also metal and non metal pieces that were on the front of both of their tunics… unknown purposes at this time, but they could be badges or rank insignia pinned to their shirt. It would be better understood when they materialized.


“Send the scan results to Commander Mardusk,” Jen said. This operation ‘looked’ calm on the surface but it was nothing like that. This was, he was sure, a battlefield strategem. All the pieces had not been played and Jen was not going to put all his on the board yet. They were one ‘Queen’ on the board and needed to take care.

“Split screen on the main viewer. Let’s see what is happening in the conference room and hear what they have to say. Mute on our end,” he continued.
- Jen, XO

Jen hit the comms. =^= Jen to Lt Styxx. To the bridge. On the double. =^=

He turned back to the science and/or tactical station. “Have we anything yet on the probe in mapping this asteroid field and identifying any pirate enclaves? Communcations? Exhaust trails? Buoys? And what is that carrier doing right now?”

  • Jen, XO

The probe would take several hours for even a cursory search, presuming they excluded the fringes of the asteroid field knowing the large and more concealed asteroids were more likely the site of a ‘secret’‘ base.

Catching the cue, Jen was already shifting toward the orb and saying to it. “What is Fansca Water? What is it similar to from our database?”
- Jen

The orb chimed in “Fansca a common beverage drunk among several races, but most frequently by Alfans. The chemical compound is a registered under the interstellar patent office and can not be distributed without consent and a nominal payment.” It paused. “This orb can update the information into your computer system for your convenience, without notifying the patent office.”

Patent issues. Jen didn’t mind wrestling with beings but not the revenue agency. “Please just indicate in our database what is the closest match.”

“According to the limited access afforded, It is most similar to lime flavored carbonated water.”


“Probe has nothing yet,” Nash replied, “It’s going to take a while to investigate the field.”

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

Jen wanted to move the pieces on the board, but, as the pirate said, they were like vigilantes in their space. And they knew they were wounded. The invitation to aid them was generous but then they only saw something beneficial in the pact. Who to trust? It would be irony if the most trustworthy were the pirates, but who were their patrons that they could field such ordinance?

He stood and moved to where Nash was and looked at the board. “If I was a carrier in space going into this asteroid field, where would I go?” he asked. Jen could answer and he might be wrong or right, but Nash was the TO and more experienced in naval operations.
- Jen, XO

There were high tactical advantages for a small ship, fighters, in an asteroid field. Larger ships were at a disadvantage, so the pirates… could have simply sought out the asteroid field for the tactical value.

Jen had another tack to take. “Orb, compare the ship design of the pirate fighter craft and their vessel with known ship designs in this quadrant of space for similarities and probable place of origin regarding construction.”

While he was waiting he opened the comms. =^= Jen to Shuttle Away Team. Sitrep please. =^= He knew they had an eye on the pirates. What they didn’t have was a good eye on their away team.

“Can we get a scan on the space around the freighter and our shuttle?” he inquired, wanting to know what was going on around them. There may be one pirate but who was to say there weren’t more around there? The Pirate was right, they were alone and acting on their own principles - though they were in the right - but they needed to take care of their own too.
- Jen, XO

The scan returned not as much as the XO would have liked. The sensors were reduced by about 25% which wasn’t incredible and they could see the carrier and fighters with clarity, but in terms of covering an asteroid field it would be cause a notable delay. The math suggested that the probe would take weeks, not hours.


“Tactical, can we get a scan of our shuttle and the freighter?”
Jen, XO

The return scan of the shuttle and Freighter was of long range and low quality. There were three large ships, one was the Freighter… the other two were identified as ships of the Nine, the engine emissions were pretty clear about that. It could have been a trick but there was nothing else that seemed amiss. A fourth ship was moving away at medium warp. It probably was the Endorian ship Frontier, but she was further away and she was of superior quality so her engine signatures were harder to scan at this distance.


Jen took in the report with a nod. His focus had been on the deliberations from the pirates. They were smooth in their attempts to bring them to their side as an ally but the risk for them to do so was too high. The pirates knew they were alone and he was sure they would risk an attempt to take the ship for the tech they had knowing that they had no one to back them up. He was not as concerned about the ‘meal’ offered. There was little to gain to take them hostage. No political points. There was no overarching value in them at the moment in being newcomers. But Jen did want the ship to get repaired and if it meant a small deal with the devil he was willing to barter. The captain would not likely agree and he could see the reasons. Jen would simply rather barter with mercantile partisans rather than political ones. That said, he would make sure the marines were prepared for an assault and extraction if need be. It was never a bad thing for them to stretch their legs, or as another put it, put the dogs out for a run.

=^= Their ship hull is polarized. Not strong but transporters are a no go through them. =^= he transmitted to the team so they would know how to answer.
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Jen watched the conclusion of the initial talks . His face was impassive though his antennae were shifting about following the pathways of his thinking. They were amenable but they were not at the advantage. Had they had it the ship would have been pillaged in all likelihood. And would still if they had the opportunity. They yet had to be careful. he didn’t believe they were entirely sincere - only sincere enough to try to get what they couldn’t at the moment get by force. Were they in desperate need to repair? Not desperate but it would be good to have opportunity. One of the principal planets in the area may be better than with pirates, though at what cost? If they didn’t have replication ability they could ‘make’ gold or jewels for trade, an information transfer of their space that was not classified or tactical. They had an inroad in the transport for a ‘reference’. He needed to review the conversation again to go past first impressions.
- Jen, XO

Now that this was tentatively concluded his attention went back to the shuttle. Where where they at there? It wouldn’t be good to have all their ducklings so far away especially if they were going to travel further. =^= Atlantis to Shuttle Odin. Status report please. =^=
- Jen, XO

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